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Chiffonne / Chiffone / Chieftain / La Chieftain variously known as, 1801
Type: 5th rate ; frigate ; Armament 12-pdr. 36-gun
Taken : 19 Apr 1801 ;
Disposal date or year : 1814
BM: 945 tons ;
Complement: 264 men ;

For La Chiffonne in Colledge see La Chieftain.

19 Apr 1801 Sybille captured the French 36-gun frigate Chiffonne, which was taken into the service under the same name.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Mr. A. Lysaght, Midshipman of the Suffolk, to be Lieutenant of La Chiffonne.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Lieutenant W. Skelton, to be First Lieutenant of La Chiffonne.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Mr. J. Adie, Surgeon's Mate of the Victorious, to be Surgeon of La Chiffonne.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Captain H. Stuart, removed from the Fox to La Chiffonne.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Mr. W. Hutchins, Purser of the Fox, to be Purser of La Chiffonne.

24 Apr 1802 the Chiffonne, Captain Stuart arrived Bombay from a cruise.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Mr. W. Mouatt, Midshipman of the Fox, to be Lieutenant of La Chiffonne.

11 Dec 1802 arrived at the Cape of Good Hope the Intrepid, Capt Hargood ; the Virginie, Capt Astle ; Leopard, Capt Collier ; and Chiffonne, from the East Indies, with the 91st Regt on board.

13 Dec 1802 departed the Cape of Good Hope for England the Intrepid, Virginie, Leopard, and Chiffonne, for England with the 91st Regt.

14 Feb 1803 arrived Spithead from the East Indies.

21 Feb 1803 departed Spithead for the Downs and Sheerness to be paid off.

24 Feb 1803 arrived Sheerness, and passed through for the River Thames.

Circa 28 May 1803 Capt Adams apptd in command of the Chiffone.

2 Jul 1803 the ship's company of the Chiffone were paid 12,000 at the Nore.

5 Aug 1803 the frigate Ethalion, and the brigs Chiffone and Cruiser recaptured a French East Indiaman, name unknown, and the Margaret, Lace, of Liverpool, and who originally captured the French East Indiaman, but was herself subsequently captured by the crew of the French ship, being greatly superior in number. No. 9 New Broad-St., London, 1 Mar 1804, notice is given, that an account of sales of the net proceeds arising from the capture of La Flore, on 5 Aug 1803, by HM Ships La Chiffone, Ethalion, and Cruiser, will be delivered into the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, agreeably to as of Parliament. John Jackson.

8 Aug 1803 the frigate Ethalion, and the brigs Chiffone and Cruiser arrived Lerwick, in the Shetland Isles with their prizes.

20 Aug 1803 detained the Zeeluft, 0delwald, Master, and notice given that they will be entitled to their respective proportions of the Prize, onboard at Sheerness &c and will be recalled every Wednesday and Thursday at No. 9, New Broad- Street, between the Hours of Eleven and Three until the Expiration of Three years from the first Day of Payment. John Jackson, Agent.

20 Nov 1803 departed N Yarmouth with a convoy for the Nore.

28 Nov 1803 departed Sheerness.

13 Feb 1804 taken into dock at Sheerness to make good damage suffered in the recent gales when on the Coast of Holland.

22 Mar 1804 was to have departed Sheerness, but the wind was so strong and "eastwardly", that she was unable to get under weigh.

26 Mar 1804 has departed Sheerness for the Downs.

27 Mar 1804 departed the Downs the Euryalus, and Chiffonne, for a cruise off Boulogne.

30 Mar 1804 the Illustrious departed the Downs with the Leopard, Euryalus, Chiffonne, Autumn, Lark, Minx, Locust, and Lively cutters, and a lugger, and stood over to the French coast in a NE Wind. When within about 4 miles of the coast, off Calais, the saw 20 gun boats coming out of the harbour and head down the coast towards Boulogne, as close into the coast as possible, accompanied by horse artillery with 8 guns. The small cruisers sent over from the Downs attempted to attack these boats, but were unable to cause any material damage, whilst a shot from shore wounded 3 men on board the Autumn. Night came on and they anchored about 7 miles off shore, but the wind shifting round to the Westward the next day and returned to the Downs.

3 Apr 1804 last night, as the Illustrious, Chiffonne, Fury, and Basilisk, cruised off Calais a convoy of about 25 small vessels was seen creeping along the coast towards Boulogne, under the convoy of a brig. A shot from the Fury carried away one of the masts of the convoy, but a shot from the brig killed a man on aboard the Autumn, and mortally wounded another ; the Chiffonne also having 2 men killed and 2 wounded, the squadron appearing to have returned with the Illustrious to the Downs.

3 Apr 1804 departed Dungeness the Leopard, Euryalus, Chiffone.

7 Apr 1804 departed Dungeness the Leda, Seine, Chiffonne, and Alonzo on a cruise.

15 Apr 1804 arrived in the Downs from the Nore.

31 Jan 1805 departed Sheerness harbour for the Nore where she was paid 6 months wages and prize money due for several recent captures. She proceeds, next, to Yarmouth, and from thence to Gottenburgh, with the Grand Chamberlain of Russia.

1 Mar 1805 arrived in the Downs from the Northwards.

8 Mar 1805 departed the Downs for the Westward.

17 Apr 1805 arrived Spithead the Chiffonne with a convoy from the Downs.

28 Apr 1805 departed Spithead to join the squadron off Havre.

May 1805 at Spithead

10 Jun 1805 action against a convoy along the French coast.

1 Jul 1805 arrived at Spithead from off Havre.

13 Jul 1805 departed Spithead for Weymouth, where the Royal Family were shortly due to arrive.

20 Dec 1805 notice given, that an account of sales of the Zeeluft, Bahker, Master, captured on the 20 Jun 1805, when in company with the Falcon, Clinker, Steady, and Frances, will be delivered into the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty agreeably to Act of Parliament. John Jackson, Agent.

26 Aug 1807 per a letter of this date reporting the following enterprise of a few days previously by the boats of the Chiffone under the command of Lieut Hall, the 1st Lieut., when they were on a cruise off Carthagena and captured a Spanish brig, 9, and schooner, from under the Castle, and despite a heavy fire of grape and musketry from the castle, escaped with their prizes without injury.

25 Nov 1807 arrived Gibraltar with 45 transports having on board 9,000 troops under the command of Sir John Moore.

4 Dec 1807 Sir John Moore departed Gibraltar in the Chiffonne for Cadiz to have a conference with the Admiral.

14 Nov 1809 a letter from Capt Wainwright of the Chiffonne detailing the attack on the pirates was published in many UK newspapers, some more detailed than others ; the letter in the Aberdeen Press and Journal of 25 July 1810 appears to be one of the best.

13-27 Nov 1809 Chiffonne and Caroline, with a number of HEIC cruisers carrying troops, attacked a number of ports in the Persian Gulf which were being used as bases for piracy and destroyed vessels and stores etc. See also page 1022-1024 of the London Gazette of 10 Jul 1810.

25 Jul 1814 put up for sale at Portsmouth : Chiffonne, of 36 guns and 945 tons; the purchaser, of each of the ships lying at Portsmouth is to give a bond, with two sureties for 3000, not to sell or otherwise dispose of the said ships, but to break them up within twelve months from the day of sale. Persons wishing to view the ships and vessels, must apply to the Commissioners of the Yards for notes of admission for that purpose. Catalogues and conditions of sale may be had here, and at the yards. R. A. Nelson, Secretary.