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Franchise / Franchaise, 1803
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36 (12-pounder)
Taken : 1803 ; Disposal date or year : 1815
BM :898 tons

28 May 1803 Minotaur captured the French 36-gun frigate Franchise.

27 Sep 1803 the Master Builder and his assistants at the King's Yard Plymouth, have examined the Franchise, and their reports and recommendations have been forwarded to the Admiralty Boards.

6 Oct 1803 the Franchise has been taken into dock to be refitted.

30 Oct 1803 fitting alongside the Jetty Head, and ready to receive men.

Circa 7 Nov 1803 Hon Capt Murray apptd to Franchise (sic).

Circa 10 Nov 1803 Franchise commissioned at Plymouth.

6 Feb 1804 departed Spithead, with a convoy for the West Indies, the Fisgard, Capt Kerr ; and the Hound, Capt Maxwell, and will pick up the Franchise, Capt Murray, and her convoy of 60 sail for the West Indies, just departed Plymouth and waiting at Falmouth for the Fisgard and Hound.

12 Feb 1804 remains at Falmouth with the Fisgard and Hound and their convoy, awaiting the arrival of the Franchise from Plymouth with her convoy, but the Franchise noted as not coming down from Hamoaze into Plymouth Sound until tomorrow....see next item.

13 Feb 1803 the Franchise is noted as having been warped down from the harbour at Plymouth into the Sound, which suggests that she may have been taken in Hamoaze to have some repairs made, many vessels having suffered damage in the recent bad gales.

14 Feb 1803 has hoisted a signal announcing that the convoy will be departing shortly, but many hands from the ships of the convoy having deserted since they've been at Plymouth and search warrants were duly signed by the Magistrates to recover the culprits, many being discovered in the Castle Rig, supposed for the purpose of crimping after the convoy had sailed ; in addition 40 lads were lent to the ships of the convoy by the Royal Navy, to be returned to the Franchise on arrival at their destinations. It is also noted in local newspapers that the West Indies convoy looks as though it might be delayed by the late arrival of vessels from Portsmouth and Plymouth &c.

15 Feb 1804 departed Plymouth the Franchise, R.-Adm. Dacres with a convoy of about 60 vessels for the West Indies, and the Ranger cutter, 14 guns, for Falmouth to call out the trade bound to the West Indies to join the above fleet (convoy).

14 Mar 1804 arrived Madeira the Fisgard from accompanying the West India fleet under the Franchise frigate, Adm Dacres, to the Westward, the Hound having parted company with the convoy soon after leaving Falmouth, having arrived off Madeira on 25 Feb with 21 sail and departed for the West Indies on 1 Mar., the Henry Addington, and the Prince George, from London for Jamaica, having separated from the Franchise, joined the Hound previous to her arrival off Madeira.

26 Mar 1804 captured the French privateer Petite Harmonie.

Early Apr the frigate Franchise, and sloop Renard arrived Jamaica with a convoy from Portsmouth.

13 Sep 1804 captured the French privateer Uranie on the Jamaica station.

Circa 1 Dec 1804 reports received in England that the Theseus and Hercule experienced a hurricane which last 5 days and that at its height they lost all their masts bar their fore masts, and had five and a half feet of water in the hold. The Theseus threw 12 of her guns overboard, and with the Franchise, despite having many problems eventually arrived in Port Royal some 12 days later. No lives were reported lost.

May 1805 Jamaica Station(Per Steel).

Oct 1805 captured the French privateer General Ferrand on the Leeward Island station.

6-7 Jan 1806 ship's boats capture Spanish brig-corvette Raposa.

Circa Nov 1806 captured the Spanish privateer Raposa, 12 guns, 90 men.

15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier. 1 Aug 1807 employed in the Great Belt, preventing Danish troops crossing to Zealand.

Early 1808 employed on convoy duties.

23 Feb 1808 captured the French privateer Hazard on the Home station.

11 Nov 1808 Franchise, Aurora, Daedalus, and Pert captured the French privateer Exchange.

11 Nov 1808 Franchise, Aurora, Daedalus, and Pert captured the French privateer Guerrier.

16 Jan 1809 captured the French privateer Iphigenie.

Portsmouth 24 Jan 1811 Will sail to-morrow morning with a convoy for Lisbon, Cadiz, and Gibraltar.

Portsmouth 25 Jan 1811 Will sail to-morrow with the Mediterranean convoy.

Portsmouth 28 Jan 1811 departed with the convoy for Portugal and the Mediterranean.

Falmouth 22 Feb 1811 Put in with a convoy.

Falmouth 9 Mar 1811 departed with convoy of about 130 sail for Lisbon and the Mediterranean.

24 June 1811 Reported to be at Mahon.

18 Jul 1811 off Toulon.

24 Feb 1812 captured the French privateer Aventurier.

18 Aug 1812 Reported to be off the coast of Catalena.

Portsmouth 9 Aug 1814 Released from quarantine.

Portsmouth 11 Aug 1814 departed for the Downs.