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Euryalus, 1803
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36 (but really 42)
Launched at Buckler's Hard (H Adams) : 6 Jun 1803 ;
Disposal date or year : 1860
BM: 946 tons
Measurements : Gundeck 145' 2" ; Beam 38' 2" ; Depth 13' 3"
Complement : 264

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Hon Capt H Blackwood, apptd in command of the Euryalus.

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Mr. Outram, apptd Surgeon ; and Mr. Toby, apptd Purser of the Euryalus.

Circa 3 Aug 1803 departed Portsmouth harbour for Spithead.

11 Aug 1803 has departed Spithead having been appointed guard ship at Lymington.

26 Aug 1803 arrived Spithead from Lymington.

29 Aug 1803 departed Spithead for Cork.

Circa 17 Oct 1803 the Hampshire Telegraph reports that Tues se'nnight the Euryalus got on shore on Spike Island, when going into Cork and that by the time our correspondent departed she remained on shore.

Circa 24 Oct 1803 the Telegraph reports the the Euryalus has now got off, and has put into Cork without much damage.

6 Dec 1803 the Euryalus, Capt Blackwood, departed Cork with a convoy of Eastindiamen, who, when they arrived at Cork were dreadfully short of water and provisions, which delayed them some days restocking.

13 Dec 1803 arrived in the Downs with her convoy for Cork.

26 Dec 1803 orders have been received at the Downs for the Isis, Euryalus, and Ambuscade to reinforce the Dungeness Squadron.

1 Jan 1804 departed the Downs for Dungeness.

3 Jan 1804 arrived Dungeness from the Downs.

4 Jan 1804 departed Dungeness last night for Boulogne.

5 Jan 1804 came upon a French gunboat and scuttled it, taking on board the 2 "poor devils" who had been blown off the coast during their passage from Flushing to Boulogne.

7 Jan 1804 arrived Dungeness from Boulogne.

11 Jan 1804 the Leopard, Euryalus and Leda departed Dungeness last night for off Boulogne to join the Immortalite, Squirrel, Harpy, Locust, Bloodhound, Archer, Starling, and 3 cutters.

13 Jan 1804 arrived Dungeness from Boulogne.

12 Feb 1804 arrived in the Downs from Dungeness having parted from her anchors.

5 Mar 1804 arrived last night the Leopard, and Euryalus from off Boulogne.

8 Mar 1804 departed the Downs the Illustrious, Euryalus, Immortalite, Leda, Squirrel, Lark, and Starling, on a cruise off Boulogne.

25 Mar 1804 arrived in the Downs the Euryalus, Squirrel, Dart, Curlew, Fury, Basilisk, Minx and Locust, from a cruise off Boulogne and Calais.

27 Mar 1804 departed the Downs the Euryalus, and Chiffonne, for a cruise off Boulogne.

30 Mar 1804 the Illustrious departed the Downs with the Leopard, Euryalus, Chiffonne, Autumn, Lark, Minx, Locust, and Lively cutters, and a lugger, and stood over to the French coast in a NE Wind. When within about 4 miles of the coast, off Calais, the saw 20 gun boats coming out of the harbour and head down the coast towards Boulogne, as close into the coast as possible, accompanied by horse artillery with 8 guns. The small cruisers sent over from the Downs attempted to attack these boats, but were unable to cause any material damage, whilst a shot from shore wounded 3 men on board the Autumn. Night came on and they anchored about 7 miles off shore, but the wind shifting round to the Westward the next day and returned to the Downs.

3 Apr 1804 departed Dungeness the Leopard, Euryalus, Chiffone.

23 Apr 1804 arrived in the Downs from off Boulogne.

3 May 1804 departed the Downs on a cruise off Boulogne.

6 Jun 1804 yesterday evening, arrived the Leopard, R.-Adm Louis ; Veteran, Trusty, Regulus, Euryalus, Bonetta, Lark, Autumn, Zephyr, Sulphur, Lucifer, Devastation, Explosion, Discovery, and Fanny gun brig from Boulogne.

10 Jun 1804 the Euryalus and Leda departed Dungeness for off Boulogne.

18 Jun 1804 arrived Dungeness yesterday evening from Boulogne the Leopard, 50, R.-Adm. Louis, Veteran, 64, Regulus, 44, Leda, Euryalus, Autumn, Volcano, Explosion, Hecla, Lucifer, and Devastation ; Flamer, and Fanny, brigs ; Countess of Elgin, Duchess of Cumberland, cutters ; Fly-by-Night, General Coote, luggers.

28 Jun 1804 arrived Dungeness from off Boulogne the Leopard, R.-Adm Louis, the Trusty, Regulus, Leda, Bonetta, Alonso, Autumn, Harpy, Sulphur, Volcano, Hecla, Lucifer, Devastation, Flamer, Blazer, Locust. Bloodhound, and Fanny, brigs, Admiral Mitchell, and Countess of Elgin, cutters, and Fly-by-Night lugger, and remain with the Ardent, Euryalus, Explosion, and Discovery.

