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Black Eagle, 1842
Type: Admiralty Steam Yacht ;
Launched at Merchant's Yard : 11 Jul 1831 ; Disposal date or year : 1876
BM: 495 tons
Propulsion: Paddle
Machinery notes: Initially 120 h.p., but increased later to 260 h.p. ?

12 Feb 1842 Firebrand (1831) renamed Black Eagle, in honour of the King of Prussia.

5 Mar 1842 took the Queen and her entourage out to HMS Queen at Spithead and back to Portsmouth sometime later.

26 Mar 1842 ready for sea at Woolwich.

25 Apr 1842 departed Woolwich for the North Sea a with the Admiralty Board on board to observe a trial her armament of 115 cwt. guns.

19 May 1842 departed Woolwich for Ostend.

23 May 1842 arrived Greenwich with Count Mensdorf and sons.

3 Jun 1842 departed for Ostend to bring the King and Queen of the Belgiums over for their annual visit to see the Queen.

23 Jun 1842 departed Woolwich with Count Mensdorf and family for Ostend.

11 Aug 1842 arrived Woolwich from Ostend with the Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha, visiting the Queen and consort.

24 Sep 1842 it has been reported that when towing the royal yacht to Scotland off Caker Island, which I suspect should read Coquet Island, off the Northumberland coast, eased her engines in order to lubricate them, and when setting them in motion again broke the tow rope, which wrapped itself around the legs of the Pilot, Mr. John Allen, causing serious injuries, both legs being broken, and requiring his admission to the Infirmary at Edinburgh.

20 Dec 1848 Steam yacht, Woolwich

2 Mar 1851 Sunday last arrived, with the Lightning, at Sheerness from Woolwich and took onboard Marines from Chatham and left for Yarmouth, where they arrived Monday morning ; to remain to aid civil power in keeping order amongst the seamen at Yarmouth

DNS 26 Mar 1856, Portsmouth, returned from Portland Roads with the First Lord of the Admiralty and the Senior Sea Lord.

27 April 1856, Fleet Review At Spithead.

7 Mar 1859 Master T.J. Whillier appointed to the Hero.

Circa 27 Aug 1862 Mr Thomas J. Whillier of the Osborne, Royal Yacht, appointed to the Fisgard, for the Black Eagle. Irish Times.

Circa 4 Oct 1862 the Black Eagle having been supplied with a new shaft and framework for her machinery, damaged in accompanying the Royal Squadron to Antwerp, has again taken up her moorings at Woolwich Dockyard, in readiness for service.

14 Oct 1862 The Black Eagle and Vivid are ordered to leave Woolwich at half past five tomorrow morning to proceed to Antwerp to form a part of the Royal Squadron which will accompany Her Majesty and suite from the Continent to England.

1 Nov 1862 it is reported that the Admiralty steam vessel Black Eagle, having embarked HRH Prince Arthur, departed Ostend on Saturday morning and anchored in the Downs during the night so that HRH would arrive at Woolwich and disembark at the Arsenal Pier in the next afternoon...this the Black Eagle (BE) arrived at the Pier at 2.15 and was put on a train of the North Kent Railway. The article finishes by stating that they'd had a boisterous passage, and that from the severity of the weather the BE had lost her windlass and other damage was caused.

7 Nov 1862 arrived Portsmouth yesterday from Osborne (IoW) after attending on Prince Christian of Denmark, and the Princess Alexandria.

22 November 1862 the Black Eagle has been selected to embark the Princess Alexandria on the 27th inst., on HRH's return to the Continent.

26 Dec 1862 embarked a Queen's messenger and left Plymouth on Wednesday night, for Lisbon. She is said to bear despatches in continuation of the correspondence with the Court of Portugal in reference to Greece.

8 Jan 1863 the Black Eagle returned to Plymouth from Lisbon.

15 Jan 1863 the Black Eagle departed Plymouth for Woolwich last evening.

3 Mar 1863 the Black Eagle will embark the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty and friends at Woolwich dockyard on Sat morning at 0900, from whence they'll proceed to Gravesend to be present at the disembarkation of HRH Princess Alexandria....a luncheon being provided on board.

14 Mar 1863 the Black Eagle departed Woolwich for Portsmouth on Wednesday to convey some distinguished foreigners to the Continent.

8 August 1863 apptd in command of the Black Eagle admiralty yacht, 540 bm, 715 disp., tender to the Fisgard. Just an administrative movement.

13 Aug 1863 the Royal family departing Woolwich for Germany in the Royal Yacht Fairy ; the Black Eagle departing earlier with the luggage, for Antwerp.

17 August 1863 returned to Woolwich.

7 Sep 1863 BE off to Antwerp to pick up and return with luggage.

7 May 1864 departed Woolwich Tuesday morning to accompany the Aurora to Heligoland, to observe the movements of the German squadron. 16 May 1864 has now returned to Woolwich.

25 Jun 1864 having stored ship for 3 months departed Woolwich on Saturday for Norway.

8 Oct 1864 reported to be back in Woolwich harbour.

14 Jan 1865 the Black Eagle to be got ready for the Service of Prince Arthur, for a cruise in the Mediterranean, Prince Arthur embarking on 15 Mar. An elevated cabin was to be built on the Quarter-deck at a cost of 500.

20 Feb 1866 Staff Commander T.J. Whillier apptd to HMS Victory in command of the Black Eagle. Another administrative movement.

14 Jan 1865 the Black Eagle, Commander J. Whillier, has been fitted for the conveyance of H.R.H. Prince Arthur, on a cruise to the Mediterranean, and he will embark at Woolwich within the next few days.

23 Feb 1867 arrived Devonport from Portsmouth, the steam yacht, Staff Commander T.J. Whillier, with Commodore J.W. Turleton, C.B., Controller General of the Coast Guard, and proceeded the same day for Ireland.

2 Feb 1871 arrived at Devonport with Mr Childers, but found to be unfit to proceed further and is to be replaced by the Enchantress which is on her way from Portsmouth.

7 Feb 1871 due to sail for Portsmouth.