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Alligator, 1821
Type: troopship, late 6th rate ; Armament : 28
Launched : 29 Mar 1821 ; Disposal date or year : 1865
BM: 500 tons
Complement : 102 Officers and men, 33 boys and 25 marines.

1 Jan 1820 building of teak.

5 Oct 1821 arrived Portsmouth from Madras, manned with invalids and a part of the 73d regiment doing duty as marines.

1822 Woolwich

1824 - 1826 Burmese War - medal awarded to surviving officers, seamen, and marines - "India, No. 1" that decoration, with clasp for "Ava"). See p. 246-> at

Aug 1824 following ships composed the naval force in India : Tees (26 guns), Alligator (28), Slaney (20), Arachne (18), Larne (20), Sophie (18), Liffey (50). Of this force only the Larne was at Rangoon, the Sophie having been despatched to Bengal for provisions, &c.

22 Jan 1825 Burma War - arrived at Rangoon.

13 Feb 1825 Alligator, Arachne, Sophie, Diana, Satellite and ships' boats &c. involved in further offensive operations.

middle of May 1825 Captain Ryves was invalided and replaced by Lieutenant Edward Blanckley of the Alligator, who was promoted to the command of the Sophie, which departed from the station shortly afterwards.

middle of May 1825 following the departure of the Sophie the Alligator and Arachne were the only men-of-war at Rangoon.

7 Nov 1825 Captain Alexander died, and was succeeded in command of the Alligator by Captain Chads.

8 Mar 1826 end of the Burma war.

10 Apr 1826 part indemnification due to the British government for the expenses of the Burma war was landed at Calcutta from the Alligator.

13 Dec 1826 arrived Spithead from Madras.

16 Dec 1826 arrived Plymouth from the East India Station, last from Spithead. She departed Madras (17 Aug) ; Trincomalee (1 Sep) and the Cape (25 Oct).

Circa 1 July 1827 A transport reported she spoke the Alligator, then about eight miles from Quebec.

19 July 1828 At the Tagus.

15 Nov 1828 arrived Portsmouth from Madeira, via Plymouth, with the remains of Captain Canning. All was quiet when she departed.

4 Dec 1829 departed Deal for Portsmouth.

6 Dec 1829 arrived Portsmouth from Sheerness.

13 Dec 1829 (Capt Charles Yorke), arrived Portsmouth from Leith with volunteers for the Druid.

1 Feb 1830 Lieutenant D. de Saumarez, appointed to the Ariadne, in exchange for Lieutenant J. P. Blackwood.

21 Jul 1830 off Algiers

2 Aug 1830 Malta

12 Aug 1830 Zante, Smyrna, Napoli.

Oct 1830 at Caboussa : further details 20 Dec 1830 employed in delivering up the Island of Caraboussa to the Turks of Candia. The joint garrison of English, French, and Russians had been withdrawn, and the few Greek families remaining were embarked in the Alligator for safety.

8 Jan 1831 departed from Malta for Candia and Smyrna.

18 Jan 1831 Alligator and Camelion at Smyrna.

19 Feb 1831 had departed Smyrna for the Dardanelles.

Mar 1831 reported at Malta to be at Smyrna with the survey vessel Meteor.

2 Apr 1831 at Smyrna.

4 May 1831 in the Archipelago, Capt. Sir C. Yorke, in command.

9 Sep 1831 arrived Portsmouth from Malta, Com. Morgan (acting), in command.

16 Sep 1831 in Portsmouth Harbour.

30 Sep 1831 recommissioned at Portsmouth.

22 Oct 1831 in Portsmouth Harbour.

20 Nov 1831 has gone out of harbour to Spithead and her ship's company will be paid in advance on Monday, in preparation for sailing for the East Indies, Captain Lambert, in command.

