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Armide, 1806
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Taken : 25 Sep 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1815
BM: 1104 tons

25 Sep 1806 Captured by the Centaur, a part of the British squadron under Commodore Sir Samuel Hood, off Rochefort.

10 Jan 1810 ships' boats captured one chasse-marée, and destroyied a brig, schooner, and two chasse-marées, all valuably laden.

20 Jan 1810 ships' boats captured one chasse-marée, and destroyied a number of other vessels, a part of a convoy.

13 Feb 1810 ships' boats captured a number of armed boats and destroyed three grounded chasse-marées.

27-28 Sep 1810 at anchor in Basque roads, the ships' boats of the Caledonia, Valiant and Armide captured two brigs, and destroyed a third, whilst the marines prevented support reaching the beach.

Plymouth Mar 22 1811 departed to the westward.

Torbay Apr 18 1811 arrived.

Plymouth May 25 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Plymouth Jun 10 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Plymouth Jul 1 1811 Ordered to take the cavalry transports under convoy to Portugal.

Falmouth Jul 11 1811 arrived Lisbon with convoy.

Plymouth Aug 22 1811 departed for the Rochefort station

Plymouth Oct 25 1811 Has sent in the American ship Trojan, from Baltimore.

Plymouth Nov 4 1811 Has sent in the American schooner Henry, from Bordeaux.

Plymouth Nov 5 1811 Has sent in the American ship Henry, detained off Bourdeaux.

Falmouth Nov 6 1811 arrived from off Brest.

Plymouth Nov 9 1811 arrived last Thursday the detained American schooner Trojan. When ordered into harbour and abreast of the citadel she missed stays and went ashore and became a wreck on the Dutton Rocks ; all lives saved ; ship and cargo lost.

Plymouth Dec 9 1811 Has sent in an American brig Female, in charge of the Niemen.

Plymouth Dec 26 1811 arrived from a cruise off the coast of France.

Plymouth Jan 6 1812 At about 11 o'clock, two of her seamen, rather intoxicated, are reported to have walked off the poorly illuminated New Quay ; one of them was unfortunately drowned.

Plymouth Feb 21 1812 Put back.

Plymouth Dock Feb 23 1812 Put into Cawsand Bay, due to bad weather.

Plymouth May 12 1812 Has sent in the American schooner Arrow, Tantivy.

Plymouth Jun 18 1812 arrived from off Brest.

Plymouth Jul 27 1812 departed for the coast of France.

Plymouth Dock, Oct 30 1812 arrived with the Belle Poule, which has been on shore on the Black Rocks.

Plymouth Nov 3 1812 departed for the coast of France.

Plymouth Nov 7 1812 A French General Officer arrived on board and departed for France.

Plymouth Nov 27 1812 departed.

Plymouth Nov 26 1812 (Capt. Temple), arrived, having recently encountered a gale during which she sprung her main-yard, and carried away her top-sail.

Plymouth, Dec 30 1812 Sent in the French chasse-maree La Civilite, from Bourdeaux.

Plymouth Jan 21 1813 arrived from the Channel fleet.

12 May 1813, arrived Halifax, from Cork, with three ships with provisions.

28 Jun 1813, Armide, Capt. Trowbridge, arrived from Quebac.

14 Sep 1813, remained at the Chesapeake when a part of the squadron went to Halifax N.S.

Halifax, Jan 19 1814 Is reported to form a part of a squadron in the Chesapeake.

8 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, the Swedish schooner Eliza, cargo flour and tar, detained by the Armide.

15 Aug 1814 the Armide and Endymion captured the U.S. privateer schooner Herald, 17 guns, 100 men, arrived Halifax, N.S., 19 Aug.

16 Aug 1814 captured the U.S. privateer, the 16 gun ship Invincible, with 60 men.

21 Aug 1814, arrived Halifax, with the Sylph, and a transport, from New London.

23 Aug 1814, arrived Halifax, the American privateer Invincible Napoleon, 22 guns, and 60 men, detained by the Armide, Endymion, and Pique.

Falmouth Sep 18 1814 A packet, recently arrived, reports her to be at Halifax.

8 Dec 1814 Armide, Seahorse and Sophie the former was fired at by 2 US gunboats whilst passing down, within the chain of small islands, that run parallel to the shore from Mobile towards Lake Borgne.

12-14 Dec 1814 boats of the fleet, congregating for the assault on New Orleans, including the Armide, Seahorse and Tonnant, assisted by the Manly and Meteor involved in actions against gun-boats etc.

14 Dec 1814 distribution of head-money arising from the capture of American gun-boats and sundry bales of cotton, [per London Gazette of 26 Jun 1821].

20 Mar 1815, reported to be at Bermuda.