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Calcutta, 1795
Type: 4th Rate ; late Indiaman ; Armament 50 (28 x long 18-pdrs on lower deck, ; 26 cannonades 32-pounders ; 2 x long 9-pdr on the upper deck)
Purchased for the Transport Service : 1795 ; Disposal date or year : 26 Sep 1805
Disposal Details : Captured by Magnanime, 74, a part of French squadron, near Scilly, Capt Daniel Woodriff.
Complement: 343

May 1795 commissioned.

Feb 1796 paid off.

Jun 1796 commissioned as a transport.

19 Nov 1798, off Minorca, with the Leviathan, Centaur, Ulysses, Argo, Cormorant, Aurora, Peterell, and cutter Constitution, Lt. Whiston, in support of the Army during the capture of Minorca. See also the Naval Chronicle pp. 77-80 Vol. 1, 1799.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. R. Foulden. In the Mediterranean.

18 Jun 1799 Europa, Ulysses, and Calcutta, arrived at Lisbon from the Mediterranean. The Calcutta departed from the Tagus on the 23 Jun, with a regiment of Royals for Ireland.

22 Mar 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Calcutta, Ulysses, and Dover, with the guards, for Cork.

28 Apr 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Dover from Ireland.

17 May 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Dragon and Calcutta troop ships in distress.

6 Jun 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Calcutta, with the Banffshire fencibles on board, for Gibraltar.

25 Sep 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with several transports from Guernsey.

May 1802 - Feb 1803 fitted out at Chatham as a Convict Ship.

25 Apr 1803 departed for Port Phillip, Oz.

24 July 1804 had returned to England, although I suspect she may have been back by 11 Jun., since her RM detachment were reputed to have left the ship on that date.

May 1805 Portsmouth.

3 Aug 1805 departed from St. Helena with a convoy. 25 Sep sighted the Rochefort squadron. 26 Sep captured by the Rochefort squadron.