16 Feb 1832 arrived the Cape of Good Hope.

22 Apr 1832 was at Trincomalee refitting when the Crocodile departed for England.

3 Jun 1832 the Cruiser and Alligator were at Madras when the Comet departed for England.

11 Jun 1832 in Madras Roads when the Southampton departed for England.

24 Jul 1832 departed Madras on a cruise.

13 Aug 1832 arrived Madras.

16 Aug 1832 departed Madras, with the Imogene, for Malacca, with troops, and to return immediately.

24 Sep 1832 arrived Singapore, from Malacca ; departed the 25th for Manilla.

27 Nov 1832 departed Manilla for Singapore,

10 Jan 1833 at Prince of Wales's Island

26 Jan 1833 arrived Madras from Penang.

31 Jan 1833 departed Madras for a cruise.

25 Feb 1833 departed Trincomalee for Madras.

19 Apr 1833 arrived Singapore from Penang.

6 July 1833 arrived Madras from Singapore : departed for a cruise 13 July.

7 Aug 1833 arrived Madras from Pondicherry.

5 Aug 1833 departed Trincomalee for Madras.

1 Sep 1833 departed Madras, on a cruise.

15 Sep 1833 arrived Madras from Trincomalee.

10 Oct 1833 arrived at Singapore from Madras, and departed on the 18th for Batavia.

31 Jan 1834 At Sydney.

21 Feb 1834 arrived Hobart Town from Swan River.

9 Mar 1834 arrived at Bay of Islands.

22 Mar 1834 departed for Wangaroa.

12 Apr 1834 arrived at NSW from NZ,

3 Jun 1834 departed New South Wales for Hobart Town.

17 June 1834 arrived NSW from a cruise.

Dec 1834 reported to be due at Madras, from New South Wales, where she had been relieved by the Hyacinth.

27 May 1835 arrived at the Cape, from Colombo, en route for England.

15 Aug 1835 arrived Portsmouth from the East Indies station, via the Cape (2 Jun), St Helen (18), and Ascension (24th).

29 Aug 1835 was paid off on Thursday at Portsmouth.

15 Jul 1837 commissioned at Portsmouth for service on the North West Coast of New Holland, where it is intended to set up a new settlement.

30 Sep 1837 departed Spithead for the Chops of the Channel with water and provisions for vessels prevented from coming up Channel by the present easterly winds.

Circa Apr 1840 at Singapore.

21 Jun 1840 arrived in Macao Roads and established a blockade of the port and river of Canton. See p. 282 at

1 Jul 1840 at the anchorage under the Buffaloe's Nose.

4 Jul 1840 anchored off Chusan.

5 Jul 1840 Chinese troops retreat into Chusan following short bombardment. See also p. 282 at

6 Jul 1840 British troops discovered that Chinese troops had departed Chusan during the night. See of 15 Dec 1840.

Aug 1840 maintained a blockade at Amoy. See p. 284 at

21 Nov 1840, at Chusan.

21 Jan 1841 departed Bocca Tigris for Lantao Island.

26 Jan 1841 returned to Bocca Tigris and from thence to Macao.

2 Feb 1841 departed for Macao roads.

19 Feb 1841 Macao roads, detached with the light squadron to Wangtong, to prevent any further defensive preparations.

20 Feb 1841 arrived Wangtong,

24 Feb 1841 ships' boats invovled in operation at Sammonhow.

26 Feb 1841 operations to take North Wangtong Island, See of 11 Jun 1841. See also p. 289-> at

27 Feb 1841 the advanced squadron proceeded up the river to attack the Fort, Camp, and Ship Cambridge and Chinese positions below Whampoa Reach. See p. 289-> at

1 Mar 1841 off Wantong. Sent up the river to Canton.

2 Mar 1841 anchored in the stream between that fort and Napier island. See p. 289-> at

12 Mar 1841 operations at Canton. See of 11 Jun 1841.

3 Jul 1841 Commander A. L. Kuper, Alligator, promoted to Captain.

3 Jul 1841 Lieutenant P. B. Stewart, Alligator, promoted to Commander.

3 Jul 1841 Mates B. Woolcombe, and B. Drury, promoted to Lieutenant.

1839-42 Engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

13 Nov 1841 at Hong Kong.

07 Mar 1842 the Wellesley was at Singapore, en route for Plymouth, to be paid off. She brings with her the officers and men from the Alligator, which has been converted into a troopship. The Master of the Wellesley has taken command of the Alligator and her First Lieutenant and Surgeon remain on board.

4 Feb 1844, arrived Honk Kong, from Trincomalee. Is being described from now on in the newspapers as a trooper or troopship.

23 Mar 1844, departed Hong Kong for Madras.

12 Apr 1844, arrived Singapore, from Hong Kong.

15 Apr 1844, Master Joseph N. King, appointed to command the Alligator, vice Browne.

22 May 1844, was reported to have been at Madras.

8 Jun 1844, the Hampshire Advertiser of 15 Jun advises that the troop ship Alligator, then at Trincomalee, is ordered to be paid-off, and converted to be a receiving ship at that port.

27 Jul 1846, The Admiralty announces that the medals for the officers and men of the Alligator and other vessels engaged in the War in China have been received, and are now available on application etc. 1846 China and India Station

Dec 1846 Hulked as Hospital and Storeship at Hong Kong.

Oct 1865 Hulk sold at Hong Kong.