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Busy, 1797
Type: Sloop / Brig ; Armament 18
Completed : 1797 ; Disposal Details : foundered 1807 on the Halifax station.

2 Aug 1799 in company with the Hired Lugger Fox captured the Vrow Rica and Neutralitrie and on 29 July 1799 and 4 Aug 1799 the Der Winter and Elizabeth respectively.

16 Sep 1799 captured the French privateer Dragon, of Dunkirk, close along the Dutch coast, after a short chase. 8 of the Dragon's crew were drowned in the surf when they attempted to escape ashore.

11 Nov 1799 Plymouth, arrived with a lugsail smuggler, found with 84 large bales of tobacco.

7 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Woolwich and Spy, and a large convoy from the Downs.

13 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the Juno and 150 sail of merchantmen under convoy, for the West Indies.

Circa 1 Sep 1800 Lord Faulkland is promoted to the rank of Master and Commander, and appointed to the Busy.

24 Sep 1800 Plymouth, by letters from Jamaica, of 3 Aug last, it appears that the August fleet of 170 sail, departed from Bleufields the 1 Aug under care of the Queen, 98, 2 frigates, and the Busy, 18, and now arrived.

Circa 25 May 1802 Lieutenant G. Chamberlayne of the Theseus, pro tempore, to the Busy.

21 Aug 1802 when the squadron departed Jamaica the Busy was lying at Trinidad.

23 Dec 1802 Mr Nash, of the Excellent, has been promoted Lieut, and remains on board, replacing Lieut T. Church, apptd to the Busy, vice Chamberlayne, deceased, died from Yellow Fever, per letters of 21 Nov., from Antigua.

4 May 1803 arrived Barbadoes, the sloop Busy, Capt Clinch, from Antigua. She reports that the Blenheim was to be hove down to repair the considerable damage she suffered when she went ashore.

3 Oct 1803 at Portsmouth it is reported that the Busy, forming a part of the protection of the Leeward Islands convoy, which departed the Barbadoes on 1 Aug 1803, encountered a severe gale with the convoy on 29 Aug., and whilst it is known that ships Eagle and Stanley were lost, their crews were saved, but the Busy, Capt Clinch, parted company in the gale and hasn't been heard of since. The Courageux, 74, with the ships for the river is expected is expected to pass Spithead shortly, and the Venus, Capt Matson, is reported to have seen ships for Bristol safe into the Bristol Channel last Wednesday and is due here shortly.

4 Oct 1803 The Times of London reports the arrival of the Busy at Cork.

5 Oct 1803 arrived at Spithead, from the West Indies, last from Cork.

Circa 15 Oct 1803 has made a signal for a convoy to Newfoundland and Halifax.

25 Oct 1803 departed Spithead with a convoy to Newfoundland and Halifax.

28 Nov 1803 arrived Spithead from convoying the Halifax ships.

2 Dec 1803 went into Portsmouth harbour from Spithead.

27 Jan 1804 departed Spithead, the Tribune, Capt Bennet ; Pluto, Capt Forbes ; and Busy, Capt Clinch, to cruise off Havre.

1 Feb 1804 departed Spithead, the Hydra, and Busy, on a cruise off Cherburgh. [Ed. The movements for the Busy don't seem to tie in too well, could be recognition problems ?]

12 Feb 1804 arrived Spithead, from a cruise and departed for Yarmouth, IoW.

5 Apr 1804 departed Spithead on a cruise.

10 Apr 1804 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

12 Apr 1804 hoisted a signal for a convoy for the West Indies.

13-14 Apr 1804 departed Spithead with a convoy for the West Indies, first stop Falmouth, to pick up west coast vessels heading for the West Indies.

16 Apr 1804 arrived Falmouth from Portsmouth with several West Indiamen.

19 Apr 1804 departed Falmouth for the West Indies with a convoy of about 50 sail.

24 Apr 1804 several of the West India ships that departed Cork on the 15 Apr under convoy of the Argus, joined the convoy commanded by the Busy off Falmouth on 19 Apr.

3 Jun 1804 the Ralph Nicholson, Stephenson ; Ann, Harby, for Berbice ; London Packet, White ; Samuel, Couley ; Mary, Denham ; Elbe, Stephenson ; Mary Ann, Hope ; and Milnes, Allen, Demerara ; were all well in lat 13 42 N ; lon 45 W, with the Busy's convoy, from which they were to part in two or three days, for their destinations.

21 Jul 1804 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

4 Aug 1804 arrived Plymouth from a cruise.

28 Jan 1804 prize money due to dead and discharged men belonging to the Busy for the capture of the San Telmo, condemned at Martinico, and sold at Trinidad will be paid for 3 years on application to Mr Bownas, Derby St, Parliament St.

23 Mar 1805 a distribution of the proceeds of the cargoes of naval stores of the second Swedish convoy detained in 1798 by the Busy and Speedwell will be made at 11 Cecil St.

May 1805 Leeward Island Station