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Blenheim, 1761
Type: ; Armament 74 ; late 90
Launched : 1761 Reduced 1801 ; Disposal date or year : Jan 1807
Disposal Details : Foundered off the island Rodrigue, East Indies: crew perished. Sir Thos. Troubridge, Bt. Captain Austin Bissell.

21 Dec 1796 the Tagus. The Mediterranean fleet arrived.

Circa 20 Jan 1797 departed from the Tagus with a Portuguese convoy and was subsequently, 6 Feb., joined off Cape St.-Vincent by a squadron detached from the Channel fleet.

14 Feb 1797 Jervis's action with the Spanish off Cape St Vincent.

31 Mar 1797 departed from Lisbon to blockade Cadiz.

15 Jan 1801 reduced from 90 guns, being cut down to a 74. See p. 91 of Naval Chronicle 1801 Vol 5 - Jan - Jun.

10 May 1801 came down to Blackstakes, Sheerness, from Chatham. Wind N.E. Blackstakes is an anchorage adjacent the east bank of the River Medway, to the north of the Queenboro Swale.

20 May 1801 departed Sheerness, the Blenheim, Capt Bover. for N. Yarmouth.

22 May 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth.

23 May 1801 Adm Dickson shifted his flag from the Princess of Orange to the Blenheim.

24 May 1801 Adm Dickson in the Blenheim departed N. Yarmouth for a cruise off Goree with the Standard, 64, Brunswick, 74, Princess of Orange, 74, Assistance, 50, Texel 64 ; Squirrel, frigate ; Hart, brig ; and a cutter.

2 Jun 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth last night the following vessels, under the command of Adm Dickson, from a cruise off the coast of Holland : Blenheim, flag ship ; Brunswick, Princess of Orange, Leyden, Texel, and Assistance ; the Solebay, and Waakzamheit, frigates ; and Phoenix and Liberty, cutters.

8 Jun 1801 Adm Dickson's squadron departed N. Yarmouth for a cruise on the Coast of Holland with the Blenheim, flag ship ; Brunswick, Princess of Orange, Leyden, Texel, Assistance, Solebay frigate ; Ariadne sloop ; and Liberty cutter.

15 Jun 1801 Adm Dickson's squadron arrived N. Yarmouth from a cruise off the Coast of Holland with the Blenheim, flag ship ; Brunswick, Princess of Orange, Leyden, Standard, Assistance ; Ranger sloop ; Jalouse, brig ; Phoenix and Speculator, Luggers ; and Hazard, Liberty and Diligent, cutters.

21 Jun 1801 Adm Dickson's squadron departed N. Yarmouth for a cruise on the Coast off Goree, consisting of the Blenheim, flag ship ; Assistance, Leyden, Princess of Orange, Brunswick, Standard ; Bittern sloop ; and Liberty cutter.

23 Jul 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth Adm Dickson's squadron from a cruise off Goree, which included the following vessels : Blenheim, flag ship ; Assistance, Prince of Orange, and Ruby, ships of the line ; Alecto, fire-ship ; Adder, gun-ship ; Vesuve, gun-brig ; Speculator, lugger.

16 Aug 1801 departed N. Yarmouth the Blenheim, flag ship to Adm Dickson, Speedwell, and Espeigle brigs ; Speculator, and Rover, luggers, for a cruise off Goree.

27 Sep 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth Roads, the Veteran and Blenheim, Adm Dickson, from off Goree.

6 Oct 1801 departed N. Yarmouth Roads the Blenheim, Monarch, Veteran, St Albans, ships of the line ; Lynx and Ariadne, sloops ; and Trial cutter, for a cruise off Goree.

22 Nov 1801 remains in N. Yarmouth Roads the Blenheim, with the Princess of Orange, Standard, Agamemnon, Ruby, Monarch, Assistance, St Alban's, Raisonable, Asia, Polyphemus, and Veteran, ships of the line ; Shannon, frigate ; Favourite, Inspection, Lynx, Ariadne, Pylades, Driver, and Ranger, sloops ; Adder, gun-ship ; Speedwell, and Jalouse, cruisers ; Kite, Harpy, and Vidette, brigs ; and Trial, cutter. Wind NNW.

20 Dec 1801 remains in N. Yarmouth Roads the Blenheim, Adm. Dickson, with the Monarch, Adm. Graves, Standard, Asia, St Alban's, Veteran, Ruby, Princess of Orange, Polyphemus, Agamemnon, Raisonable, Assistance, ships of the line ; Shannon, frigate ; Ariadne, Bittern, Favourite, Inspector, sloops ; Adder, gun-ship ; Jalouse, Kite, and Speedwell, brigs.

