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Galatea, 1794
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 32 (18-pounder)
Launched at Portsmouth 1794 ; Disposal date or year : 1809

21 Oct 1794 the capture of the French 40-gun frigate Révolutionnaire by the Artois, when cruising in company with the frigates Arethusa, Diamond, and Galatea, Captain Richard Goodwin Keats, off Ushant.

25 Jun 1795, with the squadron at the landing of the [ill-conceived] Royalist expedition to Quiberon Bay, under Commodore Sir J B Warren, which returned to England in December with the remnants.

20 Mar 1796 the Bec du Raz bearing; north by east distant four miles, a squadron composed of frigates Anson, Pomone, Captain Sir John Borlase Warren (in command), Artois, and Galatea, Captain Richard Goodwin Keats, engaged a French squadron with a convoy, during which the Etoile store-ship struck her colours, and 4 vessels were taken from the convoy and left in the care of the lugger Valiant.

22 - 23 Aug 1796 whilst cruising off the mouth of the river Gironde the squadron of frigates consisting of the Pomone, Anson, Artois, Galatea, Captain Richard Goodwin Keats, and 18-gun Brig-sloop Sylph sighted the French frigate Andromaque, which was chased by the Galatea for many hours, until the Andromaque was eventually run ashore in heavy surf, and the job of destroying her by gun and fire being completed by the Sylph.

30 Jun 1797 captured the French privateer Argonaute between Cape Clear and Scilly.
The following appeared in the London Gazette :
Please to inform my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that HM Ship Galatea has just brought in L'Argonaute French Lugger Privateer, mounting 2 Brass Six-Pounders, 10 Swivels, and 36 Men ; Fourteen Days out from Granville.
Captain Byng acquaints me this Lugger is quite new ; had not made any Prize ; that he captured her Yesterday between Cape Clear and Scilly, and that Twelve Days ago she had been chased by a Frigate and Three Cutters Three Leagues from the Lizard, but escaped under the Isle of Bas. I have the Honour to be, &c. R. Kingsmill.

15 Jul 1797 Galatea and Doris captured the French privateer Du Guay Trouin in lat. 47° north, lon. 90° west.

6 Nov 1797 detained the French privateer Le Ranger, which was the late RN cutter Ranger. 1 Jan 1799 Capt. G. Byng. Refitting at Plymouth.

9 Jan 1799 Plymouth, departed for Cork.

12 Jul 1799 Plymouth, arrived with the Joseph cutter, from a cruise.

21 Jul 1799 Plymouth, departed for Ireland.

17 Sep 1799 Portsmouth, homeward-bound West India ships departed from Port Antonio with the Regulus, Adm. Bligh, and about one hundred and twenty sail of ships, but separated in a calm the 19th ult. About twenty sail are gone up St. George's Channel, having been taken under convoy of the Galatea frigate, off Cape Clear.

25 Jan 1800 Plymouth, passed up the Channel, with the Cork convoy, for the Downs.

31 Jan 1800 Plymouth, arrived from the Downs.

13 Apr 1800 Plymouth, departed for Cork, with the Bourdelois, 24.

12 May 1800 Plymouth, came in with the linen ships for London.

3 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth from Belfast, the Hibernia linen ship, worth £120,000 under convoy of the Galatea, of 38 guns, Captain Byng ;|she brought passenger J. Dalway, Esq. Member for Belfast in the Imperial Parliament. The Galatea experienced very bad weather off the Islands of Scilly.

13 Jan 1801 departed Plymouth Sound for Spithead, to be docked at Portsmouth.

16 Jan 1801 arrived Spithead from Plymouth.

11 Mar 1801 departed Spithead for Ireland.

29 Apr 1801 arrived Cork the ships Kenyon, Robertson, and James of Liverpool, from Jamaica, taken by the French privateer Braave, and retaken by the Hussar and Galatea.

