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Devastation, 1804
Type: Bomb ; Armament 10
Purchased : Oct 1804 ;
Disposal date or year : 1816

Circa 26 Mar 1804 Capt A Milner apptd to the Devastation.

30 Apr 1804 came down the R Thames today and arrived at Sheerness, and passed through to the Nore where her ship's company were paid.

10 May 1804 arrived in the Downs from Sheerness.

18 May 1804 remains in the Downs.

21 May 1804 at quarter past four the Devastation departed the Downs with the Lucifer, Fury, and Sulphur, bombs ; with the sloop Lark, on a cruise along the coast between Calais and Boulogne. Later it was reported that every ship in the Downs had made a signal for all officers to repair on board ; is imagined that they have orders to proceed to sea ?

6 Jun 1804 yesterday evening, arrived Dungeness the Leopard, R.-Adm Louis ; Veteran, Trusty, Regulus, Euryalus, Bonetta, Lark, Autumn, Zephyr, Sulphur, Lucifer, Devastation, Explosion, Discovery, and Fanny gun brig from Boulogne.

10 Jun 1804 remains at Dungeness the Leopard, Veteran, Trusty, Lark, Autumn, Sulphur, Discovery, Explosion, Volcano, Lucifer, Devastation, Hecla, and Flamer gun brig, with the luggers Fly-by-Night, and General Coote.

12 Jun 1804 departed Dungeness the Leopard, 50, Veteran, 64, Trusty, 50, Regulus, 44, Autumn, Lark, Discovery, Explosion, Hecla, Volcano, Lucifer, Devastation, bombs ; Locust, gun brig ; Countess of Elgin, cutter ; Folkestone, Fly-by-Night, General Coote, luggers.

18 Jun 1804 arrived Dungeness yesterday evening from Boulogne the Leopard, 50, R.-Adm. Louis, Veteran, 64, Regulus, 44, Leda, Euryalus, Autumn, Volcano, Explosion, Hecla, Lucifer, and Devastation ; Flamer, and Fanny, brigs ; Countess of Elgin, Duchess of Cumberland, cutters ; Fly-by-Night, General Coote, luggers.

26 Jun 1804 arrived off Boulogne yesterday the Leopard, R.-Adm Louis, with the Autumn and Fanny, joining the squadron already anchored off Boulogne consisting of the Trusty, Regulus, Leda, Seine, Harpy, Bonetta, Sulphur, Fury, Volcano, Devastation, and Lucifer, Locust, Archer, Flamer, and Blazer, gun brigs, and Fly-by-Night, lugger. 47 brigs, and 56 luggers of the enemy have been at anchor in the Roads since Saturday morning, and were inspected yesterday by the Admiral commanding at Boulogne, who arrived in his superbly decorated barge. The French horse artillery practiced yesterday and fired a great quantity, with some of the British ships were also practicing. It was estimated that not more than about 10,000 men were accommodated on shore, whereas there appeared to be room for 90,000 men.

28 Jun 1804 arrived Dungeness from off Boulogne the Leopard, R.-Adm Louis, the Trusty, Regulus, Leda, Bonetta, Alonso, Autumn, Harpy, Sulphur, Volcano, Hecla, Lucifer, Devastation, Flamer, Blazer, Locust. Bloodhound, and Fanny, brigs, Admiral Mitchell, and Countess of Elgin, cutters, and Fly-by-Night lugger, and remain with the Ardent, Euryalus, Explosion, and Discovery.

1 Jul 1804 departed Dungeness for off Boulogne with a squadron of 15 various sized vessels, similar to earlier operations.

11 Jul 1804 arrived Dungeness the Regulus, with the Immortalite, Leda, Sulphur, Explosion, Devastation, Discovery, Archer, Alonzo, Locust, Bloodhound, and Haughty, from off Boulogne.

