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Firebrand, 1842
Type: 2nd class frigate ; Armament 4
Launched : 6 Sep 1842 at Portsmouth ;
Disposal date or year : 1864
BM: 1190 tons ; Displacement: 1960 tons
Propulsion: Paddle
Machinery notes: 410

Laid down as Beelzebub/Belzebub

4 Feb 1842, off the Arsenal at Woolwich where the King of Prussia and party was embarked for passage to Ostend.

6 Feb 1842, returned to Woolwich, where it was announced that the crews of the Firebrand, Lightning, and Shearwater had been awarded 100 for each vessel by the King of Prussia, to be divided amongst the men : pilots and engineers 5 ; petty officers 2 ; and the rest 1 each.

12 Feb 1842 renamed Black Eagle.

19 Nov 1842 is ordered to Woolwich, under the command of Master Aylen, of the Victory, to have her engines fitted.

Aug 1845 Rear-Admiral Inglefield was still in the River Plate, with a large squadron. After Colonia was taken, the French and English Admirals went up the River with part of both squadrons, and it was understood that they intended attacking some place near Buenos Ayres. Admiral Inglefield shifted his flag to the Firebrand steam-frigate, when he went up the river. Our Minister, Mr. Gore Ousely? was staying at Montevideo. General Rosas would not listen to the proposals of France and Great Britain; and it was reported at Rio Janeiro that he had given all the subjects of both countries notice to quit Buenos Ayres.

Aug 1845 - Jun 1846, operations with the French, against renegade Uruguayan, Oribe, and Don Juan Manuel de Rosas, up the River Parana. See p. 336-345 at at

1846 South America and River Plate Station

1 Jul 1848 Returned Admiralty officers to London following the launch of the Mars.

20 Dec 1848 Woolwich

30 Aug 1851 Mediterranean

16 Jul 1853 Is reported in Sydney to have taken the crew of the "Lady Rowen", burnt at sea off Cape St Vincent 16 Mar 1853, from Lagos to Lisbon.

24 Apr 1854 captured a Russian brig laden with salt, Name Unknown.

End of June, 1854 - 17 Jul 1854, operations in the mouths of the Danube, by the Firebrand, Spitfire, and Vesuvius - see p. 405-> at

11 Oct 1854, boats from the Samson, Firebrand, Beagle, and French ships towed Austrian transport to safety, near Sebastopol - see p. 436 at

Later in Oct 1854, Leander, sent to Eupatoria to assist in the defence of that town, followed later by the Firebrand, Vesuvius, with other vessels.- see p. 437 at

17 Oct 1854 1st Bombardment of Sebastopol - see p. 437 at

1854 Destruction of Russian Battery at Sulina, mouth of Danube

1860 Tender to Fisgard, Woolwich.

1870 Tender to Duke of Wellington, Portsmouth.