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Esk, 1877
Type: Gun boat 3rd Class, Coast Defence ; late Gunboat ; Armament 3
Launched : 1877 ; Disposal date or year : 1903
Displacement: 363 tons
Propulsion: Double Screw
Machinery notes: 240 hpi

1879 Chatham

1890 Hong Kong ; Officer on the books of the Victor Emanuel

19 Jun 1900 operating in the Yang-tsze.

28 Jun 1900 A new crew has been detailed at the Royal Naval Barracks, Keyham, to recommission the gunboat Esk on the China Station, and they will take passage to Hong Kong in the cruiser Argonaut, which is about to leave for China ; the old crew returning in the Undaunted, whose place the Argonaut is taking on that station.

Esk, 1905
Type: Tender ; Armament ?
Acquired from War Dept. : 1905 ;
Disposal date or year : 1920
Displacement: 110 tons

Esk, 1934
Type: Destroyer ; Armament 4 * 4.7" ; 8 * TT
Acquired : 19 Mar 1934 ;
Disposal date or year : 31 Aug 1940 ;
How lost : Sunk off the Tezel Displacement: 1375 tons

10 Jul 1934 departed the Tyne (Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend), for sea trials.

26 Sep 1934 departed the Tyne for acceptance trials, and following a successful trial was handed over and proceeded to Chatham.

28/29 Sep 1834 arrived Chatham and commissioned : to join the 5th Destroyer Flotilla, relieving the Velox.

29 Oct 1934 departed Chatham for Portsmouth (30 Oct).

4 Nov 1934 departed Portsmouth for Chatham (5 Nov).

13 Nov 1934 arrived Portland, presumably for gunnery trials etc.

8 Dec 1934 arrived Chatham.

19 Feb 1935 arrived Barbados with the Barham, Electra and Escort, as a part of the Home Fleet's Spring cruise to the West Indies.

20 Feb 1935 departed for St. Kitts.

25 Mar 1935 arrived Sheerness.

Apr 1935 it is planned to exchange crews with the Electra, which will also exchange home port from Chatham to Portsmouth.

4 May 1935 arrived Portsmouth.

7 May 1935 departed Plymouth for Lamlash.

31 Aug 1935 departed from Portland with much of the Home Fleet for exercises.

Sep 1935 to the Mediterranean for the Abyssinian Crisis.

5 Jan 1936 departed Alexandria for Poros.

19 Jan 1936 departed Piraeus.

19 Mar 1936 arrived Portsmouth and gave leave whilst refitting.

5 May 1936 departed Portsmouth for Gibraltar.

8 Sep 1936 departed Portsmouth.

Sep 1936 > working with the Non-Intervention Committee to prevent arms and supplies reaching the warring parties of the Spanish Civil War.

10 Sep 1936 arrived Bilbao : providing humanitarian aid as requested by H.M. representatives in Spain.

23 Sep 1936 arrived Vigo.

11 Oct 1936 arrived St. Jean de Luz from Bilbao with 123 refugees previously held as hostages. Operations supporting the Red Cross.

17 Oct 1936 at San Sebastian embarked 41 children with nurses, for Bilbao.

17 Nov 1936 arrived at Portsmouth with the Exmouth.

19 Jan 1937 departed Portsmouth for Gibraltar.

3 Feb 1937 departed Gibraltar for Alicante, Spain.

11 Feb 1937 arrived Barcelona.

22 Feb 1937 with the Brazen, departed Marseilles. arrived and departed Barcelona.

6 Mar 1937 The Admiralty announce the loss overboard of Able Seaman William Harry Deacon whilst the vessel was undergoing fleet exercises.

25 Mar 1937 Esk has been earmarked, as a part of the 5th Destroyer Flotilla, to attend the Review of the Fleet on 20 May 1937, following the Coronation.

7-13 May 1937 at Greenhithe with the Express during the Home Fleet's visit to the River Thames, when ships will be open to the public at times to be announced.

. 1 Jun 1937 arrived Portland, Dorset.

28 Jul 1937 will form a part of the escort for the R.Y. Victoria and Albert during the King and Queen's visit to Belfast.

7 Oct 1937 departed Portsmouth for Portland, Dorset.

24 Nov 1937 arrived Oran, Algeria.

8 Dec 1937 arrived Portsmouth.

29 Jan 1938 is due to depart UK waters for Lisbon and Gibraltar as a part of the Home Fleet Spring cruise.

1 Feb 1938 arrived Lisbon.

14 Feb 1938 arrived Gibraltar.

2 Mar 1938 returned to Gibraltar.

18 May 1938 involved in an incident with submarine H 44 during exercises off Portland, Dorset, but no damage was caused.

30 May 1938 departed Portland for Torbay.

21 Jun 1938 involved in a programme of exercises in Weymouth Bay, with the King on board the Nelson.

5 Jul 1938 departed Portsmouth.

18-19 Jul 1938 off Dover.