29 Jun 1804 departed Dungeness this morning for Boulogne.

30 Jun 1804 arrived Dungeness from off Boulogne.

1 Jul 1804 departed Dungeness for off Boulogne with a squadron of 15 various sized vessels, similar to earlier operations.

Circa 7 Jul 1804 the Euryalus, the Hon Capt Blackwood, is fitting at Portsmouth to attend his Majesty at Weymouth, with the royal yachts Royal Charlotte, and Royal Augusta.

15 Jul 1804 the Leopard, Euryalus, Sulphur and Volcano are getting under weigh at Dungeness for Boulogne.

23 Jul 1804 the Euryalus, and the Countess of Elgin arrived at Dungeness from off Havre.

15 Aug 1804 the Euryalus and sloop Bonetta, departed the Downs on a cruise.

17 Aug 1804 arrived in the Downs from Dungeness.

19 Aug 1804 departed the Downs the Immortalite, Leda, Euryalus, Ariadne, and Seine, frigates ; Bonetta, and Harpy, sloops ; and several gun brigs, not detailed, on a cruise off the French Coast.

21 Sep 1804 along with about 20 or so vessels has arrived in the Downs having been blown from their stations off Ostend, Dunkirk, Calais and Boulogne.

5 Oct 1804 arrived in the Downs from Dungeness.

9 Oct 1804 departed from the Downs for Dungeness.

25 Oct 1804 departed Dungeness for off the coast of France.

30 Oct 1804 remains in Dungeness Roads.

6 Nov 1804 arrived Spithead from off Boulogne, the Euryalus, Capt Blackwood.

8 Nov 1804 departed Spithead for Portsmouth harbour.

30 Dec 1804 departed Spithead for Cork.

28 Jan 1805 departed Cork the Proselyte, with the Elk brig, and Euryalus, and Dryad frigates, as far as Madeira with their convoy of 150 merchant vessels, including transports with the 15th, 90th and 96th Regts on board for the West Indies.

14 Feb 1805 arrived at Madeira having departed from the convoy from a week earlier, all well.

23 Apr 1805 arrived in the Downs the frigates Euryalus, Squirrel, and Leda ; schooner Milbrook ; sloops Dart, Harpy, and Orestes, from off Boulogne.

8 May 1805 arrived Spithead from Cork.

31 May 1805 made a signal at Spithead for a convoy to Guernsey.

3 Jun 1805 departed Spithead for Guernsey with a convoy.

18 Jun 1805 is reported to be at Guernsey having briefly been ashore off St Maloes.

18 Jul 1805 arrived Plymouth from Guernsey.

15 Sep 1805 departed from Portsmouth with the Victory, with Nelson onboard ; 26 Sep Euryalus despatched to Cadiz with Nelson's despatches for V.-Adm. Collingwood.

28 Sep 1805 the Euryalus and Hydra stationed close off the harbour of Cadiz.

4 Oct 1805 gun-boats pulled out from Cadiz and attacked the Euryalus and Hydra. 8 Oct counted 34 sail of the line in Cadiz harbour.

10 Oct 1805 off Cadiz - the tactical preparations etc. for the forthcoming battle.

20 Oct 1805 Euryalus watching manoeuvres of the combined fleet, following its departure from Cadiz. Warned Agamemnon, with a brig in tow, that she was heading into the midst of the enemy fleet.

21 Oct England expects….. &c. signalled, the first shots of the Battle of Trafalgar are fired. Nelson shot. Resumé of what had taken place. brief mention of Euryalus. The post-mortem commences ; Summary of British casualties ; Death of Nelson ;

22-30 Oct 1805 losses amongst the prizes due to bad weather etc: Redoutable, Rayo, Monarca (sank) ; Fougueux, Bucentaure, Indomptable, San-Francisco-de-Asis, Aigle, Berwick (wrecked) ; Algésiras (taken into Cadiz) ; Santa-Ana, Neptuno (recaptured) ; Santisima-Trinidad (scuttled) ; Achille, Intrépide, San-Augustin (burnt) ; the washup ; burial of Nelson ;

22 Oct 1805 Euryalus transferred the tow of the Royal Sovereign to the Neptune.

May - Oct 1808 in the Baltic with a fleet under V.-adm Sir J Saumarez.

8 Oct 1808 Euryalus and Cruiser, whilst cruising in the Great Belt, the ships' boats boarded and carried a large Danish gun-vessel and destroyed two large vessels fitted for the reception of troops.

28 Jul 1809 a part of a large fleet which departed from the Downs, with troops, with the aim of demolishing the dock-yards, and arsenals at Antwerp, Terneuse, and Flushing, often known as the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition. 11 Aug a part of a squadron of frigates to sound and buoy the Baerlandt channel.

