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Goldfinch, 1808
Type: Packet / late Brig ; Armament 6
Launched : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1838
BM : 237 tons ;

17-18 May 1809 Goldfinch chased and engaged the French corvette Mouche, which broke-off the engagement : 21st Mouche engaged the British hired armed lugger Black-Joke and then stood away for the harbour of San-Andero. 10 Jun., Mouche, with a French gun-brig and schooner were captured by the British 38-gun frigates Amelia and Statira.

24 Aug 1809 Commander Arden Adderley apptd Goldfinch whilst she operated on the North Coast of Spain per Naval Biographical Dictionary.

Oct 1809 Mid John Brothers apptd.

9 Apr 1811 departed Falmouth with a convoy to the eastward,

11 Jul 1811 it is reported at Plymouth that she has been struck by lightning on the coast of Spain.

23 Sep 1811 arrived Plymouth Dock from the coast of Spain, and anchored in the Sound.

24 Mar 1812 came into Plymouth from Corunna and Cork, having had to throw her guns overboard in the gale.

11 Sep 1812 arrived Plymouth from Basque Roads.

12 Sep 1812 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

9 Oct 1812 departed Plymouth for the coast of France.

18 Nov 1812 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

27 Nov 1812 departed Plymouth for Basque Roads.

13 Jan 1813 Detained and sent into Plymouth an American ship from New York to Bourdeaux.

30 Jan 1813 arrived Plymouth from a cruise off the Western Isles.

15 Aug 1813 arrived Plymouth from the north west of Spain.

11 Sep 1813 departed Plymouth.

16 Apr 1814 arrived Plymouth from off Rochelle.

3 May 1814 Lt Joseph C Gill apptd as Senior to the Goldfinch, in the Channel. 6 Jul 1814 arrived Plymouth with a convoy from Bordeaux.

6 Oct 1814 at Plymouth appointed convoy to Bordeaux and ports in the Bay, and will sail in a day or two.

9 Oct 1814 Marshall and NBD advise that Commander John Foote was apptd to the Goldfinch, which vessel, after having been employed on "special service," was paid off at Sheerness, in Dec. 1815.

17 Oct 1814 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth for Liverpool.

20 Oct 1814 departed Falmouth for Liverpool, with a small convoy.

9 Nov 1814 arrived Plymouth Dock from a cruise.

11 Nov 1814 Mid Robt Mann apptd Goldfinch.

30 Nov 1814 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth to take vessels for Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean to Plymouth to join their convoy.

2 Dec 1814 departed Falmouth with a convoy for Spain, Portugal and Mediterranean, to join the Meander and Amaranthe.

7 Feb 1815 arrived Liverpool from Bermuda.

11 Mar 1815 arrived Falmouth from a cruise.

8 Aug 1815 departed Falmouth with mail for Jamaica.

6 Dec 1815 arrived Portsmouth from the Brazils.

11 Dec 1824 Lt. Walkie, arrived Falmouth from London, as a packet.

17 Jan 1825 departed Falmouth for the Brazils.

19 Jan 1825 arrived Fowey from Falmouth for Rio.

19 May 1825 Walkie, arrived Falmouth from the Brazils ; Rio (18 Mar) ; Bahia (5 Apr) ; Pernambuco (18th inst)

13 Jun 1825 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth.

18 Jun 1825 Walkie, departed Falmouth for the Leeward Isles.

12 Oct 1825 departed Falmouth for the Brazils.

5 Mar 1826 Walkie, arrived Plymouth from the Brazils.

6 Mar 1826 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth.

12 Apr 1826 Walkie, departed Falmouth for the Brazils.

25 Aug 1826 arrived Falmouth from Rio (22 Jun) ; Bahia (30th) ; Pernambuco (8 Jul).

22 Sep 1826 departed Falmouth for Buenos Ayres.

For further movements of Falmouth Packets try page 3 of the Royal Cornwall Gazette, available through the British Newspaper Archive, for a fee.

Dec 1827 packet based on the Falmouth station : Commanding officer: Lt. John Walkie.

23 Jul 1829 whilst bound for Halifax, spoken with at lat. 43, long. 28, by the Opossum (packet), now arrived Falmouth.

14 Jan 1830 departed Vera Cruz for Havannah.

31 Jan 1830 departed Havannah for Falmouth.

5 Mar 1830 arrived Falmouth from the West Indies.

30 Jun 1830 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth.

10 Oct 1831 arrived Falmouth from Lisbon (2d).

19 Jul 1833 arrived Jamaica from Falmouth, with the mails.

2 May 1835 arrived Bahia from Falmouth 15 Feb.

16 Nov 1835 touched at Madeira.

21 Nov 1836 departed Tampico for Vera Cruz.

30 Nov 1836 departed Vera Cruz for Havannah.

18 Dec 1836 departed Havannah for Falmouth.

14 Jan 1837 arrived Falmouth with the Mexican mails dated 30 Nov.