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Druid, 1869
Type: Corvette ; Armament 14
Launched : 13 Mar 1869 ; Disposal date or year : 1886
BM: 1322 tons ; Displacement: 1870 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 2272 hpi ; 350 hp

1870 Sheerness, Ship's Co borne in Pembroke

21 Nov 1873 at Cape Coast Castle during the Ashanti War.

17 Jan 1874 at Cape Coast Castle during the Ashanti War.

18 Feb 1879 Commissioned at Sheerness as senior officer's ship on the coast of Newfoundland, and for the protection of the fisheries.

24 May 1879 arrived at St John's, Newfoundland : subsequent activities connected with service on the station.

End of October 1879 the fishing season over, departed for Halifax, and from thence to Bermuda to refit preparatory to leaving for the West Indies for the winter.

Jan 1880 departed for Belize, British Honduras, and Cuba.

A drawing of the Druid.

Winter of 1881/2 visit to Santa Catalina, Old Providence, Swan Island, and Bonacca.

1 Sep 1882 is the end date for the Ship's Logs held at the National Arhcives:
ADM 53/11620 Druid 1882 Feb 16-1882 Sept 1
which suggests that this was when the vessel arrived back in England to be paid off ?