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Challenger, 1826
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 28
Launched : 1826 ;
Disposal date or year : 19 May 1835
Disposal Details : Wrecked on coast of Chile. Capt. Michael Seymour.

Portsmouth 25 May 1827 Arrived Spithead with the experimental squadron, having spent a month at sea, during which they performed trials relative to the sailing qualities of the various ships They are ordered to take on stores for foreign service in preparation for a further cruise.

Portsmouth 16 Jun 1827 Remains at Spithead.

Lisbon 4 Jun 1827 Reports received that the Experimental squadron has been performing trials to test the sailing qualities of the various ships of the squadron.

Portsmouth 15 Sep 1827 Is fitting out for foreign service for a third cruise with the Experimental Squadron and is expected to go down to St. Helen's Monday next, weather permitting.

Portsmouth 25 Sep 1827 Sailed with Experimental Squadron for off Scilly.

Lisbon 5 Apr 1828 Remains to look after British interests.

Portsmouth 25 Jun 1828 Preparing for a passage for Newfoundland, Halifax, and Quebec.

Plymouth 15 Dec 1828 Performing sailing trials off this port, with the Pallas.

Cape of Good Hope 15 Oct 1829 Reported to be in New South Wales.

22 May 1830 reported to be in the harbour at Bombay.

Bombay 23d Sep 1830 Arrived from Bushire.

Calcutta 13 Sep 1831 Arrived from Madras.

Bengal 29 Sep 1831 Sailed for China.

17 May 1832 departed Calcutta for Madras and Trincomalee.

1 Aug 1832 had departed for Swan River.

15 Oct 1832 arrived Sydney, from Madras, and Swan River.

11 Nov 1832 departed Sydney for the South Sea Islands and Valparaiso.

16 Apr 1833 departed Rio de Janeiro for Portsmouth.

30 May 1833 arrived Spithead, from Rio de Janeiro, having previously called at Madras, the Swan River settlement, Hobart Town, Sydney, New Zealand, Otaheite, and Pitcairn Island.

8 Jun 1833 In Harbour Portsmouth.

12 Jun 1833 paid off.

15 June 1833, Portsmouth, commissioned.

28 Aug 1833 Portsmouth, undocked.

20 Sep 1833 Portsmouth, taken out of the basin and preparing for a passage to South America.

Portsmouth 16 Oct 1833 Sailed but later returned due to the gale.

Portsmouth 19 Oct 1833 Sails for South America.

Rio Janeiro 21 Dec 1833 Sailed for the Falkland Islands.

At sea 19 Jan 1834 Nearing Cape Horn, in a boating accident an officer, the purser's steward, and two seamen were drowned.

Valparaiso 16 Feb 1834 Refitting.

Callao 13 Jun 1834 Collecting freight.

Portsmouth 10 Oct 1835 a court martial will be held onboard the Victory, tender to the Britannia, on Monday next, to try the officers and crew of the Challenger, wrecked on the coast of Chili in May.