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Type: Revenue cruiser ;
Disposal date or year : 24 Nov 1824
Disposal details : Foundered in the English Channel, in Lyme Bay ; 2 of crew reported drowned.

Milford Haven, Jan 21 1815 arrived the Speedwell, Bat and Fox revenue cruizers.

Colchester Aug 13 1815 arrived one of the galleys belonging to the Fox Excise cutter, Captain Hore, with several men wounded by the crew of a large smuggling lugger between the Goodwin and French land, which ran down the Fox's galley, which had been chasing her, at the same time fired at the crew and unfortunately killed the second mate of the Fox, and three men and wounded all the others.

3 Mar 1818 during the night the Drake separated from her anchor in a S.S.E. gale in Cawsand Bay, and drifted down on to the revenue cutter Fox. They eventually managed to clear each other and the Drake was able to deploy a further anchor which brought her up and enabled her to ride out the gale safely.

Cawsand Bay 4 Mar 1818 lightning struck and badly damaged her mainmast, resulting in her departing from Plymouth harbour for repairs to be carried out.

11 Dec 1818 arrived Plymouth from a cruise, Capt Winfield.

28 Sep 1821 arrived Falmouth from a cruise, Capt St. John.

30 Sep 1821 departed Falmouth on a cruise, Capt St. John.

2 Jan 1822 departed Falmouth on a cruise, Capt St. John.

24 Nov 1824 It is reported from Bridport, Dorset, that the Fox has been lost in the late storms, which have caused such damage along the South Coast of England, with 2 of her crew. It is understood that the vessel, with others, may have been driven from the Cob at Lyme Regis.

29 Mar 1833 detained and sent into Plymouth the Java, from Batavia.

circa 23 Aug 1837 has crept up 43 tubs of foreign brandy thrown overboard by a smuggling vessel from Fowey near the Eddystone light.

6 Oct 1840 Lieutenant Charles S. Haswell appointed from the Coast Guard to Fox.

1 Aug 1842 based at Fowey.

20 Dec 1848 Revenue Vessel.

NB I have no knowledge regarding when vessels were built or broken up for the Revenue Service, so these notes may well cover one or more vessels.