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Acheron, 1803
Type: Bomb ; Armament 8 x 24-pounder carronades
Purchased : 1803 ; Disposal date or year : 4 Feb 1805
Disposal Details : Captured, with the Arrow, by the French frigates Hortense and Incorruptible Mediterranean ; Captain Arthur Farquhar.
Complement: 67

Circa 21 Jan 1804 Capt Farguhar apptd to the Acheron.

16 Mar 1804 arrived Spithead, from the Downs, the Acheron, Capt Farguhar.

4 Apr 1804 the Acheron, Aetna and Thunder, bombs, have dropped down to St Helen's with their Mediterranean convoy, departing tomorrow with the Leviathan should the wind remain fine.

9 Apr 1804 the Leviathan, Capt Bayntun ; Aetna, Capt Thomas ; Acheron, Capt Farquhar ; and the Thunder, Capt Cocks, bombs, with the Mediterranean convoy, departed St Helen's.

19 Apr 1804 the Leviathan, Aetna, Acheron, and Thunder, arrived at Gibraltar, with their 79 merchantmen, after a passage of 10 days from Portsmouth.

19 Jul 1804 following the receipt of supplies from England the fleet departed for the gulf of Palma, leaving the Belleisle, Fisgard, Niger and Acheron to watch Toulon. 5 Aug returned, having been driven away by gales.

23 Nov 1804 captured the Adamo. Prize money due from the sale of the cargo will be available for payment 11 Nov 1808.

3-4 Feb 1805 Arrow and Acheron captured by the French frigates Hortense and Incorruptible.