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Alexandria, 1801
Type: tender ; Armament -

16 Mar 1801 departed Barbadoes with the Leviathan, Andromeda, Unité, Drake, Hornet, Fanny, armed brig, L'Eclair, schooner, and Alexandria, tender, with 1,500 troops for Grand Saline Bay, St. Bartholomew. Following their arrival, circa 20th, at St. Bartholomew, the Andromeda and Alexandria were detached to St. Thomas's to watch for any reaction to the landings at St. Bartholomew. The Coromandel arrived with the 2nd West India regiment on the 23rd, and a convoy with reinforcements arrived from England on the 24th, under the command of the Proselyte. The Hornet and Fanny, armed brig, were sent to the main harbour in the Island to detain a number of French privateers etc., before the armistice was signed, but they weren't able to get into position to perform the task and even after a chase of 24 hours were unable to detain any of the vessels concerned.

25 Mar 1801 leaving sufficient troops and the Proselyte, Hornet, and Drake to defend the island the rest of the troops were embarked and the squadron departed for St Thomas's on the 26th. The Unité was to be detached with the prisoners to Martinique.

27 Mar 1801 at sea, reported to the Admiralty the successful capture of the West Indian island of St. Bartholomew, and the departure to St. Thomas's with a convoy of troops etc. to attempt the capture of that island.