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Amphion, 1883
Type: Cruiser 2nd class ; Armament 10
Launched : 13 Oct 1883 ; Disposal date or year : 1906
Displacement: 4300 tons
Propulsion: Twin Screw
Machinery notes: 5550

11 Dec 1888 Commissioned at Devonport

1890 Pacific

11 Feb 1900 Recently returned from the Pacific and paying off at Devonport. Capt. F Finnis appointed to the Collingwood.

25 Feb 1900 The refit of the Amphion at Devonport is to be completed at the earliest possible date. Although the cruiser only paid off last week she has been dismantled and the work is well advanced. She only recently returned from the Pacific station, and it is understood she is to be sent back to that station to relieve the Phaeton or the Leander, which will complete their three years/ commission in June. The Amphion's engines and boilers are in capital condition, although she has served over nine years on foreign stations, and it is believed that her refit can be carried out for 3,000 less than the sum provided for it.

31 March 1901 Pacific - Vancouver BC - Captain John Casement RN Page ID 1473969 to 1473989

Amphion, 1912
Type: Light Cruiser ; Armament 10 x 4 "; 4 x 3 pdr.
Launched : 1912 ; Disposal date or year : 6 Aug 1914
Displacement: 3440 tons

5 Aug 1914 left Harwich with 3rd Flotilla to carry out a search and sweep for enemy craft - Königen Louise sunk - see p. 132

6 Aug 1914 sunk by a mine probably laid by Königen Louise.