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Amazon, 1795
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36
Launched : 1795 ; Disposal date or year : 14 Jan 1797
Disposal Details : Wrecked circa Audierne Bay, Isle Bas ; crew, bar 6, who made off in a boat which sank, were made prisoner.

13 Apr 1796 capture of the French frigate Unité by the Révolutionnaire while cruising off Ushant, and forming a part of a squadron composed of the frigates Indefatigable, Argo, Amazon, Captain Robert Carthew Reynolds, and Concorde.

20 Apr 1796 capture of the French 40-gun frigate Virginie, discovered off the Lizard, and after a long chase, by the frigates Indefatigable, Amazon, and Concorde.

Dec 1796 Cruising with a small squadron of frigates off Brest, reporting the movements of the French fleet to the admiral of the British fleet, then cruising some distance of the Ushant [Captain Robert Carthew Reynolds].

11 Dec 1796 despatched to England to report the arrival of the French squadron under M. Richery entering the road at Brest.

13-14 Jan 1797 Destruction of French 74, Droits de l'Homme by Indefatigable, Sir Edward Pellew and Amazon, Carthew Reynolds. The Amazon, herself, with the Droits de l'Homme, ending up ashore on the French coast, and her ship's company taken prisoner.