10 May 1801 letters from the Galatea, brought to Cork by the Kenyon, Robertson, from Jamaica to Liverpool, worth £40,000 captured by Le Braave, 44 guns, and recaptured by the Galatea, state, that she was left in chace of Le Braave and three Jamaica ships, her prizes, and hopes were entertained of the Galatea's coming up with them.

5 Aug 1801 arrived Falmouth the American brig Jacob, Brown, from Boston, which spoke to the Galatea, Capt Byng, on Wednesday last in lat 48 30 lon 15½ W., and on the 25th spoke with the Glenmore in lat 48 20 long 24½, W.

10 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead with the Dutch men of war Amphitrite, and Guelderland, with the Dutch Chasseurs on board from Cork. 11 Aug 1801 departed Spithead with the Amphitrite, and Guelderland, for Cork.

2 Sep 1801 came into Plymouth Sound from a long cruise of 18 weeks, in the Atlantic, and off the western islands.

15 Sep 1801 departed Plymouth Sound with empty victuallers for Cork.

18 Nov 1801 letters received Plymouth from the Galatea, dated Cork, the 9th ult. state, that in her late cruise of 28 days, she had been in fifteen severe gales of wind ; in the hurricane of the 1st and 2d inst., when cruising in the Bay, she had nearly foundered by the violence of the wind. Her mizcn-mast was carried over the side, at the same time the main and foretop-masts were also carried away, though there was not a rug of sail set. One seaman went over with the mizen-mast, and several were severely wounded. The gale lulled on the 3d instant, when, after clearing the wreck, Captain Byng bore away to Cork, and as soon as he has rigged up a jury mizen-mast, main, and fortop-mast, he will come round to this port to refit.

21 Nov 1801 came into Plymouth Sound the Galatea, from Cork, with the loss of her mizen-mast, her fore and maintop-gallant-masts.

4 Jan 1802 departed for Ireland.

12 Jan 1802 letters received at Plymouth from Cork, dated the 5th instant, state the safe arrival there of the Galatea, 36, Captain Byng, from this port.

26 Mar 1802 letters received at Plymouth from the Galatea, 36, dated off Cape Clear, state, her being all well the 11th instant, and had weathered the late severe gales of wind without any damage, whilst cruising for smugglers.

23 Apr 1802 came in from Cork after a fine passage of 40 hours.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Captain Woolfe apptd to the Galatea, vice Byng.

15 May 1802 Captain Byng was superseded in the Galathea, 38, at Plymouth, on account of ill health, occasioned by long and severe cruises last winter, after the smugglers on the S.W. coast of Ireland for several months ; he set off this day for Bristol hot wells, for the recovery of his health.

22 May 1802 remains in Plymouth Sound.

23 Jul 1802 the frigates Fortunée, Oiseau, Glenmore, Galatea, and Amelia, departed Plymouth for Jersey and Guernsey, to take Dutch troops away.

30 Jul 1802 departed Plymouth Sound the Amethyst, Glenmore, and Galatea, for Guernsey, to take in Dutch troops for Holland, from the Isle of Wight.

24 Aug 1802 departed the Downs for the Texel, the Glenmore, Amelia, and Oiseau, and Galatea frigates ; Sophie, and Racoon, sloops, with the Prince of Orange's troops on board.

1 Sep 1802 passed by the Downs at the back of the Goodwin Sands this morning : the Glenmore, Amelia, Galatea, and Oiseau, frigates ; and the sloops Sophie and Racoon, bound from the Texel to the westward.

3 Sep 1802 came into Plymouth Sound from the Helder Point, where they had been with returned Dutch Emigrant troops, disbanded from our service, the Galatea, Amelia, Oiseau, and Glenmore.

