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Aboukir, 1798
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Taken : 1 Aug 1798, by Vanguard ; Disposal date or year : BU 1798-9 ?
Displacement : 1869 tons (BM)

14 Aug 1798 the Orion, Bellerophon, Minotaur, Defence, Audacious, Theseus, and Majestic, accompanied by the prizes Franklin, Tonnant, Aquilon, Conquérant, Peuple-Souverain and Spartiate leave Aboukir Bay.

Mid Sep 1798 arrive Gibraltar with prizes and after making repairs sail for England leaving the Peuple-Souverain (re-named Guerrier) behind as a guard ship.

Commander Thomas Bowen, 1798.

The Conquérant was about 50 years old, and of no greater tonnage than the Theseus, the largest ship, except the Minotaur, in the fleet that took her. The Aquilon, or, as newly named, Aboukir, was built at Lorient in the year 1793, and, but for her shattered state, would have been a useful ship : as it was, both of these ships remained in port until they were broken up March 1802.

13 Jul 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Sound from Lisbon.

17 Jul 1799 Plymouth, passed up the harbour this morning, with bands playing and cheers from the spectators, and each ship returning the cheers as she passed.