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Abergavenny, 1795
Type: 4th Rate ; Armament 54
Built for the India service. Purchased : 1795 ; Disposal date or year : 1807

1797-9 Flag ship based at Port Royal, Jamaica

9 May 1798 Thunderer 74, Abergavenny, 54, etc., evacuate troops from Port-au-Prince, St.-Marc, and Arcahaye, in the Island of St.-Domingo.

1797-8 the boredom of being attached to a stationary flagship, and the start of Mr. Fitton's exploits.

14 Feb 1799 Louisa Merchant Schooner, laden with Staves and Heading, under Danish Colours, French Property by the Launch, in Cow-Bay, Jamaica.

09 Mar 1799 Candelacia Spanish Merchant Schooner, laden with Dollars, taken by the Launch, to the Westward of Cow-Bay.

18 Mar 1799 Rosetta Spanish Merchant Sloop, laden with Mules, taken by the Tender, in Cow-Bay.

28 Mar 1799 Polly Merchant Sloop, Swedish Colours, Dutch Property, laden with Mules, taken by the Tender off White Horses.

22 May 1799 Mid Bergen Merchant Ship, Swedish Colours, Dutch Property, (in Ballast,) taken by the Yawl off Helshire-Point.

06 Jun 1799 San Josef Spanish Merchant Schooner, laden with Sugar, taken by the Tender, off Trinidad, Cuba.

25 Jun 1799 La Fortunee French Schooner Rigged Boat, laden with 24,000 Dollars, taken by the Tender, off St. Jago de Cuba.

22 Jul 1799 A French Armed schooner, Name unknown, Fifty Men, destroyed by the Tender, off the Isle of Ash.

22 Jul 1799 A Spanish Merchant Sloop, Name unknown, laden with Mahogany and Fustick, taken by the Tender, off Point Abaco, St. Domingo.

23 Jul 1799 Hebe Merchant Schooner, under Danish Colours, laden with Dry Goods and Provisions, taken by the Tender, off Point Abaco.

24 Jul 1799 Olive Merchant Schooner, under Danish Colours, laden with Dry Goods and Provisions, taken by the Tender off Point Abaco.

27 Jul 1799 Del Nordische Lew Merchant Ship, under Danish Colours, laden with Sail Cloth, Dry Goods, and Provisions, taken by the Tender, off the Isle of Ash.

18 Nov 1799 San Joseph Merchant Ship, (in Ballast,) belonging to Genoa, taken by the Launch, off Portland-Point, Jamaica.

18 Nov 1799 San Joseph Merchant Ship, (in Ballast,) belonging to Genoa, taken by the Launch off Portland-Point, Jamaica.

Circa Feb 1800 Charles Laroche, Esq. late Commander of his Majesty's ship Stork, 18 guns, has been advanced to the rank of Post Captain, with the command of the Abergavenny, 54, Jamaica.

Circa 1 Sep 1800 Capt. R. Mends, at Jamaica, is also promoted from the Abergavenny, 44, to the Thunderer, 74.

9 Nov 1800 the Abergavenny's tender, Lt Tilton, took off two men from a spar of the brig Diligence, the only survivors from the at vessel, when she was lost last Friday.

3 Mar 1801 at Port Royal, Jamaica when the Falmouth packet Princess Charlotte arrived from Martinique.

30 Mar 1801 the Sans Pareil, 80 ; Carnatic, Thunderer, 74s ; York, 64 ; Abergavenny, 54, Capt Minds ; Apollo, Nereide, 36s ; Retribution, 32 ; Bonetta, 18 ; Merlin, Albicore, 16s ; were at Port Royal, Jamaica, when the Falmouth packet Lady Francis arrived from Martinique.

3 Sep 1801 a Court Martial was held onboard his Majesty's ship Abergavenny, at Kingston, Jamaica, which continued until the following day, for the purpose of enquiring into the loss of his Majesty's ship Lowestoffe, and into the conduct of Captain Plampin, as to the charge of the convoy, and respecting the loss of the ships mentioned in a former paper. The Court received the evidence of Captains Brown, Warden, Watt, and Melville, who attended upon notice for the purpose, and upon mature consideration, was of opinion, that the conduct of Captain Plampin was judicious in every respect, and that but for the sudden change of the current after dark, the whole of the convoy would have proceeded in safety through the passage, and they fully acquitted Captain Plampin, his Officers, and ship's company, of all blame in respect of the loss of the Lowestoffe, or the ships under convoy.

16 Oct 1801 the Falmouth packet, Princess Elizabeth, Capt Kidd, called at Jamaica, where he found HM Ships Cumberland, Abergavenny, Topaze, Circe, Cerberus, Retribution, Volage, Shark, Calypso, and Merlin, and during her stay the Carnatic, Seine, and Crescent arrived, and Capt Kidd departed Jamaica 2 Nov., with HM ship Apollo in company.

3 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet Leicester, Steel, arrived Port Royal, Jamaica, where the Santa Margarita, Crescent, Carnatic, Retribution, Topaze, Mosquito/Musquito, and Abergavenny were present. During the Leicester's stay at Port Royal the HM ships Bourdelais, Snake, Echo, Ambuscade, Tisiphone, Calypso, Juno, Sans Pareil, Melampus, Pelican, Captain, Goliah/Goliath, Brunswick, and Elephant arrived there.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Captain John Wentworth Loring, late of the Abergavenny, is nominated to the Syren, of 32.

19 Jan 1802 arrived Spithead the Ambuscade, 36, Captain the Hon. John Colvill, from Jamaica. She sailed from Port Royal on the 7th of December, and left there R.-Adm. Montagu, in the Sans Pareil, with H.M. ships Carnatic, Abergavenny, Crescent, Melampus, Juno, Circe, Bourdelais, and Tisiphone. The following ships were also there, having been detached from the Channel fleet, and arrived at Port Royal on the 26th of November, viz. Goliath, Elephant, Captain, Ganges, and Brunswick.