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Encounter, 1846
Type: Corvette ; Armament 14 (per drawing : 2 x 56 pdr., 85 cwt., ; 4 x 68 pdr., 65 cwt. ; 2 x 32 pdr., 25 cwt.)
Laid down : June 1845 ; Launched : 24 Sep 1846 ;
Disposal date or year : 1866
BM: 953 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 360

8 Feb 1845 a drawing was sent to Pembroke to build the "Encounter."

Jan, 1846, quarter built. Converted to screw on stocks

Jul-Aug 1848 See article by the Morning Herald re Screw Steam-Vessels.

20 Dec 1848 Portsmouth

30 Aug 1851 Experimental Squadron

4 Apr 1854 operation against local imperial troops in conjunction with the Grecian and U.S. corvette Plymouth - see p. 386-8 at

Circa 18 Aug 1854, a squadron under Sir James Stirling, consisting of the Winchester, Encounter, Styx, and Barracouta departed the mouth of the Yang ste Kiang for Japan.

7 Sep 1854, arrived Nagasaki.

4, 8, and 15 Oct 1854, visits by the Admiral and staff etc. to the Governor.

20 Oct 1854, departed Nagasaki.

25 Oct 1854, arrived Hongkong.

3 Nov 1854 ships' boats engaged in the Macao River in operations against pirates off Tyloo - see p. 388 at

13 Nov 1854 men from ships' boats carried a battery and destroyed junks in Coulan Bay - see p. 388 at

19 Mar 1855, at Woosung the Barracouta arrived to join the Encounter.

25 Mar 1855, departed for Kamschatka, sighting parts of Japan en route, and experiencing much colder weather, with sleet an snow, and separating from the Barracouta.

12 May 1855, met the French frigate Alceste, which was going to form a part of an allied squadron forming up in the area. The President was reported to be in the area with R.-Adm. Bruce on board, and the Dido was to the north searching for a privateer, and on the following day the Brisk hove in sight.

19 May 1855, rejoined the Barracouta.

23 May 1855, met up with the Flag Officer in the President, and then separated.

27 May 1855, the southern coast of Kamschatka became visible.

31 May 1855, rendezvoused with Pique, Dido, Brisk, Alceste, Encounter, Barracouta, and the American store ship Nile off Petropalovski.

1 Jun 1855, the squadron entered the harbour of Petropalovski, but discovered that despite appearing to have reinforced the fortifications the Russians had departed for the River Amur.

3 Jun 1855, armed boats from the Barracouta, Encounter and Pique were sent to Rakouina Harbour to detain the Russian whaler Aian, 400 tons, built at Abo in 1853, which was brought back to Petropalovski. An engine for a small steamer which had formed a part of her cargo, was taken as a prize.

7-8 Jun 1855, with the Pique and Barracouta, destroyed the batteries and magazines at Petropalovski, and removed a marine steam engine and copper tank from a Russian vessel.

9 Jun 1855, entertained on board FNS Alceste, and upon returning on board watched the volcano of Koselskoi erupt, the sky over the mountain being tinged with red as night fell, the following morning the sea being covered with ashes, and a slight shock of an earthquake was experienced.

12 June 1855, the squadron put to sea, but having met with the Amphitrite, and FNS Eurydice, returned to Petropalovski.

13 Jun 1855, departed for Hakodadi.

10 Sep 1855, arrived Nagasaki, from Jonas Island, Sea of Ohkotsk, with mail for the Barracouta up to 1 April.

2 Oct 1855, departed Nagasaki for Castries Bay, with the Sybille and Hornet, arriving at their destination on 15th inst., and in the afternoon the ships' boats were sent on shore for timber, but were fired on by hidden Russian infantry and field pieces when within 200 yards from shore, causing 5 injuries, which resulted in the squadron opening fire on the defences ashore. The Encounter and Hornet were then sent to search for the missing Russian ships, the Hornet going aground for some 24 hours, until she'd removed some of her ballast and guns, and the Encounter having discovered an entrance to the Amoor from the south, but the weather dropping below freezing both vessels returned to Castries Bay, where they arrived on the 29th, but the Sybille having already departed for Hakodadi, both vessels departed in pursuit.

24 Nov 1855 arrived Hong Kong from Hakodadi.

5 Dec 1855 left Hong Kong for Calcutta.

6-8 Sep 1856, salvage services rendered to the Ichinnan.

Oct 1856 up the river from Hong Kong, at Canton and on the 27th inst. opened fire on selected targets in Canton.

12 Nov 1856 bombardment and capture of the Bogue Forts and the Anunghoy Forts on the following day.

4 Dec 1856 further attack on and capture of the now repaired French-folly Fort.

8 Jan 1857 British forces commenced withdrawal from off Canton, to Hong Kong.

15 Jan 1857 Canton River.

25 May 1857 Macao.

5 Jun 1857 Hongkong.

20 Jun 1857 departed Hongkong for Siam and Suez.

1 Oct 1856 - 26 Jun 1858 Parliamentary Grant of 33,000, for services (in lieu of Prize Money) on the China Station to be divided between 56 Vessels, for the destruction of pirates.

7 Feb 1858 the Encounter, Capt. O'Callaghan, arrived Plymouth from China and the East India station.

9 Feb 1858, inspected by the Port Admiralty prior to being paid off.

19 Feb 1858, paid off at Plymouth.

17 Aug 1858, in dock at Keyham, having many decayed timbers and planking, including her sternpost and bottom planking etc.

