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Ætna, 1803
Type: Bomb ; Armament 8
Purchased : 1803 ; Disposal date or year : 1816

Circa 31 Dec 1803 Capt G Cocks apptd to the Ætna.

4 Mar 1804 came down the River to Sheerness, the "Etna", Capt Masters.

5 Mar 1804 ship's company paid 2 months advance of pay and departs Sheerness to join the flotilla off Boulogne, and no doubt some of the wives were present to ensure that they received everything due.

8 Mar 1804 departed the Downs for Spithead with a convoy.

9 Mar 1804 arrived Spithead the Aetna, Capt Thomas, with a convoy from the Downs.

10 Mar 1804 at Spithead, has been apptd for foreign service.

Circa 17 Mar 1804 the Aetna, Thunder, and Acheron, with their tenders are fitting out at Spithead for the Mediterranean.

4 Apr 1804 the Acheron, Aetna and Thunder, bombs, have dropped down to St Helen's with their Mediterranean convoy, departing tomorrow with the Leviathan should the wind remain fine.

9 Apr 1804 the Leviathan, Capt Bayntun ; Aetna, Capt Thomas ; Acheron, Capt Farquhar ; and the Thunder, Capt Cocks, bombs, with the Mediterranean convoy, departed St Helen's.

10 Apr 1804 arrived off Falmouth from Portsmouth and departed for the Mediterranean.

19 Apr 1804 the Leviathan, Acheron, and Thunder, arrived at Gibraltar, with their 79 merchantmen, after a passage of 10 days from Portsmouth.

May 1805 Mediterranean

22 Aug 1807 present at the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen 15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier.

6 Apr 1809 arrived in Basque roads. 11 Apr the use of fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads and the results thereof. 12 Apr attempt made to destroy grounded French vessels, following the previous night's attack. 13 Apr further attempt made to destroy grounded French vessels. 23 Apr with the Thunder attacked the RÚgulus, but without result.

Oct 2, 1812 arrived from Cadiz, and put under quarantine

Portsmouth Jan 26 1814 arrived from off South Boveland.

Deal Feb 9 1814 arrived from the Roompot.

Portsmouth Feb 14 1814 arrived from the Eastward.

Portsmouth Apr 6 1814 departed to St. Helen's, preparatory to getting away in the morning, with a Royal Marine battalion, for the American coast.

17 Aug 1814 Seahorse detached up the Potomac, to bombard Fort Washington. and with the Euryalus, Devastation, Ătna, Meteor, Erebus and Anne began ascending the river Potomac leading to the capital of the United States.

31 Aug 1814 the Seahorse, Euryalus, Devastation, Ătna, Meteor, Erebus and Anne began descending the river Potomac, completing the operation on 9 Sep.

Aug 1814 a portion of the prize money resulting from the various actions in the Chesapeake became due for payment on 1 May 1835 : namely a dividend from the estate of the bankrupt agent Henry Abbott : no doubt one of the many fraudsters who ripped off matelots in those days : both officers and ratings being fair game.

12 Sep 1814 Erebus, Meteor, Ătna, Terror, Volcano, and Devastation move up the Patapsco in preparation for an attack on Baltimore, commencing their bombardment on Fort M'Henry, the Star Fort, and the water batteries on the 13th, being ordered to withdraw on the 14th.

19 Sep 1814 the fleet, including the Royal Oak, Asia, Ramillies and Ătna remained at anchor in the river Patuxent until 27th when it moved to the Potomac where shore operations were re-commenced from 3rd to 14th Oct., following which the fleet departed for Negril bay, Jamaica.

Jamaica, Nov 5 1814, arrived with fleet, preparatory for attack on New Orleans.

14 Dec 1814 distribution of head-money arising from the capture of American gun-boats and sundry bales of cotton, [per London Gazette of 26 Jun 1821].

Portsmouth Jul 19 1815 arrived from the coast of America.