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Beagle, 1889
Type: Sloop ;
Launched : 28 Feb 1889 ; Disposal date or year : 1905
Displacement: 1170 tons
Propulsion: Twin Screw
Machinery notes: 2000

24 Sep 1889 Commissioned at Portsmouth.

1890 South East Cost of America.

11 Feb 1900 The little Beagle has arrived at Portsmouth from the South East coast of America to pay off and refit. She has served three commissions abroad. Before again hoisting the pennant she will have quick-firing guns mounted in the place of her 5 inch breechloaders.

14 Mar 1900 To pay off at Portsmouth on completion of 3 years and 3 months service on the South East Coast of America Station, having steamed 49,000 miles, coaled 44 times and consumed 4,430 tons of coal.