3 Jan 1802 the Blenheim, flag ship of Admiral Dickson, remains in Yarmouth Roads with the Monarch, Adm. Graves, Agamemnon, Raisonable, Standard, St. Albans, Veteran, Ruby, Asia, Polyphemus, Princess of Orange, and Assistance ; Adder gun-vessel ; Inspector, and Pylades sloops ; and Jalouse, and Cruiser brig.

11 Feb 1802 the Blenheim, flag ship of Admiral Dickson, remains in Yarmouth Roads with the Monarch, Adm. Graves, Agamemnon, Princess of Orange, Standard, Veteran, Raisonable, Polyphemus, Asia, Ruby, and Assistance ; Shannon, Ariadne, frigates ; and Jalouse, and Cruiser brig.

11 Mar 1802 the Blenheim, flag ship of Admiral Dickson, remains in Yarmouth Roads with the Monarch, Adm. Graves, Veteran, Asia, Princess of Orange, Raisonable, Agamemnon, and Assistance ; Shannon, frigate ; Alonzo, sloop ; Jalouse, and Cruiser brigs ; Adder, Bold gun-brigs ; Trial cutter.

12 Apr 1802 the Blenheim, flag ship of Admiral Dickson, remains in Yarmouth Roads with the Monarch, Asia, Veteran, Princess of Orange, Polyphemus, ships of the line ; and Kite.

20 Apr 1802 Adm Dickson's flag was shifted from the Blenheim, on board the Veteran, and the former departed N. Yarmouth this morning for Portsmouth.

22 Apr 1802 arrived in the Downs from the Northwards.

26 Apr 1802 arrived Spithead the Blenheim, 74, Captain Bover, from the Downs.

16 Aug 1802 went out of Portsmouth harbour to Spithead to lie as Guardship and to receive Adm Milbanke's flag.

2 Oct 1802 remained at Spithead the Blenheim, 74, Admiral M. Milbanke, Captain Bover.

22 Oct 1802 the Donegal, Hercule, and Blenheim, are ordered to be fitted at Portsmouth with four months stores, &c. Their destination is rumoured to be the Mediterranean. Adm Milbanke has shifted his flag from the Blenheim to the Dryad, Capt Williams.

23 Oct 1802 is expected to sail when the wind permits, with sealed orders. Her destination is assumed to be the Mediterranean, and that Adm Saumarez will hoist his flag on her.

31 Oct 1802 dropped down from Spithead to St. Helens.

3 Nov 1802 remains at St Helen's, for further orders.

7 Nov 1802 Captain S. Hood, of the navy, arrived Portsmouth from London, and embarked on board the Blenheim, and in the evening departed Spithead and proceeded for Trinidad.

5 Jan 1803 when the Falmouth packet Leicester arrived at Barbadoes, the Blenheim, Centaur, Excellent, Thalia, Gauchapin, and schooner Netley were lying there.

8 Jan 1803 per letter received from the Centaur now arrived at Barbadoes, the Blenheim, Excellent, Heureux, Thalia, Asp, and Netley were lying here. The deaths of Lieuts Bruce and Withers of the Emerald, and Lieut Grindall of the Castor, have recently taken place. The latter has departed for Antigua, from whence she'll depart for England.

21 Jan 1803 when the Falmouth packet Lord Charles Spencer arrived at Barbadoes she found the Blenheim, 74, Excellent, 74, Emerald, 36, Heureux, 26, and the sloops Hornet and Cyane lying there.

28 Jan 1803 letters received from the Blenheim, state that the ship arrived at Martinico after a pleasant passage of one month.

16 Feb 1803 at Plymouth letters as dated, received from Jamaica, report the death of Capt Bover, as a result of having caught Yellow Fever.

25 Feb 1803 the Falmouth packet Princess Elizabeth which arrived Falmouth in 39 days from Barbadoes reports that the following vessels remained at Barbadoes, the Blenheim, Ulysses, and Heureux, when she departed for England, with the Excellent and Castor arriving Barbadoes as she departed.

4 May 1803 arrived Barbadoes, the sloop Busy, Capt Clinch, from Antigua. She reports that the Blenheim was to be hove down to repair the considerable damage she suffered when she went ashore.

14 May 1803 letters are received at Plymouth, reporting the arrival of the Hercule, Capt Ferris, at Guadaloupe on 5 Apr, from Plymouth, and expects to depart shortly for Jamaica. The letters also advise that the Blenheim has recently been ashore and had to throw 18 guns overboard to get off, and has gone to Martinique. The Elephant, Vanguard, and Bellerophon, 74s, and the frigate Desiree, were reported to be at Jamaica. The Goliath, Cumberland and Theseus were on a cruise, as were the Tartar, Shark and Echo, off the North of Jamaica, and the Calypso off Cape Tiberon.

Circa May 1803 arrived St John's, Antigua, with with some damage.

