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Ethalion, 1797
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Launchedat Graham's Yard, Harwich, 1797 ;
Disposal date or year : 25 Dec 1799
Disposal Details : Wrecked on the Penmarcks : crew saved. Captain John Clarke Searle

17 Sep 1798 Observed a French Squadron from Brest, off the Bec du Raz, sailing for Ireland with troops : followed the squadron, her consort, the Boadicea, having departed for England to report the news.

11 Oct 1798 joined up with a squadron under Commodore Sir John Borlase Warren who had departed from Cawsand bay on the 23 Sep.

11-12 Oct 1798 signal for a general chase made by the Commodore. Commodore Warren's action with French squadron, and capture of the Hoche, 74, and frigates: Embuscade, Coquille, Bellone. And taking of the Résolue by the Melampus. See also p. 71->

1 Jan 1799 Capt. G. Countess. Refitting at Plymouth.

22 Jan 1799 Plymouth, went out of harbour.

26 Jan 1799 Plymouth, departed with the Anson, on a cruize off Bourdeaux.

2 Feb 1799 in the North Sea, Ethalion and Anson captured the French privateer Boulonnois of 14 guns, and 70 men, of Dunkirk, giving much satisfaction, as she has greatly annoyed the trade in the North Seas, and the fact that she was the late Swan revenue vessel.

6 Mar 1799 captured the French privateer Indefatigable in the Channel, 18, and 120 men, of Nantz, after a chase of ten hours ; she is quite new, coppered, victualled for four months, and had been out one day.

24 Mar 1799 Plymouth, arrived L'Indefatigable, French corvette, 20 guns and 120 men, prize to the Ethalion, 38, after a long chace. She is a complete vessel, and fitted out with six months stores and provisions for Guadeloupe.

7 Apr 1799 Plymouth, arrived.

12 Apr 1799 Plymouth, orders came down this day for the Boadicea, 44, and Seagull, 18, to take on board 183 French prisoners for Portsmouth, from the Ethalion and Spitfire.

6 May 1799 Cawsand Bay, with other ships of the line joined the Queen Charlotte off Plymouth, Sound and departed down Channel before dark.

10 Jun 1799 off Palma Bay, in pursuance of orders from Captain Halsted, of the Phoenix, proceeded off Palma Bay and discovered a number of vessels standing into the bay, with a light air at east. The Ethalion being becalmed, hoisted out her boats and sent them, under Lieutenants Pym and Jauncey, to endeavour to cut them off from Palma Bay. After a long and fatiguing row they took possession of 2 brigs and 5 tartans, from Barcelona, laden with wheat and sheep for Majorca.

14 Aug 1799 looked into Brest to confirm the arrival of the joint Franco-Spanish fleet.

24 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Torbay.

27 Aug 1799 in Plymouth Sound.

13 Sep 1799 Plymouth, departed to join Lord Bridport off Brest.

15-17 Oct 1799 the chase of the Spanish frigates Santa-Brigida and Thetis, the latter with £311,690 sterling onboard, and their subsequent capture by the Naiad, Ethalion, Alcmène, and Triton.

23 Dec 1799 Plymouth, letters from the Ethalion, 38, of the 14th inst. state that the Clyde, Ethalion, Fisgard, and a cutter, had looked into the outer road of Brest, and then appeared ready for sea near fifty sail of all descriptions. The above frigates chased into Kediarne Bay a coasting convoy of 10 sail, which they hoped to cut out.

30 Dec 1799 Plymouth, rather mild, arrived the Swift cutter, Lt. Sanders, from off Brest. By her, accounts are brought, that between the Saints and Penmarks they hooked up a few days since several pieces of floating wreck ; one piece a gun carriage marked Ethalion, 24 pounder, and a writing desk : but whether the Ethalion, 38 guns, Captain Searle, is lost on the Saints, or in distress had thrown any guns overboard, still remains in a state of incertitude.

4 Jan 1800 Plymouth, arrived the Fisgard, 48, with the officers and men from the Ethalion, shipwrecked on the Saints the 25th Dec.

10 Jan 1800 Plymouth, a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, flag ship in Hamoaze, on Captain Searle, his officers, and ship's company, for the loss of the Ethalion, on the Saints Rocks, 25 Dec 1799. After an impartial Investigation of the existing circumstances, the Court most honourably acquitted Captain Searle, his ofiicers, and crew. It appeared that the accident was occasioned by an unusual course of tide, and but little wind ; that every exertion which skill and zeal could effect was made by Captain Searle and his officers: and the utmost discipline and subordination was observed by the ship's company, so highly honourable to British seamen in times of danger. The Ethalion was stationed off the Saints, to preserve the line of cruisers watching the enemy's ports. (See Naval Chronicle Vol. 3. page 74, for details of ship's loss).

14 Jan 1800 Plymouth, The nett prize money of the dollars taken on board the St. Brigida and Thetis Spanish galleon frigates, captured by the Triton, Alcmene, Naiad, and Ethalion, was paid this day by their respective agents, and is, exclusive of all expences, as follows : Captains £40,730 ; Lieutenants £5,091 ; Warrant officers £2,468 ; Midshipmen and their class £791 ; Able and ordinary seamen and marines £182. There still remains the nett produce of the hulls, stores, masts, rigging, &c. of the 2 frigates to be accounted for.

15 Jan 1800 Plymouth, a seaman of the Ethalion, from excessive joy at the very honourable acquittal of Captain Searle, the officers, seamen, and marines, of that ship, drank so much liquor, that he fell, fractured his skull, and died instantly. Verdict accidental death.

Circa May 1800 Captain Young, of the Ethalion, is appointed to the Pique (late La Pallas) ; and Lieutenant Broomwich to the Gladiator.