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Bulldog, 1909
Type: Torpedo Boat Destroyer ; Armament 1 x 4 " ; 3 x 12 pdr
Completed : 13 Nov 1909 ; Disposal date or year : Sep 1920
Displacement: 952 tons
Machinery notes: 12,500 FD

Aug 1914 Fifth Destroyer Flotilla, Mediterranean Fleet, Tender to Blenheim.

9 Aug 1914 with the Bulldog, joined Destroyer Flotilla lead by Wolverine at Port Vathi, Ithaca - see p. 518

Early Dec 1916 returned to G patrol at the mouth of Dardanelles on minefields. It was a serious accident in the early part of year when I saw her towed into Mudros. She had struck one of our mines at the mouth of Dardanelles and badly damaged her stern with the loss of a few men - see p. 58