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Dolphin, 1781
Type: Storeship ; late 4th rate ; Armament 44
Launched: at Chatham 1781 ; Disposal date or year : 1817
Tons (BM) : 880.

1781 Hyde-Parker's victory over the Dutch.

29 Jan 1797 Porto-Ferrajo. Minerve, accompanied by the Romulus, Southampton and Dido frigates, Dolphin and Dromedary store-ships, two sloops, and 12 transports, departed for Gibraltar.

7 Nov 1798 a part of a squadron which arrived this day for the invasion of Minorca.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. J. Nisbet. Hospital Ship at Lisbon.

8 Mar - 2 Sep 1801 Expedition to Egypt.

8 Mar 1801 of the personnel employed disembarking the army in Aboukir Bay 1 officer, Lieutenant Francis Collins, and 1 seaman were wounded.

6 Aug 1801 departed the coast of Egypt for France in company with the Ulysses, and Inflexible, with the second division of General Belliard's French troops, on being embarked from Cairo, and in view of the baggage involved assume that this must have included a convoy of transports.

23 Dec 1801 arrived at the Motherbank anchorage, off Ryde, IoW, where ships from abroad, in this case from Malta and Egypt, for Portsmouth, were put in quarantine.

27 Dec 1801 despite comments to the contrary elsewhere it would appear that the Dolphin, Druid, Ceres, Minotaur, and Trusty, remain at the Motherbank, in quarantine.

30 Dec 1801 arrived Spithead from the Motherbank, the Dolphin, Winchelsea, and the Druid, armed en flute, and disembarked the 28th and 42nd Regts., who marched into barracks at Hilsea.

8 Feb 1802 departed Spithead to the Eastwards, the Dolphin, armed en flute, Capt Dalrymple.

9 Feb 1802 arrived in the Downs from Portsmouth and departed for Sheerness.

10 Feb 1802 departed the Downs for Sheerness the Egyptienne, Heroine, Cleopatra, Volage, Alonzo frigates ; Hound, Autumn, Alonzo and Diligence.

12 Feb 1802 departed Sheerness, the Egyptienne, Volage, Heroine, Dolphin, Cleopatra, and Phaeton and sailed up the Thames.

Circa 19 Nov 1803 Capt Shortland apptd to the Dolphin.

4 Mar 1804 arrived in the Downs from the Nore.

8 Mar 1804 departed the Downs for Ireland.

26 Jul 1804 arrived Plymouth from Ireland with a convoy.

24 Sep 1804 remains in Plymouth Sound.

27 Sep 1804 remains in Plymouth Sound.

Circa 5 Oct 1804 Capt Ferrier apptd to the Dolphin, vice Capt Shortland apptd to the Trompeuse.

10 Oct 1804 the Dolphin has a number of victualling office lighters alongside her loading all sorts of stores and provisions for the Channel Fleet, sheltering in Torbay from the gales blowing up the Channel. Should the Fleet have sailed the Dolphin is to proceed to off Brest. A great number of bullocks have been sent from the Ivy Bridge depot to Torbay.

11 Oct 1804 departed Plymouth for Torbay to supply provisions to the Channel Fleet.

15 Oct 1804 arrived Torbay with stores for the Channel Fleet, just returned here.

20 Oct 1804 it is now 5 pm, and the wind going round to the NE by E, the whole fleet is now getting under weigh, consisting of the Ville de Paris, Temeraire, Prince, San Josef, Glory, Windsor Castle, Princess Royal, Plantagenet, along with the Impetueux, and Mars, ships of the line ; Dolphin ; frigate Nemesis ; schooner Gertrude (late Flying Fish), Capt Tracey ; schooner Colpoys ; and the hired armed ship Lady Melville ; and the hired armed cutter, Mary, of Dover, having carried away her main gaff. However, due to the failing wind the Prince George, Defiance, Goliath, and Terrible were unable to get out of the Bay and remained.

20 Oct 1804 the Channel Fleet was observed at Plymouth making its way down Channel, from Torbay, wind NNE, but it soon backed round to the SSE, but had moderated, and all ashore hoped they might eventually make it to off Brest.

27 Oct 1804 arrived Plymouth Sound from Torbay.

30 Oct 1804 went up into Plymouth Harbour to refit.

4 Dec 1804 has gone up into Plymouth harbour.

May 1805 cruising in the Channel.

End of Jun - early Jul 1806 a part of the homeward-bound convoy under the Carysfort and Dolphin, collected off St.-Christopher, West Indies, and escaped a French squadron.

12-17 Apr 1809 a part of a British squadron, off the Saintes, West Indies, which chased a French squadron, and captured the French 74-gun d'Haupoult of 1871 tons, and, under the name of Abercromby, cruised for three or four years in the British service. 1 May 1835 a portion of the prize money resulting from this action due for payment : namely a dividend from the estate of the bankrupt agent Henry Abbott : no doubt one of the many fraudsters who ripped off matelots in those days : both officers and ratings being fair game.

22 Apr 1809, Barbadoes, the Jason, Narcissus, Swaggerer, and Dolphin arrived with prisoners from the Saintes.

27 Apr 1812 departed Spithead for Woolwich.

23 Jun 1812 arrived Falmouth from a cruise.

1 Sep 1812 arrived Spithead from the Downs.

2 Jun 1813 departed Spithead with large supplies of naval stores for Bermuda.

6 Jun 1813 This morning appeared off Falmouth with 550 sail of merchant vessels under convoy for Spain, Portugal, Mediterranean, Brazils, North America, and West Indies, and were joined from hence by a number of merchantmen.

21 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, from Portsmouth.

7 Dec 1814 departed from Bermuda with a convoy for England.

24 Jan 1814 arrived Spithead with a convoy from Bermuda.

9 Dec 1814 arrived Falmouth from Bermuda.

31 Dec 1814 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

5 Jan 1815 departed the Downs for the river.

25 Aug 1816 arrived Spithead with masts and spars captured at the surrender of Dantsic in 1814.