Circa 14 Jul 1803 per a letter received from the Centaur it is reported that Mid Compton of the Centaur, has been promoted Lieut., and apptd to the Blenheim.

16 Sep 1803 captured the French privateer Fortunée.

14-16 Nov 1803 ship's boats from the Blenheim and Drake captured French privateer-schooner Harmonie in the harbour of Maren, Martinique : see London Gazette of 28 Jan 1804.

Circa 3 Dec 1803 in the West Indies Lieuts Ayscough and Domett, of the Blenheim, apptd to the Centaur.

12 Dec 1803 the following recent deaths of Naval officers in the West Indies have been reported at Barbadoes :
Lieut Evans of the Ulysses, at Trinidad ; Lieut Boyd of the Marines, of the Blenheim, off Martinique ; Mr Adams, purser, and Mr Brown, midshipman, of the Hippomenes ; and Mr Adams, the Commissioner's first clerk ; Mr Blackmore, and Mr Phillips, midshipmen of the Centaur ; At Prince Rupert's Bay, Lieut Holmes, on half pay of the Navy ; At Antigua, Lieut Marshall, of the Gauchapin. 4 Mar 1804 ship's boats attempt to cut out the French national schooner Curieuse.

Circa 14 Jul 1804 per letters received at Portsmouth from an officer in Commodore Hood's squadron at Barbadoes it has been reported that Lieut Trounsell of the Blenheim had died. It was also reported that Capt Graves had rejoined the Blenheim.

1 Aug 1804 departed the Barbadoes.

Circa 18 Aug 1804 Capt Younghusband of the Osprey, made a post Captain, into the Blenheim, vice Graves, who came home in the Ulysses.

13 Sep 1804 when off the Scilly spoke with the Falmouth packet Prince Ernest, stating that she was 38 days from Tortola with her convoy of 50 sail ; that part of the convoy for Bristol and Liverpool &c., having already departed.

18 Sep 1804 last night arrived Spithead, the Blenheim, Capt Bland, from the Leeward Isles, in 45 days, with a convoy of 107 sail, which went on to the Downs.

1 Oct 1804 came into Portsmouth harbour from Spithead.

14 Jan 1805 last Wednesday a Court Martial was held on Matthew Browning, a seaman belonging to the Blenheim, for desertion and forging the captain's name on a certificate of leave. He was found guilty and sentenced to 200 lashes.

16 Feb 1805 made a number of attempts to find wind to depart Spithead, but had to return to her moorings.

31 Mar 1805 the Blenheim is appointed to accompany the Greyhound, and transports with the 53rd and 67th Regiments, and convoy for the East Indies.

14 Apr 1805 the Blenheim has hoisted a signal for a convoy to the East Indies.

20 Apr 1805 Sir T Troubridge joined the Blenheim this morning and re-hoisted his flag on board. The 53rd Regt marched from Hilsea (sic) this morning and embarked on board several of the East Indiamen ; the 67th Regt is embarking Monday from Gosport.

23 Apr 1805 soon after daylight hoisted the blue peter and loosed her fore-top sail as a signal for the East India convoy to go down to St Helen's, but being unprepared for the order it wasn't until the afternoon that some of them were in a condition to unmoor and it won't be until tomorrow morning that they will complete the order, not one of the vessels having moved.

24 Apr 1805 the Blenheim repeated the signal for the East India convoy to get under weigh, the Blenheim and Greyhound departing for St Helen's and waited for the convoy until they'd lost the tide and were then unable to round St Helen's point. The Blenheim and her consort then appear to have returned to Spithead, not one of the convoy having got under sail. The Blenheim then made a signal for the convoy to follow him through the Needles, but it blew so hard that not one of the convoy was prepared to obey the signal and the Blenheim and Greyhound brought to in Cowes Roads, where 15 of the Indiamen eventually joined them, the remainder un-mooring with a view to follow in the morning. [Per Ed : I do seem to remember reading that Sir T Troubridge could be a bit of a cantankerous old "B" who seems to have upset the apple cart as far as some of the masters of the Indiamen were concerned, but, as anyone who is familiar with Spithead in the days of sail can tell you, if they lost the opportunity of sailing with a fair wind it wasn't unknown for the vessels to be stuck there for anything up a month or even more with a the prevailing South Westerly winds preventing any square rigged vessel from sailing down the English Channel, not an ideal situation when you've got lots of troops embarked.]

25 Apr 1805 the Blenheim and Greyhound departed Cowes Roads this morning with their convoy of 20 East Indiamen.

May 1805 Spithead, for East Indies

6 Aug 1805 exchange between a French squadron under M. Linois and the Blenheim and her convoy bound to Madrid.

1 - 3 Feb 1807 extract from the log of the Harrier, when she experienced the effects of a hurricane in the Indian Ocean, and which includes the last reported sightings of the Blenheim and Java which were presumed lost in this storm.