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Apollo, 1805
Type: Troop ship ; late 5th rate ; Armament 38
Launched : 27 Jun 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1856
BM: 1086 tons

May 1805 Building

6 Mar 1807 expedition against the Turks at Alexandria in Egypt.

6 Feb 1808 chased from off Toulon by the arrival of a French Squadron under M. Ganteaume.

6 Mar 1808 joined Lord Collingwood's fleet, nearing Palermo, with news of the French fleet's departure from Toulon.

31 Oct 1809 ship's boats of a part of the Mediterranean fleet attack and destroy or capture the remains of the convoy anchored in the bay of Rosas, under the protection of Fort-Trinidad.

18 Jul 1811 off Toulon.

13 Feb 1812 off Cape Corse, chased and captured the French frigate-built store-ship Mérinos.

20 Sep 1812 captured the French privateer Ulysse.

21 Dec 1812 the ships' boats of the Apollo and the Weasel captured and destroyed a fort was reputed to be the strongest between Brindisi and Otranto.

18-29 Jan 1813 the Apollo accompanied by a privateer, four gun-boats and troops captured the island of Augusta.

1-3 Feb 1813 the Apollo accompanied by the a privateer, with four gun-boats and troops captured the island of Curzola.

11 Apr-27 May 1813 the ship's boats of the Apollo and Cerberus involved in a number of actions.

13 Feb 1814 the island of Paxo, in the Adriatic, surrendered to the Apollo, and a detachment of troops.

19 Apr 1814 Is reported to be returning from the Adriatic.

Portsmouth May 24 1814 arrived from the Mediterranean, and put under quarantine.

7 Jan 1822 Captain Hon. Sir C. Paget, Lieutenants P Drummond, P. Justice (b) and C. Witham, and Purser Mr T. Goddard, have been appointed to the Apollo.

1830 Portsmouth

13 Dec 1838 departed Simon's Bay for Ceylon

1839 Troop ship.

28 Jul 1839 Portsmouth arrived Wednesday from Cork, with a section of the 58h Regt., to join the service companies in this garrison. She embarks 3 companies of the 84th Regt. Monday, departed for Plymouth.

1 Aug 1839 Portsmouth The Revenge was towed out of harbour, and sails shortly for Cork with three companies of the 84th Regiment, transferred from the Apollo troop ship, which sails shortly for Jersey to take on board troops there for Plymouth.

8 Aug 1839 Plymouth, departed on Monday with the 46th depot for Jersey,

22 Oct 1839 Cork embarking the service companies of the 7th Royal Fusiliers for garrison duty at Gibraltar.

24 Dec 1839 from Gibraltar Bay, it was reported that she was under orders to embark a detachment of the 82d Regiment far Jamaica.

24 Jun 1840 Portsmouth, arrived on Sunday from Plymouth, and came into harbour the next day, last from Quebec,(24 May) with the companies of the 11th Regiment.

26 Jun 1840 Portsmouth, embarked the second battalion of the 60th Regiment and departed for Woolwich, where she will take on board the 39th Regiment for Leith, and then return to this port.

18 Jul 1840 Portsmouth left Leith for Portsmouth on Wednesday last.

21 Jul 1840 passed through the Downs on Saturday on her way to Portsmouth, after disembarking a portion of the 29th Regiment at Leith.

25 Jul 1840 Portsmouth, arrived Tuesday from Leith, is now in harbour to refit, and be paid.

16 Aug 1840 Second-Master and Pilot E. M. Fox, appointed to the Apollo.

22 Aug 1840 departed for Plymouth, with artillery personnel for Gibraltar, to be transferred to the Inconstant, following which she will proceed to Cork to embark the 19th Regiment for Corfu.

29 Aug 1840 Master Alexander Karley (1814), appointed from the Apollo troop-ship, to be Assistant-Master-Attendant at Chatham.

