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Boomerang, 1889
Type: Torpedo Gun Boat ; Armament 2 x 4.7" ; 4 x 3 pdr ; 5 x TT
Launched : 24 Jul 1889 ; Disposal date or year : 1905
Displacement: 735 tons
Propulsion: Twin screw Complement: 91
Machinery notes: 4,200 ND ; 6,000 FD ; Speed ; 19 knots ;
Built for the Australian Station.
Weekly Dispatch 11 Feb 1900
The Ringerooma and Boomerang, in the reserve as Sydney, will be commissioned shortly to relieve the Thoranga and Karrakatta, employed in the protection of the floating trade in Australian waters ; while the Mildura and Walleroo, and the sloop Torch, are to be re-commissioned for further service on the Australian station. The new crews for these vessels are to go out in the Europa and Diana, leaving England early in March. Captain M C A Baynes, who will commission the Diana, will on arrival at Sydney, take over command of the Mildura, Captain Leah, of the latter vessel, transferring to the Diana for the voyage home.
11 Mar 1900 It is reported that the Boomerang is to be recommissioned on the Australian Station.
31 March 1901 Sydney (Census)