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Comus, 1806
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 22
Launched : 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 4 Nov 1816
Disposal Details : Wrecked off Cape Pine, Newfoundland: crew saved ; Captain, Jas. John Gordon Bremer, C.B.

15 Mar 1807 ship's boats cut out 6 vessels from the harbour of Puerta de Haz.

8 May 1807 ship's boats cut out a Spanish felucca packet from the harbour of Grand Canaria.

13 Aug 1807 present at Copenhagen until ordered, with the Defence, to capture the Danish frigate Frederickscoarn, which, after a chase she achieved in the early hours of the 15th.

Islands of Scilly 8 Jan 1810 Arrived with convoy.

24 June 1811 Reported to be at Gibraltar.

Portsmouth 19 Aug 1811 Arrived from Gibraltar and put under quarantine at the Motherbank.

Portsmouth 22 Aug 1811 Came out of quarantine.

Portsmouth 2 Sep 1811 Arrived from the Downs.

Portsmouth 7 Jan 1812 Takes convoy to the Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 8 Jan 1812 Will sail tomorrow for the Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 9 Jan 1812 Sailed for the Mediterranean with a convoy of transports, with arms and ammunition for the patriots on the coast of Catalonia.

Portsmouth 17 Oct 1813 Released from quarantine.

Plymouth 2 Apr 1814 Came in from a cruise.

Portsmouth 20 Apr 1814 Arrived from St. Jean de Luz.

Deal 15 Nov 1814 Put back.

Portsmouth 22 Nov 1814 To be fitted out for the America station.

Portsmouth 1 Dec 1814 Sailed with sealed orders.

Deal 16 Oct 1815 Arrived and sailed for the river to be paid off.

15 Aug 1815 Is reported by the Brisk, to be operating off the Coast of Africa, when the Brisk left some 13 weeks previously.