Oct 1938 practicing mine laying.

20 Oct 1938 arrived Rosyth.

4 Nov 1938 arrived Dundee. 7 Nov returned to Rosyth.

21 Mar 1939 off Dover as a part of the ceremony to welcome the visiting French President to England.

28 Apr 1939 arrived Portland.

6 May 1939 off the Isle of Wight, formed a part of the farewell escort for the King and Queen departing on their voyage to Canada.

26 May 1939 arrived Erith.

9 Aug 1939 departed Portland for Rosyth as the fleet appears to be taking up positions for the announcement of hostilities.

23 Aug-7 Sep 1839 being fitted out as minelayer.

9-10 Sep 1939 laying mines off the mouth of the River Elbe.

23–26 Sep 1939 escort for Royal Sovereign from Scapa Flow to Portsmouth.

Autumn 1939 various mine-laying operations, although from some sources she may well have also performed convoy duties during this period - see - also see this web page for war time movements.

29 Dec 1939-26 Jan 1940 refit at Portsmouth.

Feb-May 1940 involved in various mine-laying sorties.

late May - early Jun 1940 supporting the withdrawal from Dunkirk.

17 Aug 1940 the D.S.C. awarded to Lt. Cdr. R.J.H. Crouch ; the D.S.M. awarded to Petty Officer H.A.G. Adam and Ldg. Seaman M.R. Powell for services rendered during the withdrawal of the Army from the beaches at Dunkirk.

Casualties suffered when the Esk was sunk :
Missing, presumed killed :

