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Daphne, 1776
Type: Sloop ; Armament 20
Launched at Woolwich 1776 ; Disposal date or year : 1802
Displacement : 429 tons (BM)

Portsmouth 31 Mar 1785 Came into the harbour to refit.

Portsmouth 29 Apr 1785 Gone out to Spithead.

Portsmouth 2 May 1785 departed to the westward.

Circa Jan 1795 As some slight compensation for these disasters to his fleet, M. Villaret captured and destroyed, during his 34 days' cruise, about 100 sail of enemy's vessels, great and small, including the British 20-gun ship, or, as from her real mounted force the French were warranted in designating her, 30-gun frigate Daphne.

29 Dec 1797 re-captured the French ship-corvette Daphne, late British 20-gun ship of the same name ; or, as Captain Durham, imitating the French, describes a ship of only 429 tons, " late his majesty's frigate Daphne, mounting 30 guns." Nice to see Mr James had a sense of humour ;-)

1 Jan 1799 Capt. Sir C. Lindsay, Bart. In the West Indies.

August 1799 the ships' boats of the Daphne and Syren burnt a French privateer, Name unknown, on the coast near Cayenne.

28 Apr 1800 captured the French privateer Risque Tout on the Leeward Island station.

15 Jan 1801 captured a vessel from a convoy off Guadeloupe.

17 Jan 1801 captured the French schooner Éclair, purchased into the service.

12 Apr 1801 the Magicienne was at Barbadoes with a French privateer brig L'Impatient, her prize, when the Falmouth packet Townshend arrived Barbadoes from the Leeward Isles. The Townshend departed Barbadoes for Martinique, where she found the Unity frigate, and Cayenne (Cyane) sloop of war, the latter accompanying her to Dominica : at Antigua she found the Southampton, and at St Kitt's L'Aimable frigate, with the Actaeon Danish brig of war, which had been captured at St Thomas's, and also found the Amphitrite frigate, and Daphne, 20, putting together a convoy for England. After landing her mails at the several West India Islands she arrived at Tortola on 5th May. Whilst at Tortola the Townshend observed the Amphitrite and Daphne pass by with a convoy for England. 8 May the Townshend departed Tortola accompanied by HM ship Hornet. [Regret the absence of some dates, but not always given, so have given details provided so that with a map you can give the details some background.]

2 Jul 1801 this morning passed by the Isle of Wight the frigate Unite with the 80 sail remaining of the original 230 vessels from West Indies convoy, which sailed at the latter end of April, 60 having parted company in a gale, of which 7 are said to have been captured ; about 70 parted in the Chops of the Channel and proceeded with the Daphne for St George's Channel, and the Montague, 74, putting into Plymouth.

7 Jul 1801 arrived Sheerness, the Unité, Capt Harvey, and the Daphne, Capt Matson, with the Leeward Island convoy, which has sailed for the River.

11 Aug 1801 remains at Sheerness.

4 Sep 1801 due to be paid today at the Great Nore, following which she will depart for her destination.

11 Oct 1801 at Sheerness to prepare to be paid off following the recent signing of the Peace of Amiens.

26 Oct 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Waarzaamheid frigate, at Sheerness, on a marine belonging to the Daphne, lying at the Nore, on a charge of robbing the Master of the said ship of a sum to a considerable amount. The charge against him was in part proved, and he was sentenced to have one year's solitary imprisonment, and to receive one hundred and fifty lashes.

2 Nov 1801 remains at the Great Nore.

12 Nov 1801 remains Sheerness, with the Zealand, guard-ship.

18 Nov 1801 a Court Martial was held onboard his Majesty's ship Ardent, lying at the Nore, on Captain Watson, of the Daphne frigate, for striking and ill using the pilot of the said ship. After mature deliberation, the Court ordered that Captain Watson should be reprimanded for his conduct.

30 Nov 1801 remains with the Zealand and some 20 other vessels at the Nore.

14 Dec 1801 a Court Martial was held on board his Majesty's frigate Waakzaamheid, on Mr. John Lisk, Master of the Daphne, for having behaved in a manner very unbecoming the character of an Officer and a gentleman ; when the charges being proved, he was sentenced to be dismissed his Majesty's service, and never to serve therein again, in the capacity of an Officer.

14 Feb 1802 remain at the Nore, with the Zealand.

31 Mar 1802 many of the vessels at Sheerness are to be sent to Chatham to be paid off.

15 Apr 1802 paid off at Sheerness and crew discharged to shore.

May 1802 sold at Sheerness to Mr. Hurry, of Deal.

24 May 1802 it is reported that following her sale, and going out of harbour she missed stays and went on shore on the Grain Spit ; she was got off yesterday evening without sustaining any material damage.