14 Sep 1802 departed Plymouth Sound for Spithead, with discharged seamen, the Galatea, 36, Captain Wolfe.

16 Sep 1802 arrived Spithead with discharged marines, from Plymouth.

22 Sep 1802 Sunday departed Spithead for Plymouth

26 Sep 1802 came into Plymouth Sound from a cruise against the smugglers.

7 Oct 1802 departed Plymouth for Downs.

8 Oct 1802 arrived in the Downs.

10 Oct 1802 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

14 Oct 1802 arrived Sheerness.

17 Oct 1802 arrived in the Downs the Galatea, Capt Wolfe, with troops from Chatham, via Sheerness.

18 Oct 1802 departed the Downs for Plymouth, but put back due to contrary winds, and remains in the Downs.

25 Oct 1802 the wind having moderated and gone round to the N.W., the frigates Amazon, Galatea, and Magicienne, with troops on board from the 9th Regt., departed the Downs for Plymouth.

28 Oct 1802 arrived at Plymouth from the Downs this morning, the Galatea, and Amazon, with part of the 9th regiment of foot, who will have to remain on board until the strong winds subside. They separated from the Magicienne in gale force winds off the Isle of Wight, which came into the Sound later in the day at about three p.m.

30 Oct 1802 went up the Harbour and into Barn Pool the Galatea, Magicienne, and Amazon.
2 Nov 1802 went into Plymouth Sound, the Galatea, and Amazon, and came too, to await orders.

3 Nov 1802 departed Plymouth to the eastward, the Galatea, 36, and Amazon, 38.

10 Nov 1802 arrived in the Downs from the Westward.

12 Nov 1802 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

15 Nov 1802 arrived Sheerness.

22 Nov 1802 Captain Wolfe, of the Galatea, is appointed to L'Aigle, a fine new frigate,

26 Nov 1802 departed the Downs for Spithead.

27 Nov 1802 arrived Spithead from the Eastward.

30 Nov 1802 came into Portsmouth harbour the Galatea, 32, Captain Wolfe, to be paid off.

10 Mar 1803 the following frigates in ordinary at Portsmouth: the Alarm, Andromeda, Galatea, Topaze, Decade and Seahorse are to be inspected and if found in a fit state for service are to be fitted for commissioning.

3 Jun 1803 has gone out of Portsmouth harbour, the Galatea, 32, Captain Heathcote, to Spithead.

18 Jun 1803 remains at Spithead.

8 Jul 1803 departed for the Needles as a guardship.

10 Aug 1803 following the sound of guns warning of a French invasion Adm Holloway shifted his flag from the Gladiator to the Magnificent at St Helen's, and put to sea ; with the Orpheus, Galatea, and Starling. Following a night of many alarms and excursions the warning turned out to have been caused by the approach of a fleet of coasters, in company with several American vessels.

14 Aug 1803 departed Spithead for a cruise.

15 Aug 1803 arrived Falmouth and sailed again later on a cruise. Would appear to have accompanied the Tromp from Spithead to Falmouth.

4 Feb 1804 the Galatea, Topaze and Fleche departed Cork with the West Indies convoy of about 140 vessels.

17 Feb 1804 soon after departing Cork the convoy experienced a gale and about 40 vessels separated from the convoy, and came under the protection of the Fleche, which had also separated, and continued their passage to the West Indies on the 17th from lat 35 42 long 18 27 W.

12 Aug 1804 ship's boats attempt to cut out the French privateer Général-Ernouf, (late Lilly).

May 1805 Leeward Island Station

4-8 Jul 1806 Northumberland, Elephant, Canada, Agamemnon, Ethalion, Seine, Galatea, Circe, whilst protecting a large convoy bound to England, chased a French squadron under M. Willaumez through the Channel between St.-Thomas and Passage island.

18 Aug 1806 ship's boats destroy a Spanish schooner privateer.

21 Aug 1806 ship's boats drove on shore and destroyed a Spanish schooner privateer.

9 Oct 1806 ship's boats cut out three schooners.

18 Oct 1806 captured a Spanish privateer name unknown, 3 guns, in the Leeward Islands.

12 Nov 1806 ship's boats capture the privateer schooner Réunion on the Leeward Island station.

21 Jan 1807 ship's boats capture French brig Lynx after a long chase on the Spanish Main.