Lieut. Cdr. R.J.H. Crouch., D.S.C., R.N., in command ;
Lieut. C.W. Carter, R.N. ;
Lieut. W.F.C. Elstob, R.N. ;
Acting Sub Lieut. M.P Fitzgerald, R.N. ;
Acting Gunner (T) H.M. Long, R.N. ;
Temp. Surgeon  Lieut. J.F. Newman, R.N.V.R. ;
Prob. Temp. Sub Lieut J.E. Proctor, R.N.V.R. ;
Lieut-Commander E.W. Relph, R.N.R. ;
Temp. Sub Lieut. G.R. Weller, D.S.C., R.N.V.R. ;
Missing, presumed killed :
Adams, H.A.G., Act. P.O., D.S.M. ;
Armer, E.R., Sto. 1st Cl. ;
Atkinson, J.W., A.B. ;
Bacon, H., Sto. P.O. ;
Bacon, T.A., Sto. P.O. ;
Bagg, A.H., Ord. Smn. ;
Baker, H.J., Sto. 1st class, R.F.R. ;
Barker, L., Ord. Smn. ;
Barton, H.H., A.B., R.F.R. ;
Beckham, C.W., A.B. ;
Beere, D., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Benson, G., Ord. Smn. ;
Birkett, D.T., A.B. ;
Blackford, S.A., Ldg. Sto. ;
Blakey, G., Ord. Smn. ;
Blakey, S., Ord. Smn. ;
Blundel, L.A., Ldg. Teleg. ;
Bonus, R.F.H., A.B ;
Briscoe, A.W., A.B. ;
Broad, H.W., Act. P.O. ;
Brook, P.H., Sigmn. ;
Brown, A.E., A.B. ;
Brown, E.P.,  Ord. Art. 3rd cl. ;
Brown, W.S.,  Sto. 1st Cl. ;
Brunton, K.l., Ord. Smn. ;
Buckett, C.R., Sto. P.O. ;
Bullock, A.E., Ord. Smn. ;
Bunyan, A.D., Ord. Coder ;
Burton, A.H., Ord. Smn. ;
Butler, F., Sto. P.O., R.F.R. ;
Caldwell, J.C., Ldg. Cook ;
Cannell, G.B., E.R.A. 3rd cl. ;
Carter, G.T., Sto. 2nd cl. ;
Cavanagh, J., Sto. 2nd cl. ;
chambers, W.A., A.B. ;
Chapman, G.D., Chief Sto. ;
Cody, J.T.,  Ldg. Smn. ;
Collett, J.E., Ord. Smn. ;
Cook, W.A.,   A.B. ;
Corlass, J., A.B. ;
Corney, A.,  sto., R.F.R. ;
Cotton, S.J.,  A.B. ;
Cowan, G., Ord. Smn. ;
Cowley, H., A.B. ;
Crawford, J., A.B. ;
Curle, J.G., sto. 1st cl. ;
Curtis, A.H., A.B., R.F.R. ;
Dancer, M.H., Sto. ;
Dart, J.C., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Dashwood, R.J., Ord. Smn. ;
Davies, H., A.B. ;
Day, J.H., C.P.O. ;
Dick, R.M., Ord. Smn. ;
Dimond, T.W., Sto. 2nd cl. ;
Dixon, H., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Donoghue, P., A.B. ;
Downs, L., Sto. 1st cl. ;
Drew, B., Ord. Smn. ;
Duce, L.,  ldg Steward ;
Dunning, O.H., Sto. P.O. ;
Duplock, H.V., Sto. ;
Duthie, R., Ord. Smn., R.N.R. ;
Evans, H.W., Ord. Smn. ;
Featherstone, B., C.P.O. ;
Ferguson, W.J., Ord. Teleg. ;
Finlay, A., Ldg. Smn., R.F.R. ;
Foot, G., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Frith, C.R.J., Act. P.O. ;
Gamblen, R.A., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Geddese, D.W., A.B. ;
Georgelin, F.M., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Greatrix, A., Ord. Smn. ;
Guy, N.L., Ord. Smn. ;
Halliday, J., Ord. Smn. ;
Hamlin, R., P.O. ;
Hammond, C.E., A.B., R.F.R. ;
Harrison, T., Steward ;
Hawkins,  H.C., A.B., R.F.R. ;
Hirst, L., P.O. Steward ;
Hopton, T.W., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Hurman, R.G., A.B. ;
James, R., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Jay, J.R.J., Sto. P.O. ;
Jennison, B., Ord. Smn. ;
Johnson, E., A.B. ;
Jones, H.V., Elect. Art. 2nd cl. ;
Jones, L., Sto. 2nd cl. ;
Kemsley, F.H., Ord. Smn. ;
Kennedy, N., A.B., R.N.V.R. ;
Kent, A.S., Act. Ldg. Teleg. ;
Kerr, R.S., Ord. Smn., R.N.V.R. ;
Lawley, W., A.B. ;
McAully, G.S., Ldg Smn. ;
McCappin, W.B., Sig., R.N.V.R. ;
Macdonald, D.,  A.B., R.N.R. ;
McDougall, M.A., A.B., R.N.V.R. ;
McGregor, J., A.B., R.N.V.R. ;
McIntoch, J., Sto. 2nd cl. ;
McKenzie, R.A.,  A.B. ;
Macleod, N.,  A.B., R.N.V.R. ;
Mannings, J.W.,  Ldg Sto. ;
Martin, J.,  a.B., R.N.R. ;
Mayhew, M.S., Canteen Manager ;
Mazzina, J., A.B. ;
Meston, C.J., A.B. ;
Mintram, H.L., Sto., R.F.R. ;
Mitchell, H.S., Act. Ldg. Sto. ;
Munday, H.G., Sto. ;
Murray, M., A.B. ;
Muzzell, C.E., Ldg. Sto. ;
Openshaw, E., Ord. Smn. ;
Parlett, F.A., Sto. P.O. ;
Perkins, H.G., A.B. ;
Pike, R.H., E.R.A. 4th cl. ;
Potts, K.R., Supply Assist. ;
Powell, M.R., Ldg. Smn., D.S.M. ;
Prevett, S., Cook ;
Revell, F., A.B. ;
Richmond, H., E.R.A., R.N.R. ;
Ridgeway, J.R., Sto. ;
Saunders, A., Ldg. Smn. ;
Slack, B., Ord. Smn. ;
Smith, J.G., Sto. 1st Cl. ;
Smith, R., Sto. 2nd Cl. ;
Solen, A., Act. Ldg Smn. ;
Sparkes, F.W.,  A.B. ;
Stace, S.E., P.O. ;
Staples, S., Ldg. Smn. ;
Stedman, G.E., P.O. ;
Steele, W.J., Ord. Smn. ;
Stevens, W.J., Sto. ;
Sullivan, T., P.O. Cook ;
Sunderland, C.E., A.B. ;
Taggart, J., Sto. 1st Cl. ;
Taylor, H.D., A.B. ;
Taylor, S.R., Supply P.O. ;
Thayer, R.G., A.B. ;
Thompson, J., A.B. ;
Toomer, F.P., Sto. ;
Tottman, H.S., A.B. ;
Vaughan, H., Teleg. ;
Waldron, E.G., Act. P.O. ;
Ward, S.H., Act. Chief E.R.A. ;
Wardman, F.A., Ord. Coder ;
Welch, E., S.B.A. ;
Welchman, C.H., A.B. ;
White, F., Sig. ;
Whitehouse, H., Sto. P.O. ;
Wilson, H.E., A.B. ;
Wood, I.E., Sto. ;
Worledge, R.S., A.B. ;
Wright, J.W., Ord. Teleg. ;

Wounded :
Sear, W., Yeo. of Sigs. ;