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Chapman, 1803
Type: HEIC armed transport ; Armament 18
BM: 555 tons ;

Circa 21 Nov 1803 with the threat of a French invasion the HEIC has voted 10,000 tons of shipping, as armed transports, for the protection of the coast of Great Britain, including the Chapman, 555 tons, 24 guns (32, 24 & 9 pdrs), which has been apptd to the Leith Station.

6 Aug 1804 arrived N. Yarmouth the sloop Inspector, armed ship Chapman, and Censor gun brig.

25 Nov 1804 arrived Spithead with a convoy. 26 Nov 1804 departed Spithead, the Chapman, armed ship, on a cruise.

11 Jan 1805 arrived Spithead from Plymouth.

21 Jan 1805 an inquest was held on the death of John Davis who fell into Portsmouth harbour from the Alcide on the 2 Dec 1804 and was later picked up by a boat from the armed ship Chapman. The Borough Coroner gave the verdict of Accidental Death.

28 Jan 1805 come down from Portsmouth harbour into Spithead.

3 Feb 1805 arrived in the Downs from Spithead.

7 Feb 1805 departed N Yarmouth Roads the armed defence ships Defence and Chapman with a convoy for Leith.

13 Mar 1805 departed N Yarmouth Roads for Leith for troops.

18 Mar 1805 Chapman that was presumed to be at anchor under the island of Inchkeith on arriving from Yarmouth.

3 Jun 1805 departed Sheerness for Chatham.

7 Jun 1805 arrived N Yarmouth Roads with the Agnes cutter.