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Genoa, 1814
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74 (28 x 32 pdr, 30 x 18 pdr, 4 x 12 pdr plus 10 x 32 pdr carronades)
Taken : 1814 ; Disposal date or year : 1838
BM: 1883 tons

March and April 1814 at Genoa the British gained possession of the French 74-gun ship Brilliant, ready for launching, a ship of 1883 tons, and, being built of good oak, she was completed for the Royal Navy.

1 Aug 1814 departed Genoa.

10 Sep 1814 departs Plymouth for Spithead.

22 Sep 1814 arrived Spithead from the Mediterranean and put in quarantine at the Motherbank.

24 Sep 1814 released from quarantine at the Motherbank.

27 Nov 1821 is in commission and based on Chatham and Sheerness.

Dec 1823 Samuel Redwood, a gunner in the 1st company of the R.M. Artillery, then serving on board the "Genoa," fell overboard in Plymouth harbour in the night, and was saved from drowning by Mr. John Gunn Robins, a Midshipman of that ship, who in the most prompt and humane manner instantly plunged into the water, with his clothes on ; and with much difficulty and at the risk of his own life, succeeded in supporting Redwood (who was in a state of intoxication, and could not swim) until a boat was sent to his assistance ; and was subsequently awarded an RHS certificate. See also when Mid Robins was serving on board the Herald.

14 Oct 1824 remains at Devonport.

29 Dec 1825 remains at Plymouth.

6 Jan 1827 at Lisbon.

3 Jul 1827 flag ship at Lisbon.

20 Aug 1827 departed Malta for the Archipelago.

1827 the diplomatic and political situation which led the Battle of Navarin.

14 Oct 1827 state of the Allied Fleet off the Bay of Navarin and the numbers of Turkish vessels present. See also p. 256-> at

20 Oct the Allied Fleet entered the Bay of Navarin and anchored opposite their Turkish equivalents, and shortly afterwards, following some sporadic firing, the battle became general. Numbers of allied personnel killed and wounded at the Battle of Navarin (a.k.a. Navarino), and the names of British Officers killed and wounded. Medals granted to all Officers, seamen and marines (and soldiers who served as marines) per order of 7th June, 1848. Prize Money see Sep 1834.

1830 Plymouth.

30 Sep 1834 prize money for Navarin due for payment from 1 Oct 1834 - see London Gazette of 30 Sep for for details