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Algerine, 1895
Type: Sloop ;
Launched : 6 Jun 1895 ; Disposal date or year : 1924
Displacement: 1050 tons
Machinery notes: 1,400 FD

Weekly Dispatch 11 Feb 1900: The Algerine, Phoenix and Waterwitch, at Hong Kong, are also to be re-commissioned, and the Edgar will be commission at Devonport, on the 20 Feb, to take out the new crews.

17 Jun 1900 Operations against the Taku forts - see Endymion for more detail.The Taku forts on both sides pounded Her Majesty's gunboat Algerine, which only escaped destruction owing to the sudden collapse of the fort searchlight. Dalziel.
Wounded: Assistant Paymaster H. J. Hargraves of HMS Algerine, and 12 men.
Dangerously wounded: Ordinary Seaman H. W. Wiltshire on board HMS Algerine.
Seriously wounded: Able Seaman J. Oliver, HMS Algerine.
Slightly wounded: Second class Petty Officer F. L. Hales, on board HMS Algerine.

31 March 1901 Malacca (Census)

2 Aug 1914 anchored off Mazatlan, on the west coast of Mexico, in company with a prospective enemy - the cruiser Leipzig - with no radio, short of coal etc., and her return to Esquimalt - see p 600

Aug 1914-24 Esquimalt and West Coast of America

Algerine, 1942
Type: Algerine-class Minesweeper ; Armament ?
Launched : Feb 1942 ;
Disposal date or year : 15 Nov 1942 sunk by a torpedo from the Italian submarine Ascianghi.