13 Jul 1804 departed Dungeness, for off Boulogne, the Leda, with the Alonzo, Autumn, Bonetta, Discovery, Explosion, and Devastation ; Haughty, brig ; and 2 cutters.

24 Jul 1804 departed the Downs, the Jamaica, for off Boulogne, with the Lucifer, Devastation, Speedy, Harpy, Autumn, Blazer, Mariner, Mallard, Bloodhound, and Basilisk.

28 Jul 1804 arrived Dungeness from off Boulogne the Leda, Alonzo, Devastation, Sulphur, and Discovery.

23 Aug 1804 departed the Downs for the Coast of France, the Monarch, Adm Lord Keith, Capt Searle, with the Castor, frigate ; Orestes, sloop ; Devastation, and Fury, bombs ; and Mariner gun brig ; and just to confuse things : with the Lord Keith, cutter.

14 Sep 1804 arrived in the Downs from Sheerness and made a signal for a convoy to the Westwards.

17 Sep 1804 departed the Downs with an outward bound convoy for Portsmouth.

19 Sep 1804 departed Spithead, the Devastation, Capt Milner, with the convoy from the Mediterranean for the Downs.

4 Oct 1804 arrived in the Downs with the Monarch, 74, and a squadron of 20+ vessels from off the French coast.

24 Oct 1804 departed the Downs on a cruise off the French coast and returned.

26 Oct 1804 departed the Downs with the Doris transport for Portsmouth.

31 Oct 1804 the Champion arrived in the Downs from a cruise off the French coast, with the Hermes, Devastation, Fury, Thrasher, and Wrangler.

10 Nov 1804 departed Spithead with a convoy for the Downs.

12 Nov 1804 arrived in the Downs with a convoy from Portsmouth.

5 Dec 1804 departed Spithead the Curlew, and the Devastation, Capt Milner, with a convoy for the Eastward, amongst which were the three vessels which have the persons on board who were put into quarantine in Chichester harbour, for Standgate Creek.

4 Jan 1805 wind S.S.E. Departed the Downs for Sheerness.

22 Feb 1805 arrived in the Downs from Sheerness.

23-25 Apl 1805 was a part of a squadron which captured off Boulogne the Dutch Armed Schuyts Nos 43, 44, 45, 48, 52, 54, 57, and 58, and the unarmed Transport No 3.

10 Oct 1811 arrived Portsmouth from Cadiz.

13 Oct 1811 departed Portsmouth with a convoy, for the Downs.

14 Oct 1811 arrived Deal and passed through from the westward, for the Nore.

10 May 1814 departed Portsmouth with the convoy for the coast of Africa, Brazils, the Cape of Good Hope, and the East Indies.

17 Aug 1814 Seahorse detached up the Potomac, to bombard Fort Washington. and with the Euryalus, Devastation, Ętna, Meteor, Erebus and Anne began ascending the river Potomac leading to the capital of the United States.

31 Aug 1814 the Seahorse, Euryalus, Devastation, Ętna, Meteor, Erebus and Anne began descending the river Potomac, completing the operation on 9 Sep.

Aug 1814 a portion of the prize money resulting from the various actions in the Chesapeake became due for payment on 1 May 1835 : namely a dividend from the estate of the bankrupt agent Henry Abbott : no doubt one of the many fraudsters who ripped off matelots in those days : both officers and ratings being fair game.

12 Sep 1814 Erebus, Meteor, Ętna, Terror, Volcano, and Devastation move up the Patapsco in preparation for an attack on Baltimore, commencing their bombardment on Fort M'Henry, the Star Fort, and the water batteries on the 13th, being ordered to withdraw on the 14th.

13-15 Dec 1814 Rota, Devastation and Terror, along with the ships' boats, made attacks on the fort and barracks, at Point Petre, St.-Mary's and up the St.-Mary's river.

18 Mar 1815, wind and weather etc. permitting, was supposed to be departing Charleston, at the end of the war, with the Albion, Ceylon, and Terror, if she could cross the bar.