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Diana, 1822
Type: Bengal Government vessel ; Armament Congreve rockets
Purchased : 1822 ;
BM: 132 tons
Propulsion: Paddle
Machinery notes: Engines: Henry Maudslay, Lambeth (2 x 16 hp side lever engines).

1824 - 1826 Burmese War. Hired from HEIC for the First Burma War. See also p. 238-> at

5 May 1824 the Burmese War - Sophie, Liffey, and Larne - departed from Port Cornwallis for Rangoon, the principal point of attack, in the first instance, with four of the company's cruisers, under Captain Henry Hardy and other vessels, including the steam-vessel Diana, where they arrived on the 10th, and the attack was launched on the 11th.

19-> Sep 1824 Offensive operations against Penang &c., including the boats of the Arachne and Sophie, and the Diana steam-vessel.

14 Dec 1824 the steam-vessel Diana, the pinnaces of the Arachne and Sophie &c. involved in further operations.

22 Jan 1825 Satellite, Diana and ships' boats &c. involved in offensive operations.

13 Feb 1825 Alligator, Arachne, Sophie, Diana, Satellite and ships' boats &c. involved in further offensive operations.

8 Mar 1826 end of the Burma war.