25 Apr 1859, removed from the South Dock at Keyham to the North Dock, to make room for the Algiers.

25 May 1859, was undocked.

20 Sep 1859, Lieut. E.F. Weld, Lieut. F.W.H.M. Heron, and Master W.H. Jawcker apptd. to the Encounter.

22 Sep 1859, Paymaster J.B. Jackson apptd.

24 Sept 1859 Devonport. Commissioned. Her complement will be 180 officers and men.

25 Sep 1859, Surgn. Abertny Irwin, and Acting Assistant Frederick J. Withers, apptd to the Encounter.

26 Sep 1859. Capt. Roderick Dew joined.

27 Sep 1859, Lieut. C.R. Macdonnall / Macdonall, apptd to the Encounter.

28 Sep 1859, Lieut. W.E. Stone ; and Clerk John Ashton, apptd to the Encounter.

2 Oct 1859, Lieut. Hugh Davis, and Midshipmen C. Woodhouse and H. H. Rawson apptd to the Encounter.

3 Oct 1859, Assistant Paymaster C.P. Fielon, apptd to the Encounter.

4 Oct 1859, Mate J.G.F. Leacock, apptd to the Encounter.

15 Oct 1859, Chief Engineer George Green ; Assistant Engineers J. Ferguson, W. Holland, and J. Derbyshire apptd to the Encounter.

17 Oct 1859, repairs are reported to have been completed.

19 Oct 1859, taken out of Keyham Basin.

25 Oct 1859, hauled off from the sheer hulk, [large crane], in Hamoaze [Plymouth Harbour], having taken on board the armaments for the gunboats Snap and Bouncer, probably bound to accompany the Encounter to Chinese waters?

28 Oct 1859, steamed out to Plymouth Sound and back.

30 Oct 1859, the ship's gig, with Lieut. Heron, the coxswain, James Dyer, and 4 hands, having taken despatches to Admiralty House, was returning to the the Encounter in Plymouth Sound, via the passage between Drake's Island and Mount Edgecumbe, often a difficult passage when the wind was blowing hard, which was compounded by the tide being forced through such a narrow channel, when a squall suddenly struck the gig, unstepping the mast and turning it over a number of times, each time the crew finding themselves thrown into the water and having to climb back on to the keel. By this time it was getting dark, and things started to look serious as the crew tired in the cold water, but fortunately 2 Mevagissey fisherman were coming through the passage from Cawsand Bay, when they saw the accident Mr. R.W. Pearce, in the Zedora, rescued the men, one almost on the point of drowning, and took them to the Encounter, the other boat, the Mary Anne, skipper James Pearce, towed the gig into Sutton Harbour, their destination.

4 Nov 1859, went out of harbour to test and trial her machinery.

10 Nov 1859, William Holland, First class Assistant Engineer, apptd., to the Encounter on promotion.

11 Nov 1859, ship's company paid wages in advance.

Depending on your source : 12 or 14 Nov 1859, departed Plymouth with the gunboats Bouncer and Snap, for China.

2 Dec 1859, departed Madeira.

20 Jan 1860, arrived with the gunboats at Rio de Janeiro, and departed on the 24th.

19 Apr 1860, the Encounter reported to be at Singapore by the troop ship Simoom, and was departing Singapore with the gunboat Snap and 2 transports for their passage to Hong Kong, the Encounter following in a day or so.

23 May 1860 has arrived back in Chinese waters, and is operating of the North China coast.

7 Jun 1860 Chusan.

23 Jun - 25 Jul 1860 on the North China coast, at Talien-whan with the fleet.

26 Jul 1860 Gulf of Pechelee.

16 Nov 1860 on the North China coast.

31 Dec 1860 Japan.

7 Feb 1861, the Admiralty, in London, has appointed Lieut. W.N. Cornewall to the Encounter, so it will be a few months before he joins.

15 Feb 1861 on the North China coast.

2 Mar 1861 Japan, probably with the Pioneer and Vulcan.

1 May 1861 Shanghai.

12 May 1861 Japan.

29 May 1861 Shanghai.

28 Aug 1861 Japan.

1 Dec 1861 Canton River.

29 Jan 1862, Paymaster Alexander D. McArthur [M'Arthur], confirmed.

15 Feb 1862 Hongkong.

7 Apr 1862, crew entitled to the China Medal, 1 Oct 1856 - 26 Jun 1858, and 1 Aug 1860 - 24 Oct 1860, and, as usual, with other qualifying factors, and clasps for those present at certain operations.

27 Apr 1862 Shanghai.

11 May 1862 - 15 Dec 1862 Ningpo, Captain Dew, having much local knowledge, and being in charge of a squadron of French and English Gun Boats supporting Chinese troops in action against rebel and pirate forces attacking the treaty ports, such as Ningpo.

11 May 1863, James B. Scarlett, promoted to be Acting First Class Assistant Engineer.

29 Dec 1863, departed Yokohama.

12 Jan 1864, departed Nagasaki.

20 Jan 1864, departed Shanghai.

26 Jan 1864, departed Ningpo.

29 Jan 1864, departed Amoy.

8 Mar 1864, departed Hong Kong.

23 Mar 1864, departed Singapore.

14 May 1864, departed Cape of Good Hope.

4 Jun 1864, departed St. Helena.

8 Jun 1864, departed Ascension.

7 Jul 1964, departed Fayal.

21 Jul 1864, arrived at Plymouth Sound.

23 Jul 1864, Lieut. Walter Stewart, of the Encounter, put in temporary command of the hired sailing transport Hornet, arrived Portsmouth.

29 Jul 1864, Chief Engineer J.H. Hewlett, appted to the Indus, for the Encounter, when paid off.

1 Jan to 2 Aug 1864 China station. Medical report : fever, and small-pox onboard : number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

3 Aug 1864 paid off at Devonport.