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Anacreon, 1803
Type: transport (Apr 1805) / late HEIC armed transport / late HEIC armed defence ship (1804) ; Armament 16

Circa 21 Nov 1803 with the threat of a French invasion the HEIC has voted 10,000 tons of shipping, as armed transports, for the protection of the coast of Great Britain, including the Anacreon, 443 tons, 16 guns, but yet to be allocated to her station. Vessels listed in the newspapers of 21 Nov 1803 included the Norfolk, Chapman, Helder, Lord Forbes, Atlas, Paragon, Aurora, Triton, Lord Nelson, Indefatigable, Duckenfield, Sir Alexander Mitchell, Diadem, Albion, Perseus, Suffolk, Robert, Anacreon, Sceptre, Waller / Walker.

30 Aug 1804 arrived in the Downs from Shields.

21 Oct 1804 the Utile arrived in the Downs with the Atlas, Anacreon, and Diadem, armed defence ships, from Dungeness.

29 Dec 1804 departed the Downs for Spithead.

18 Jan 1805 arrived in the Downs from Spithead the armed transports Anacreon, Dasher, Osbourn, Paragon, Royalist, and Triton.

14 Apr 1805 the commanders of the Armed Defence Ships lying in the Downs, except the Osbourn, and the Royalist, have struck their pendants, and left their ships and from the following paragraph now become transports.

15 Apr 1805 departed the Downs the transports Triton, Majestic, Lord Nelson, Atlas, Aurora, Dasher, Sir Andrew Mitchell, Paragon, Perseus, Walker, Anacreon, Kingston, and Traveller, under convoy of the Prospero, for Portsmouth.