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Bucephalus, 1808
Type: Troopship ; Armament 32 - later reduced to 18
Completed : 1808 ;

9 Oct 1810 It is reported from Madras that Lieutenant Fiott has been Court Martialled on a charge of using seditious language. He was sentenced to be put at the bottom of the list of lieutenants and dismissed his ship ie the Bucephalus.

Madras 17 Feb 1811 departed for rendez-vous for expedition to Java.

3 Aug 1811 Illustrious arrived Chillingching, on the coast of Java and disembarked troops, having been joined by the frigates Modeste, and Bucephalus.

4 Aug 1811 a part of the fleet involved in the invasion of Java, now under the command of R.-adm the Hon. R. Stopford, who detached the Akbar, Phaëton, Bucephalus, and Sir-Francis-Drake to blockade the French frigates Nymphe and Méduse in Batavia road.

3 Sep 1811 the French frigates Nymphe and Méduse departed from Batavia road, watched and followed by the Bucephalus, who was joined in the chase on the 4th by the Barracouta, but had dropped out of sight by the 8th. On the 12th the French chased the Bucephalus, who eventually escaped in shoal water, and by the 13th was out of sight of the French.

Dover 10 Aug 1813 Passed by with the East India convoy bound for the River.

1814 Converted for use as a troopship

Portsmouth 12 Jun 1814 departed with a squadron for Cherbourg to bring back to England 10-12,000 Russian Guards.

Deal 28 Aug 1814 arrived from Russia, and remain for orders.

Deal 30 Aug 1814 Remains in the Downs.

Deal 31 Aug 1814 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 1 Sep 1814 arrived from the Downs.

Plymouth 17 Sep 1814 arrived from Portsmouth.

Plymouth 18 Sep 1814 departed with a squadron with troops for Bermuda.

14 Dec 1814 distribution of head-money arising from the capture of American gun-boats and sundry bales of cotton, [per London Gazette of 26 Jun 1821].

Deal 4 Jun 1815 arrived.

Portsmouth 12 Jun 1815 arrived from Cork.

Portsmouth 1 Aug 1815 Embarks troops for St. Helena.

Portsmouth 5 Aug 1815 Have departed and were between St. Alban's and Portland, at ten o'clock this morning.

11 Aug 1815 Has departed as a part of the Northumberlands' squadron, for St Helena.

1830 Troopship at Portsmouth

Buckie Burn, 1921
Type: tug ;
Displacement : - tons ;
Propulsion: Screw ; Machinery notes: - I.H.P.

NL Jan 1921 employed on the Humber.