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Goliath, 1781
Type: 3rd rate † ; Armament 74
Launched : 1781 ; Disposal date or year : 1815
BM: 1604 tons
Complement: 584

Portsmouth 24 Sep 1785 Has come into harbour.

21 Dec 1796 the Tagus. The Mediterranean fleet arrived.

Circa 20 Jan 1797 Sailed from the Tagus with a Portuguese convoy and was subsequently, 6 Feb., joined off Cape St.-Vincent by a squadron detached from the Channel fleet.

14 Feb 1797 Jervis's action with the Spanish off Cape St Vincent.

31 Mar 1797 sailed from Lisbon to blockade Cadiz.

3 Jul 1797 bombardment of Cadiz.

24 May 1798 departed from off Cadiz with a squadron of 10 ships of the line to join Nelson's squadron in the Mediterranean, arriving 7 Jun.

7 Jun 1798 the search for the French fleet.

1 Aug 1798 the preparation for the Battle of the Nile.

1 Aug 1798 Battle of the Nile.

19 Aug 1798 the Zealous, Goliath, Swiftsure, Seahorse, Emerald, Alcmène, and Bonne-Citoyenne, leave Aboukir Bay to cruise off the port of Alexandria.

25 Aug 1798 boats of the Goliath capture the French armed ketch Torride from under the guns of the castle of Aboukir.

End of the year 1798 remains stationed off Alexandria.

30 Nov 1799, Portsmouth, lately returned from the Mediterranean came into harbour to be paid off.

6 Dec 1799, Portsmouth, is paid off and her crew turned over to the Royal William and Puissant.

Circa 24 Mar to 26 Apr 1800 Lieutenant W. De Busk, from the Goliath, Second Lieutenant, vice Lt. John Price ; and Lieutenant Edward More, First, vice Lt. H. Martin, made Master and Commander.

Circa 1 Aug 1800, Lieutenant William Wilkinson, who was so severely wounded in the ever-memorable battle of the Nile, on board his Majesty's ship Goliath, and who was first Lieutenant of that ship for many months before she was paid of at Portsmouth, succeeds Mr. Browne as first Lieutenant of the Elephant.

28 Jun 1803, captured the 16-gun ship-corvette Mignonne, subsequently added to the British navy under her French name.

May 1805 Channel Fleet

14-15 Aug 1805 Camilla chased the French brig-corvette Faune, and was joined on the 15th by the Goliath, when the corvette was taken.

15 Aug 1805 joined by the Raisonable when the French frigate Topaze and two ship-corvettes were sighted and chased, the Goliath capturing the ship-corvette Torche.

26 Jul 1807 sailed as a part of a fleet of 38 vessels for Copenhagen and was present from 15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 for the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier.

May - Oct 1808 in the Baltic with a fleet under V.-adm Sir J Saumarez.

19 Aug 1808 chased by the Russian fleet in Hango bay.

30 Aug 1808 joined the Centaur, Implacable and Swedish fleet blockading the Russians in the port of Rogerswick.

† 1812-13 Majestic, Goliath, and Saturn were cut down, fore-and-aft, to the clamps of the quarterdeck and forecastle. Each ship was allowed to retain her first-deck battery of 28 long 32-pounders, and, in lieu of her 28 long 18-pounders on the second deck, she received an equal number of 42-pounder carronades, besides two long 12-pounders as chase-guns, making 58 guns on two flush decks, with a net complement of 495 men and boys.

Portsmouth 25 Jul 1813 Arrived from the Downs.

Portsmouth 9 Aug 1813 Sailed with the West Indies convoy.

Falmouth 15 Aug 1813 Arrived with a convoy for the West Indies ; to call at Cork.

1 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, from the Chesapeake.

Portsmouth 14 Aug 1814 Sailed for the Downs.

Deal 15 Aug 1814 Arrived from Portsmouth, and has sailed for the River.

Chatham 3 Oct 1814 Is to be paid off here.