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Alexander, 1778
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1778 ; Disposal date or year : 1819
BM: 1621 tons
Complement: 584

4 June 1794, Rear-admiral Montagu, Captain Richard Rodney Bligh, departed from Plymouth Sound with nine sail of the line and two frigates, to attempt to join Lord Howe and intercept a large French convoy from America. On the 8th, discovered and chased a French squadron, including 8 ships of the line, under the command of Rear-admiral Cornice, into bay of Bertheaume, and so stood back out to sea.

9 June 1794, sighted the French fleet of 19 sail of the line, returning from their recent meeting with the British fleet, which formed line-of-battle and briefly chased the squadron. With a squadron of equivalent rating on his other flank, Rear-admiral Montagu withdrew as quickly as the poor sailing qualities of the Ganges and Alexander would permit. Continued his search for a further 2 days, but failing in this, returned to Cawsand bay, Plymouth, on 12 June.

6 Nov 1794 Captured by a French squadron of five 74s and three frigates off Sicily ; Capt. R. Rodney Bligh.

1795 Recaptured

2 May 1798 Nelson in the Vanguard departed from off Cadiz for Gibraltar, departing that place on the 9th to the east, accompanied by the Alexander, Orion, Emerald, Terpsichore, and Bonne-Citoyenne.

7 Jun 1798 the search for the French fleet.

1 Aug 1798 the preparation for the Battle of the Nile.

1 Aug 1798 Battle of the Nile.

19 Aug 1798 R.-adm Nelson, in the Vanguard, accompanied by the Culloden and Alexander, leave Aboukir Bay for Naples.

Sep-Oct 1798 Nelson detached Alexander, Culloden and Colossus from Naples to join the combined squadron of Portuguese and British ships under the Marquess de Niza in the blockade of Malta which commenced circa 12 Oct.

19 Sep 1799 Plymouth, letters received from the Alexander, dated off Malta the 7th August, state that the French garrison must surrender soon, as they were reduced to great straits for want of provisions, being obliged to live on horse flesh.

Feb 1800 blockade of Malta.

18 Feb 1800 capture of the Ville-de-Marseille armed store-ship and the Généreux, 74, off Malta.

18 Feb 1800 sent by Nelson, with the Northumberland, to Syracuse, to supervise the Généreux, and await orders.

22 Feb 1801 joined Sir J. B. Warren's squadron.

8 Mar to 2 Sep 1801 off the coast of Egypt.

29 Jun 1801 cruising off Alexandria, per UK newspapers of this date, reporting news received from off Egypt.

13-14 Sep 1801 men from the ship's company involved in operations ashore at Porto-Ferrajo.

13 Aug 1802 arrived Spithead the Alexander, 74, Captain M. Dixon, from the Mediterranean.

17 Aug 1802 went into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off.

28 Aug 1802 was paid off yesterday and laid up in ordinary.

30 Jun 1803 it has been announced in the Portsmouth section of the Hampshire Telegraph for 20 Jun 1803, that prize money due to the ship's company of the Foudroyant, Northumberland, Audacious, Alexander, Success, La Bonne Citoyenne, and El Corso, for Le Genereux taken circa 18 Feb 1800, is due to be paid by Navy and Prize Agency, Messrs Mottley and Grout, at Barnard's Inn, Portsmouth. Whilst the London Gazette seems to concentrate mainly on the London Agents, and far less often on other agents based in the home ports, I thought the fact that this agent was advertising his wares, including making loans, and also where and when he was paying out prize and salvage monies &c. might be of some interest.

18 May 1805 the Alexander is to be fitted out at Chatham as a lazaretto, to be based at the Motherbank, in the Solent, off Ryde, IoW.

7 Mar 1813 departed Spithead with a convoy for the Downs.