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Généreux, 1800-1816
Type: Prison ship ; late 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Taken : 18 Feb 1800 ; Disposal date or year : Feb 1814

18 Feb 1800 captured, by a British squadron off Malta.

18 Feb 1800 sent by Nelson, with the Northumberland and Alexander, to Syracuse, to await orders.

Circa 24 Mar to 26 Apr 1800 Captain Dickson is removed from the command of the Lion, 64, to the Genereux.

Apr-5 Jun 1800 blockade of Genoa and cutting out of the Prima galley.

24 Aug 1800 capture of the 40-gun French frigate, Diane, off Malta, added to the British navy under the name of Niobe.

8 Feb 1801 departed from off Cadiz to Gibraltar and Port-Mahon in pursuit of a French squadron which has passed through into the Mediterranean with a view to landing troops in Egypt. 25 Feb the French squadron was sighted off the island of Toro, and again in the early days of Jun., but was subsequently lost, having returned to Toulon.

15 Feb 1801 a Danish frigate ; detained by the Genereux.

22 Feb 1801 a Danish merchantman ; detained by the Genereux, Dixon.

13-14 Sep 1801 involved in operations at Porto-Ferrajo.

18 Aug 1801 a Court Martial was held on board his Majesty's frigate Genereux, at Mahon, trying Captain B. Hallowell, of his Majesty's late ship Swiftsure for quitting his convoy, put under his charge by Lord Keith ; and also for the loss of the ship, when, after a minute investigation into all the circumstances, the Court passed the following sentence on Captain Hallowell, and his ship's company.
"The Court were of opinion, and it appeared to them, from the narrative of Captain Hallowell, supported by the best possible evidence to be obtained, that the convoy, under Captain Hallowell's charge, was of very little importance in any point of view ; that his determination to leave the said convoy, and join Sir John Warren, was dictated by sound judgment and zeal for the service of his King and Country ; and the Court were farther of opinion, that the loss of his Majesty's late ship Swiftsure, was unavoidable, and that the conduct of Captain Hallowell, his Officers, and ship's company, in defence of the Swiftsure, was highly meritorious, and that Captain Hallowell displayed great judgment in the mode he adopted, to avoid so superior a force, and equal gallantry in the execution of the plan so formed ; they did therefore adjudge, that they be honourably acquitted, and they were honourably acquitted accordingly."

7 Sep 1801 letters received at Plymouth from the Admiral Paisley, of 16 guns, Lieutenant Wooldridge, dated the 27th of July, off Malaga, state his having been dispatched by Rear Admiral Sir J. Saumarez, to look for Rear-Admiral Sir J. B. Warren ; he had been as high as Malta, but found only there, the Genereux, of 84 guns. Sir J. B. Warren, (by some accounts received from some neutrals arrived there,) had been spoken with steering for that island.

14 Jun 1802 the Genereux, and troop ship Europa departed Port Mahon with troops, for Gibraltar and England.

Circa 15-20 Jun 1802 reported to have arrived Gibraltar when the Foudroyant departed Gibraltar for England.

1 Jul 1802 the Caesar is reported to have departed Gibraltar, with a company of artillery, the Genereux, Europa, Cameleon, and Port Mahon, for Spithead.

6 Jul 1802 orders received at the dock yard, to prepare moorings in Hamoaze, for the reception of La Genereux, 84, Captain V. C. Berkeley, hourly expected from Malta and Mahon, and is due to be docked when one becomes vacant.

27 Jul 1802 arrived the Motherbank the Genereux, 74, Captain Berkeley, from the Mediterranean with a large number of troops on board, last from Gibraltar, and has been put under quarantine.

1 Aug 1802 departed Spithead for Plymouth.

2 Aug 1802 orders are come down to receive the Genereux, 84, and Caesar, 84, from Portsmouth, as soon as they have performed quarantine, to be paid off and laid up in ordinary in the River Tamar, on account of their great draught of water.

5 Aug 1802 Came into Plymouth Sound from Malta, Minorca, and Gibraltar, but last from Spithead, that fine ship La Genereux, 84, Captain V.C. Berkley, the last of the Nile Fleet which escaped Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, the glorious First of August, 1798, in the Bay of Shoals, off Alexandria and was captured off Malta. The wind being quite fair, she made a signal to Rear-Admiral Dacres which was answered directly, and she ran up the harbour to her moorings to be stripped, paid off, and her crew discharged.

11 Aug 1802 was paid off and laid up in ordinary at Plymouth.

May 1805 Plymouth ; Prison Ship: Lieutenant Wm. Lanyon

Plymouth 2 Sep 1814 to be sold.