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Diomede, 1798
Type: 4th Rate ; Armament 50
Launched at Deptford 1798 ; Disposal date or year : 1815

30 Dec 1798 Portsmouth, departed for the East Indies, with the Carnatic and Taunton Castle Indiamen under convoy.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. Hon. C. Elphinstone.

Circa Jul-Sep 1801 was reported to be cruising off Madagascar in company with the Imperieuse.

19 Oct 1801 reported to be at the Cape of Good Hope, the Diomede, Lancaster, Tremendous, Jupiter, Imperieux and Penguin, brig, when the Belliqueux, Adamant and their convoy of HEIC vessels departed for England.

15 Oct 1802 Salvage money due to be paid at the Cape of Good Hope for the Ship Union and Cargo, captured by the Diomede, August 1800.

Circa 25 May 1802 Captain Mottley to the Diomede. vice the Hon. Captain Elphinstone, returning to England on account of ill health.

Circa 25 May 1802 Messrs. Brine, Mitchell, and Bos, of the Lancaster, and Mr. Wise, of the Diomede, are made Lieutenants.

Circa 10 Jan 1803 when the Imogene packet departed the Cape of Good Hope the Lancaster, Tremendous, Diomede, Jupiter, Hindustan, Braave and Penguin were lying there, and when she departed St Helena on 24 Jan., she did so in company with the Orpheus, and a number of East Indiamen.

27 May 1803 arrived Spithead from the Cape of Good Hope, under the command of Adm Sir Roger Curtis, the Diomede, Jupiter, Hindostan, and Braave, with the transports Favourite and Suffolk. They also bring with them a valuable French East Indiaman, La Union, of about 800 tons, bound for Flushing, taken yesterday morning off Dunnose.

29 May 1803 Adm Sir Roger Curtis struck his flag on board the Diomede, and on Thursday departed for London.

3 Jun 1803 to be fitted for sea, the Diomede, Capt Larcom.

9 Jun 1803 under orders to join Sir James Saumarez's squadron off the Channel Isles.

14 Jun 1803 departed Spithead, the Diomede, Capt Larcom, to receive the flag of Sir James Saumarez's, off the Channel Isles.

12 Nov 1803 arrived Spithead from Guernsey.

16 Nov 1803 a court martial was held at Spithead on Boatswain's Mate S Thompson, of the Diomede, for having on the 17 Oct shoved Richard Wheatland, one of the carpenter's crew, down from the lower deck, into the orlop, in the main hatchway, receiving injuries from which he subsequently died. Whilst being acquitted of murder he was found guilty of having shoved him down the hatchway.

16 Nov 1803 Seamen C F Smedbar, and W Price, also of the Diomede, were found guilty of desertion and sentenced to 72 lashes each.

26 Nov 1803 has come into Portsmouth Harbour from Spithead.

23 Dec 1803 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator at Spithead on Lieut R Crawford of the Diomede, for absenting himself without leave. He was sentenced to be admonished and to be more careful in future.

31 Dec 1803 went out of Portsmouth Harbour to Spithead.

7 Jan 1804 Capt Downman apptd to the Diomede, vice Larcom, apptd to be flag ship of Sir James Saumarez, at Guernsey.

7 Jan 1804 departed Spithead for Guernsey.

18 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead from Guernsey.

8 Nov 1804 departed Spithead the Diomede, Capt Downman, for Guernsey.

Circa 17 Nov 1804 Mr Hulbert of the Diomede, apptd to be Sir John Orde's secretary.

Circa 17 Nov 1804 Mr Dalton of the Cerberus apptd to be purser of the Diomede.

26 Nov 1805 - 12 Jan 1806 Expedition, under the orders of Commodore Sir Home Popham, to take the Cape of Good Hope from the Dutch, which involved many of the men working ashore as a part of a marine battalion.

4 Mar 1806 as a part of the squadron lying off the Cape of Good Hope captured the French 40-gun frigate Volontaire, added to the navy by the same name.

20 Apr - 31 Dec 1806 a part of an expedition to Monte-Video and Buenos-Ayres.

Canton 22 Apr 1811 departed with convoy, St. Helena (26 Jun).

Deal 2 Sep 1811 arrived from Bengal.

Deal 6 Sep 1811 departed on a cruise.

Deal 21 Sep 1812 Came down from the River.

Plymouth 29 Sep 1812 departed from Cawsand Bay for Corunna with troops.

Plymouth 21 Oct 1812 arrived from Corunna.

Portsmouth 4 Nov 1812 arrived from Corunna, last from Plymouth.

Plymouth 3 Nov 1812 departed last evening with a small convoy to the eastward.

Portsmouth 8 Nov 1812 departed with a convoy for Corunna.

Tagus 29 Dec 1812 Appointed convoy for England, sail on the 1 Jan.

Portsmouth 14 Jan 1813 arrived from Lisbon (3rd) with the remains of her convoy, and army officers as passengers.

14 Sep 1813, Diomede, Capt. Fabian, arrived Halifax, with the squadron from the Chesapeake.

7 Oct 1813, the Diadem and Diomede embarked 1st Bat. of R.M. at Halifax, for Quebec.

16 Nov 1813, arrived Halifax, the Diomede, Fox and transport Mariner, 16 days from Quebec.

Portsmouth 24 Dec 1813 arrived from Halifax.

Portsmouth 2 Jan 1814 departed for the Downs.

Portsmouth 3 Jan 1814 departed with American prisoners on board, for Gillingham-reach.

Deal 1 Feb 1814 arrived from the Nore.

Portsmouth 30 Mar 1814 departed for the Roompot.

Portsmouth 31 Mar 1814 departed for the river.

Portsmouth 10 May 1814 departed with convoys for the coast of Africa, Brazils, the Cape of Good Hope, the East Indies, and British North America, via Cork.

30 Jun 1814 the Hebrus arrived Halifax, from Cork, with a small convoy, having parted a few days previous with the Leopard, Diadem, and Diomede, with troops for Quebec.

4 Aug 1814, arrived Halifax, N.S., with the Indian, from Quebec.

Jamaica 12 Nov 1814 Remains.

14 Dec 1814 distribution of head-money arising from the capture of American gun-boats and sundry bales of cotton, [per London Gazette of 26 Jun 1821].

Portsmouth 18 Apr 1815 Passed by for the Downs with troops from America.

Deal 4 Jun 1815 arrived.