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Favorite / Favourite, 1803
Type: Cutter ; Armament : 8 guns
Acquired : 20 Jun 1803 ; Disposal date or year : 10 Nov 1806

20 May 1804 the weather having become completely calm and having observed the brig Vincenjo, Lieutenant Wright, being taken by about 17 French gun brigs and luggers that had rowed out to meet her knowing full well that she was only armed with cannonades whose range was much less than their long 24 pounders, and could fire from beyond the range of the Vincenjo's guns and she was soon in a sinking state and obliged to strike, her masts, sails and rigging being of no use with no wind. A light air of wind enabled the Favourite cutter to escape the scene and return to the Kentish Coast.

17 Mar 1805 arrived N Yarmouth Roads, the cutter Favourite, with a vessel taken by the sloop Cruiser.

25 Mar 1805 departed N Yarmouth this afternoon to join the fleet off the Texel.