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Clorinde, 1803
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36
Taken : 30 Nov 1803 ; Disposal date or year : 1817
BM: 1161 tons

30 Nov 1803 the capture of the French 40-gun frigates Surveillante and Clorinde as they departed Cape-François, St.-Domingo, and the rescue, by the ship's boats, of the latter and her 900 occupants, after she'd grounded on rocks whilst leaving. Both frigates were subsequently taken into the Service. Clorinde measured at Jamaica 1375 tons - measured in England 1161

Circa 5 May 1804 Capt R O'Brien, of the Fly, promoted to Post Capt, and to the command of the Clorinde, in the West Indies.

30 May 1804 the Clorinde spoke to the Blanche when the latter was cruising to windward of Jamaica.

19 Jul 1804 arrived Plymouth, from Jamaica, and landed Lt.-Col. Lethbridge with dispatches for the Government. 70 French officers brought from St Domingo were sent on board the prison ships in Hamoaze.

25 Jul 1804 went up into Barney Pool to be docked as soon as one becomes vacant.

May 1805 Plymouth, to repair in Ordinary

28 Jan 1810 captured the French privateer Hervie on the East Indies station.

21 Nov 1810 off the island of Rodriquez preparing for a joint naval and military expedition to take the Isle of France, where they arrived on 28th, and the capitulation was signed on the 3 Dec.

27 Nov 1814 Came down the river into the Downs.

28 Nov 1814 departed the Downs for Portsmouth.

2 Dec 1814 arrived Portsmouth from the Downs.

2 Jan 1815 appointed at Spithead for a convoy for Spain &c.,

3 Jan 1815 departed Spithead with a convoy for Lisbon and the Mediterranean.