29 Aug 1840 Master W. White, b (1812), appointed to command the Apollo troop ship, vice, Karley.

26 Aug 1840 Plymouth, arrived with two companies of Artillery, which embarked in the Inconstant for Gibraltar.

4 Sep 1840 Plymouth, departed on Saturday for Cork, to embark the 38th Regiment for Corfu.

16 Dec 1840 Portsmouth, is in this harbour refitting.

21 Dec 1840 Portsmouth taken out of the basin.

26 Dec 1840 Assistant Surgeon Charles Daniell of the Phoenix, appointed to the Apollo.

24 Jan 1841 arrived at the Cove of Cork, from Portsmouth, to embark troops for the Mediterranean.

4 Apr 1841 departed from Gibraltar, .

27 Apr 1841 arrived at Gibraltar with the 60th Rifles, for the West Indies.

31 May 1841 arrived Jamaica, with the transport Albert, with troops on board.

25 Jul 1841 en route for Quebec.

4 Sep 1841 Second Master R, Godden, of the Apollo, promoted to Master.

13 Sep 1841 arrived Plymouth, from Quebec

17 Sep 1841 Portsmouth, arrived Spithead from Quebec, with the 32d Regiment.

25 Sep 1841 Second Master E. M. Fox, appointed to the Apollo.

23 Oct 1841 Second Master J. M. O'Brien, appointed to the Apollo.

23 Oct 1841 Portsmouth, is to be paid off, and re-commissioned again.

30 Oct 1841 is reported to have been paid off, all standing.

6 Nov 1841 Portsmouth, was re-commissioned on Monday for China. Commander B. Festing, and Purser T. D. Gulliver, appointed.

13 Nov 1841 Anchors and chain cables, with buoys, &c., to be used as booms across the rivers, to prevent fire-rafts being sent down river to destroy shipping, are to be shipped in the Apollo and Sapphire troop-ships and other vessels going to China.

13 Nov 1841 Lieutenants G. Caswell and W. Saumarez ; Master G. Heather ; Surgeon W. Graham ; Volunteer First Class G W. Watson, appointed to the Apollo.

17 Nov 1841 Portsmouth, taken into dock to have her copper examined. She was taken out again on Saturday.

20 Nov 1841 Commander Charles Frederick, appointed to command the Apollo. Lieutenants Charles Powys, and J. P. Branch, appointed to the Apollo. Acting Master S. Hele, appointed to the Apollo, vice Heather. Mate C F. James, appointed to the Apollo (vice Caswell and De Saumarez).

27 Nov 1841 Lieutenant J. H. Gennys, appointed to the Apollo, vice Branch. Master Mr. Hele ; Clerk John Doyle, appointed to the Apollo.

27 Nov 1841 Portsmouth, due to embark troops for China on Monday.

1 Dec 1841 embarked 570 troops for China, arrived by train from Winchester, at the Royal Clarence Victualling Yard, Gosport.

4 Dec 1841 Lieutenant J. H. Robins ; Master W. S. Stole ; Assistant Surgeon W. Brice ; Assistant Surgeon W. Brice, appointed to the Apollo.

5 Dec 1841 departed Portsmouth, with elements of the 18th, 26th, 49th, and 55th Regts., for Plymouth, en route to China.

9 Dec 1841 Plymouth Sound, arrived from Portsmouth.

11 Dec 1841 Master W. S. Stole ; Clerk J. Doyle appointed to the Apollo.

17 Dec 1841 Plymouth, had a very severe passage from Portsmouth and the shipwrights are on board repairing damage.

18 Dec 1841 Boatswain Thomas Jasper, appointed to the Apollo.

20 Dec 1841 Plymouth, departed the Sound, for China, with troops.

1 Jan 1842 the Belleisle arrived Teneriffe with the RN troop ships Apollo and Sapphire, where the officer commanding of the troops, at the request of the locals, allowed the band of the 98th Regt to go on shore and play on the Mole, where comparison was made to Nelson's welcome some 40 years previously, and his unsuccessful attack. The ships took the opportunity to top up with water and fresh provisions, with prices reflecting the demand for 2,500 men on board the ships. The ships departed as the writer was finishing his article.

1 Jan 1842, is reported to have been at Santa Cruz for the last 2 days, with the Belleisle, troop ship Sapphire, and schooner Wanderer.

2 Feb 1842 the Belleisle, Apollo and Sapphire arrived Rio de Janeiro en route for China with reinforcements.

28 Feb 1842 departed Rio de Janeiro in company with her consorts, for China.

14 Mar 1842 arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, in company with the troop ships Sapphire and Belleisle and departed for China on 22 Mar.

5 Jul 1842 stationed at Chusan.

13 Aug 1842 on the Coast of China, Mate Charles Howard James died.

At some time during the period 1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

16 Jun - 29 Aug 1842, expedition up the Yang-tse-Keang, to the end of hostilities and signing of the Treaty of Nanking. See p. 300-> at and

1846 Troopship

1846 Harbour Service

20 Dec 1848 Troop Ship, Devonport

2 Mar 1851 arrived Devonport from Sheerness on Monday and departed on Wednesday for Queenstown to embark troops for the Mediterranean.

30 Aug 1851 Particular Service

Aug 1854 was nominally a storeship and commanded by Master George Johnson - see p. 409 at

Aug 1854 the allied fleets in the Crimea became seriously infected with cholera - see p. 409 at