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Astrea / Astraea / Astræa, 1781
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 32
Launched at Cowes : 1781 ; Disposal date or year : 24 May 1808
Disposal Details : Wrecked on the rock near the island of Anagada, West Indies : crew, except four, saved. Captain Edm. Heywood
BM: 703 tons
Complement : 212

10 April 1795 being a part of a squadron under Rear-admiral John Colpoys, while cruising in the western approaches, the AstrŠa, Captain Lord Henry Paulet, captured the French 36-gun frigate Gloire. The Gloire was purchased into the British navy as a 12-pounder 36.

12 Jun 1795 the Channel Fleet, under Lord Bridport, including the Astrea, departed from Spithead for Quiberon bay. 22 Jun sighted the French fleet to west of Belle-Isle, and finding the French admiral had no wish for a fight, ordered the Fleet in chase and to engage as ships came up. During the chase the former British 74, Alexander was retaken, along with the French 74s Tigre and Formidable (subsequently renamed Belleisle). And so ended the Battle of the Isle de Groix.

20 Sep 1795 Lord Bridport remained with his fleet off the coast protecting the ill-conceived Quiberon Bay expeditions until 20 Sep, when he returned with 2 or 3 ships to Spithead, leaving Rear-admiral Harvey in command.

27 Apr 1796 Sainte-Lucie. A squadron, including the AstrŠa, Captain Richard Lane, arrived with troops, to reduce the Island, which was achieved by 26 May.

1 Jun 1797 captured the Dutch privateer Stuiver, 10 guns 48 men, off the Scaw.

22 Apr 1798 captured the French privateer RenommÚe.

20 May 1798 captured the French privateer Vengeance on the Jamaica station,.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. R. Dacres. In the North Sea.

29 Mar 1799 the Latona in company with HM Ships Juno, Astrea, Espiegle, Fox Hired Vessel No. 1, Griffin, Diligente, and Phoenix Cutters captured the Galliot Neptunus.

10 Apr 1799 captured the French privateer Marsouin in the North Sea.

10 Apr 1799 the Texel bearing east 9 leagues fell in with and captured, after a chace of three hours, the Frcnch lugger privateer Le Marsouin, of 14 guns and 58 men. She left Dunkirk the day before and had taken nothing.

23 Apr 1799 Yarmouth, from a cruize.

5 Aug 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Dictator, Delft, Trusty, Astrea, Termagant, Fury, and Tortoise, on a secret expedition.

2 Mar 1801 landing seamen, artillery etc. from the squadron in Aboukir bay, where the French were already in a position. These vessels were anchored in a position where they could support the landings with their guns and mortars.

8 Mar 1801 of the personnel employed disembarking the army in Aboukir Bay 1 seaman was wounded.

27 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet Prince Adolphus arrived Lisbon, where she found the Constance, Capt Mudge, and the Astraea, lying in the Tagus, the Astraea departing the same day.

5 Dec 1801 the Gorgon and the Astrea, armed en flute, the latter with invalids from the 23d Regiment on board, accompanied by 4 troop transports, arrived in the Solent, from Malta and Egypt, last from Lisbon, and were put in quarantine at the Motherbank anchorage, off Ryde, IoW.

14 Dec 1801 all vessels arrived from Egypt are released from quarantine, and troops will be allowed to land tomorrow.

4 Jan 1802 remains at Spithead, Capt C Apthorpe.

3 Apr 1802 departed Spithead the Standard, Ruby, Texel, and Astrea, to the Eastward, to be paid off.

5 Apr 1802 departed Spithead the Atlas, 98 ; Trusty, 50 ; Argo, 44 ; Inconstant, 32 ; Pallas, 28 ; Thisbe, 28 ; Astrea, 28l ; and Ulysses, armed transport, to the Eastward to be paid off.

7 Apr 1802 arrived Sheerness, from the Downs, and will depart for Chatham shortly to be paid off.

19 Apr 1802 was one of a number of vessels paid off at Chatham since 11 Apr.

May 1805 Deptford, fitting

Elsineur 1 Dec 1806 had arrived having experienced bad weather in the Skaws and then aground on a shoal some 3 miles off the island of Anholt. One of the passengers, the diplomat Lord Hutchinson, has gone ashore indisposed.

14 Dec 1807 captured the French privateer Providence.