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Halifax, 1806
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1814

Early 1807 Bellona and Triumph stationed off the coast of the Chesapeake watching French 74-gun ships Patriote and Eole, have problems with deserters, as did the Belleisle, Melampus, and the Halifax.

7 Mar 1807 5 men steal the jollyboat to get ashore and desert to the USS Chesapeake - leaving the midshipman to return to the ship as best he could.

1 Jun 1807 C-in-C, North-American station issues an order to the captains under his command, directing, that, in case of meeting the American frigate Chesapeake at sea, and without the limits of the United States, they were to show to her captain that order, and to search his ship for deserters from the "Belleisle, Bellona, Triumph, Chichester, Halifax, and Zenobia cutter," and were to proceed and search for the same.

20 Dec 1811 departed Halifax.

10 Feb 1811 departed Bermuda.

6 Mar 1812 arrived Spithead, from Halifax, and Bermuda.