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Blanche, 1786
Type: Store Ship ; late 5th rate ; 32 x long 12 and 6 pdrs, six x 18-pdr carronades, = 38 guns (1794/5)
Launched at Bursledon : 1786
Disposal date or year : 28 Sep 1799
Disposal Details : Wrecked in the Texel : crew saved. Capt John Ayscough
tons (BM) : 722

1 Oct 1793 captured the French privateer Vengeur on the West Indies station.

8 Oct 1793 captured the French privateer Révolution on the West Indies station.

28 Dec 1793 captured the French privateer Sans Culottes on the West Indies station.

March and April 1794, operations at the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe.

30 Dec 1794 capture of a large French armed schooner off the island of Desirade.

6 Jan 1795 capture of the French frigate Pique, off the islands of the Saintes, WI, during which Captain Robert Faulknor was killed.

17 Apr 1795 captured a French privateer, Name unknown, near St. Lucia.

23 Apr 1796 the Agamemnon, Diadem, Meleager, and Peterel, detached to cruise off Vado.

By 31 May 1796 Commodore Nelson's squadron, augmented by the Blanche, Captain d'Arcy Preston, and Speedy.

31 May 1796 Oneglia. The boats from a part of Cdre. Nelson's squadron, despite heavy fire, bring off 6 heavily laden transports. .

19 Dec 1796 whilst the frigates Minerve, Captain George Cockburn, and Blanche, Captain d'Arcy Preston, were en route from Gibraltar to Porto-Ferrajo, the Blanche was involved in an inconclusive action with the Spanish frigate Ceres, which was abandoned due to the approach of a Spanish squadron.

20 Nov 1797 captured the French privateer Courier on the Lisbon station.

27 Dec 1797 captured the French privateer Bayonnois on the Lisbon station.

1 Jan 1799 repairing at Portsmouth.

Aug-Sep 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

1 Nov 1799 at Sheerness. a Court Martial was held on board the Expedition, to try Captain John Ayscough, his officers and ship’s company for the loss of the Blanche, and for their conduct on that occasion and having heard read Captain Ayscough's narrative of the same, as set forth in his Letter to Captain John Lawford, of the Romney, as also what he had further to state, and examined the evidence produced in support of the same; the Court is of opinion, that the ship was run on shore through the entire fault of the Pilot ; that very peculiar exertions were made, and professional skill shewn by the Captain, Officers and company of the Blanche to get her off, and afterwards to save the lives of the people and the stores, which redounds greatly to their credit : they do therefore most honourably acquit Captain Ayscough, the Officers and crew of the late Blanche ; and they are hereby so acquitted accordingly. See p. 634, vol. 2 of Naval Chronicle for further detail.

1 - 2 May 1800 prize money resulting from the operations at the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe due for payment.

Circa 12 Mar 1801 fleet under Admiral Sir Hyde Parker and Lord Nelson, consisting of 17 ships of the line, 3 frigates, 10 gun-brigs, nearly as many bomb-ketches, with smaller vessels usually attendant on a fleet, making in the whole nearly 50 sail, got under weigh from Yarmouth Roads at the break of day, and by eight o'clock had cleared the Sands ; they directed their course to the northward, wafted by a fine breeze at S.W. as departed from Yarmouth roads for Copenhagen (Naval Chronicle). On arrival at Copenhagen supported the ships-of-the-line as required.

17 Nov-30 Dec 1802 prize money resulting from the expedition to Holland due for payment.