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Favorite, 1829
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 21 Apr 1829 ; Disposal date or year : 1905
BM: 434 tons

5 Aug 1829 departed Portsmouth for the Mediterranean.

28 Aug 1829 arrived Gibraltar.

30 Aug 1829 departed Gibraltar for Malta.

16 Nov 1829 reported to be at Egina.

18 Nov 1829 reported to be at Vourla.

16 Dec 1829 remains Vourla due to the political situation.

2 Jan 1830 at Smyrna.

6 Feb 1830 at Egina.

9 May 1830 expected at Malta from Alexandria.

20 Nov 1830 at Gibraltar.

16 Dec 1830 arrived at Sierra Leone from the Mediterranean.

Per a report made to Parliament in 1842, at some time during 1830 the Sloop Favorite, 18 guns, Complement: 125, was involved in combatting the Slave Trade and experienced 3 Deaths in Action, total number of Deaths: 7, and I assume that the balance of deaths will be made up from those men who died from disease etc.

Per a report made to Parliament in 1842, at some time during 1831 was involved in combatting the Slave Trade and experienced 1 Death by Accident, total No of Deaths: 2, and I assume that the balance of deaths will be made up from those men who died from disease.

20 Jan 1831 at Sierra Leone.

9 Mar 1831 preparing at Sierra Leone to depart for Gambia.

25 Apr 1831 arrived Sierra Leone, from the Gambia, Commander Harrison, in command.

Late Sep 1831 arrived from Loando [Loanda?] where she found 10-12 Portuguese vessels loading slaves, but since they were south of the Equator, and the Treaty with Portugal didn't allow British ships to search Portuguese vessels, so could not interfere with what was happening.

Oct 1831 at Fernando Po 9 persons are reported to have been seized with the fever.

3 Nov 1831 arrived at Ascension and departed a few days after for the Bight of Benin.

Per a report made to Parliament in 1842, at some time during 1832 was involved in combatting the Slave Trade and experienced 7 Deaths, and in the absence of other information I assume the causes of death were from disease etc.

2 Apr 1832 departed Ascension for Fernando Po.

31 May 1832 expected shortly at the Gambia, to relieve the Plumper.

17 Jun 1832 shortly due to depart the Gambia River for the Bights and Fernando Po, but was still there when the survey cutter Raven departed for England.

10 Jul 1832 at Sierra Leone, preparing to depart down the coast.

6 Aug 1832 in the Bonny River.

15 Aug 1832 detained in lat. 2° 53' 0" N. long. 7° 19' 0" E., bound from the River Nun to Havana, the Spanish slave brig Carolina, Nicolas Calveras, master, with 426 slaves on board, which was sent for adjudication to the British and Spanish Mixed Court of Justice, Sierra Leone, and on 11 Sep 1832 sentenced to be condemned.

2 May 1833 Refitting at Fernando Po.

13 May 1833 detained in lat. 3° 28' 0" N. long. 7° 38' 0" E., en route from the River Bonny to St. Jago de Cuba, the Spanish slave sloop Indio, Jozé Beleguer, master, with 117 slaves on board, which was sent for adjudication to the British and Spanish Mixed Court of Justice, Sierra Leone, and sentenced to be condemned.

19 Aug 1833 arrived Portsmouth from Africa.

31 Aug 1833 paid off at Portsmouth.

1 Sep 1833 commissioned.

7 - 16 Sep 1833 In Portsmouth Harbour.

21 Sep 1833 In dock at Portsmouth.

27 Sep 1833 Undocked. Fitting out for the Mediterranean.

21 Nov 1833 Went out to Spithead.

25 Nov 1833 departed Spithead for the Mediterranean with mail.

?? Dec 1833 put into Portland-roads owing to adverse winds, and eventually got under weigh the following day for Cadiz and Malta.

7 Jan 1834 remains Gibraltar.

18 Feb 1834 In harbour at Valletta.

23 Mar 1834 at Valencia.

1 Aug 1834 at Malta under quarantine.

1 Oct 1834 departed Malta for Tripoli.

2 Jan 1835 at Tripoli..

31 Jan 1835 at Tripoli.

7 Feb 1835 at Tripoli.

1 Jul 1835 at Malta.

26 Aug 1835 at Malta.

8 Nov 1835 at Smyrna.

1 Feb 1837 arrived Plymouth from Malta, with the Jesse, of Liverpool, abandoned with 17 feet of water in her hold, in tow. She discovered the vessel at lat 47 ; long 8, on 29 Jan.

16 Sep 1837 recruiting at Plymouth.

12 May 1839 arrived Kedgeree, Bengal, from Amherst.

24 Jun 1840 landed at Tongatabu, Friendly Islands, to resolve a local dispute between christian and heathen natives, in which, according to many of the newspapers of the day, such as the Hampshire Telegraph, the ship should not have got involved since it didn't do the missionaries' cause any good, and probably made their position more difficult in the future. If the missionaries were in danger then they should have been taken on board, but I gather that was not the case. But that doesn't alter the fact that the following from the ship's company were killed or wounded:
Killed : Commander W. Croker ; Petty officer George Freathy ; Petty officer John New.
Severely wounded. Lieutenant Dunlop ; Master's mate, Mr. Ellman ;
Quarter-master J. Faulkner ; Boatswain's mate John Reed ;
Seamen J. Bennet, J. Stephens, R. M'Kenning, J. Hicks, T. Howe, J. Grey, J. Harris, R. Morgan, W. Dunsford, R. Carney ; Marine R. Taylor.
Slightly wounded. Six seamen and marines. See p. 323 at

13 Oct 1840 arrived at New Zealand.

6 Dec 1840 arrived at Sydney from New Zealand.

9 Feb 1841 arrived at Hobart-town from New Zealand and Sydney.

21 Feb 1841 left Hobart Town for New Zealand.

3 Mar 1841 departed NZ for Akaron.

5 Jun 1841 arrived at Sydney from New Zealand.

11 Jun 1841 departed Sydney for Hobart.

1 Feb 1842 reported to have been at Port Arthur.

26 Feb 1842 departed Hobart on a cruise.

5 May 1842 at Aukland.

21 Oct 1841 departed Sydney for New Zealand.

24 Oct 1842 the remains of the late Dr. Munro, assistant surgeon of HMS Favorite, were interred at the grave yard Sydney. The funeral was attended by the commanding officers of the Favorite, Fly, and Bramble.

9 Feb 1847 orders for Commander Murray, being in command of Sierra Leone Division. You may exercise your judgment as to allowing the cruiser to cruise out of sight of land, within certain limits, from time to time.

18 Jun 1848 detained a slave brigantine, Name Unknown, which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena, and sentenced to be condemned.

20 Dec 1848 Coast of Africa.

3 Feb 1849 assembled a squadron off Gallinas, consisting of the Penelope, Favorite, Sealark, Waterwitch, Bonetta, Dart and Pluto. Boats from the squadron with 300 men passed the bar at 7.30. a. m., and landed at Dombocorro, took possession of it, and the neighbouring factories and barracoons...whilst the boats of the Penelope, pushed on to the Solyman factories, and the village of Dreesing, were totally destroyed. Commander Murray also conducted a party to Mineh, and destroyed the factories and barracoons which it contained. On the 4th the three large factories in the vicinity of Dombocorro were destroyed, along with Dombocorro itself, with all its contents, was burnt to the ground, and by sunset, the force had returned to their respective ships, without a single casualty (representing a summary of Commodore Hotham's report on the event).

1859 - 1905 Coal Depot, Devonport