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Bentinck, 1842
Type: Survey cutter ;
Purchased : Jul 1841 ; Disposal date or year : 1854
BM: 237 tons
Propulsion: Paddle - Steam / Sail

Was purchased into the Royal Navy for 6,000 to replace the Pelorus, unfit for further service in the RN, and was sold at Singapore on 6 Jul 1841, the BENTINCK being used as a survey vessel, but Colledge seems to think that she was in the Indian Navy, whilst Rif Winfield doesn't seem to mention her. Would also suggest that she appears to be manned by RN personnel, and RN officers, at least during the First China War, when RN officers were appointed to her after the crew of the Pelorus was transferred, see below, and per her Captain's Log and allotments paid on behalf of her crew. Her crew would also appear to be entitled to the medal due to RN personnel for having been present during various operations in China.

The Captain's Log for the BENTINCK (1841 May 20-1842 Mar 7) also appears to classify the vessel as an RN ship = see ADM 51/3557.

Similarly allotments were paid to RN personnel serving in HMS Bentinck: ADM 27/80 : allotment numbers 12521-12522; pages 95-98 (1842).

6 Jul 1841 on the brig Peloras being sold at Singapore, the officers and crew transferred to the brig Bentinck, purchased for 6,000.

6 Jul 1841 Assistant-Surgeon R. A. Bankier ; Clerk-in-Charge T. R. Tate, appointed to the Bentinck.

At some time during the period 1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

9-> Oct 1841 reconnaissance of the mouth of the Ningpo river and city of Chinhae - subsequent operations and choice of Ningpo as winter HQ. See p. 295-> at

14 Mar 1842 at Chinhae or Ningpo.

14 Apr 1842 a further attempt to burn the shipping by means of fire-rafts was defeated by the boats of the vessels present. See p. 297 at

18 May 1842 capture of Chapoo. See p. 297-8 at

5 Jul 1842 stationed at Chusan.

Feb 1844 Surveying in Chinese waters (Quemoy)