18 Nov 1809 captured the French privateer Etoile.

15 Jul 1810 manoeuvres with the squadron which remained off the port of Toulon when the Mediterranean fleet left the coast to seek shelter.

7 Jun 1811 Euryalus and Swallow captured the French privateer Entrepide off Corsica.

24 June 1811 Reported to be at Mahon.

11 Jan 1812 departed Lisbon with a convoy for England.

16 May 1813 ship's boats of the Euryalus, and Berwick captured the French xebec Fortune, and either captured or destroyed 22 vessels belonging to a convoy waiting in Cavalarie road.

19 Jul 1813 arrived Leith from the Nore and came up the Firth to Inchkeith on Saturday afternoon, and then ordered to the southward again by flag-ship in Leith Roads.

14 Apr 1814 off Marseille when news reached the ship, from shore, that the allies were reported to have entered Paris, but being under quarantine were unable to partake in the festivities for a week or so, although the captain, having already gone ashore, in breach of the quarantine regs., was present for most of them. Other RN ships arrived to pick up British prisoners of war who were arriving from inland, and took time off to join in the celebrations. However the rejoicing was eventually brought to an end when news was received that the Iphigenia, Bacchante, and Furieuse were to return to England and fit out for service on the American Station, the War of 1812 still having some months to run. (Per Biography of Capt. Napier, available in Google Books.)

15 Jun 1814 arrived Plymouth from Gibraltar.

19 Jun 1814 arrived Santa Cruz from Gibraltar with a convoy of transports with the 21st, 29th, and 62d regiments, and a company of artillery and departed on the 22 Jun for Bermuda.

2 Aug 1814 Tonnant and Euryalus departed from Bermuda for Chesapeake bay, where they arrived 14 Aug.

17 Aug 1814 Seahorse detached up the Potomac, to bombard Fort Washington. and with the Euryalus, Devastation, Ætna, Meteor, Erebus and Anne began ascending the river Potomac leading to the capital of the United States.

31 Aug 1814 the Seahorse, Euryalus, Devastation, Ætna, Meteor, Erebus and Anne began descending the river Potomac, completing the operation on 9 Sep.

Aug 1814 a portion of the prize money resulting from the various actions in the Chesapeake became due for payment on 1 May 1835 : namely a dividend from the estate of the bankrupt agent Henry Abbott : no doubt one of the many fraudsters who ripped off matelots in those days : both officers and ratings being fair game.

13 Sep 1814 Severn, Euryalus, Havannah, and Hebrus up the Patapsco in preparation for an attack on Baltimore, which was aborted and the frigates withdrew on the 14th.

15 May 1815 departed Deal for Ostend.

20 Jun 1815 arrived Portsmouth from a cruise.

11 Oct 1820 the Admiralty announced that the commanding officers of the following vessels now cruising on the Jamaica Station, ie the Euryalus, Tamar, Confiance, Ontario, Bann, Parthian, Sophie, Nautilus, and Raleigh, have been supplied with their instructions, should the right circumstances arise, authorising them to detain Portuguese or Spanish vessels in accordance with the several Treaties with foreign powers for preventing the Illegal Traffic in slaves with those countries.

No. 76–C. E. Lefroy, Esq. to William Richard Hamilton, Esq. (Received April 22.) Surinam, February 8, 1822. I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt, yesterday the 7th instant, of your Letter, dated 25th October, 1821, informing me, by direction of the Secretary of State, that the Instructions referred to in the Treaty with The Netherlands for the prevention of the Slave Trade, which had been issued to His Majesty's Ship Euryalus, upon the West Indian Station, have been transferred from that Ship to His Majesty's Ship Tamar, of 16 guns, Captain Sir William Saltonstal Wiseman. I am, &c. William Richard Hamilton, Esq. Chris. Ed.W. Lefroy.

24 Jan 1822 went out to Spithead, to be fitted for the Mediterranean Station, and it is understood that Mr. Hamilton, appointed Minister for the Court of Naples and he is slated in to embark circa 15 Feb.

19 Feb 1822 Mr. Hamilton, family and suite, embarked, and departed, but the wind failing they anchored at St. Helens, and eventually departed Thursday, with a northerly breeze. The Euryalus is due to relieve the Revolutionaire in the Mediterranean. A full length portrait of His Majesty, by Sir Thomas Lawrence, was also embarked, and is destined for the Pope.

For inmates for Fortitude and Euryalus, 1825-1836, see National Archives volume reference HO 9/02, available for free download.

1826 Prison ship.

1830 Convict Ship at Chatham.

For inmates for Euryalus, 1837-1843, see National Archives volume references HO 9/2 and HO 9/10, available for free download.

1847 Convict Ship at Chatham.

20 Dec 1848 Convict Ship at Gibraltar.

1859 Renamed Africa.

1861-62 partially taken to pieces and then, on 16 Aug 1860, sold to Mr. Recano, at Gibraltar, per Parliamentary estimates etc.