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Black Eagle, 1842
Type: Admiralty Steam Yacht ;
Launched at Merchant's Yard : 11 Jul 1831 ; Disposal date or year : 1876
BM: 495 tons
Propulsion: Paddle
Machinery notes: Initially 120 h.p., but increased later to 260 h.p. ?

1842 Firebrand (1831) renamed Black Eagle.

20 Dec 1848 Steam yacht, Woolwich

2 Mar 1851 Sunday last arrived, with the Lightning, at Sheerness from Woolwich and took onboard Marines from Chatham and left for Yarmouth, where they arrived Monday morning ; to remain to aid civil power in keeping order amongst the seamen at Yarmouth

DNS 26 Mar 1856, Portsmouth, returned from Portland Roads with the First Lord of the Admiralty and the Senior Sea Lord.

27 April 1856, Fleet Review At Spithead.

2 Feb 1871 arrived at Devonport with Mr Childers, but found to be unfit to proceed further and is to be replaced by the Enchantress which is on her way from Portsmouth.

7 Feb 1871 due to sail for Portsmouth.

Black Eagle, 1921
Type: Steam Puffer ; Armament -
Propulsion: Twin Screw ; Machinery notes: -

NL Jan 1921 employed at Rosyth by the Naval Stores Dept.